Why You Are Overweighted in Bonds

The fundamental concept behind fixed income investing, especially for retirement investors, is that you are trying to preserve capital while generating enough interest and dividends […]
understanding bond risk

Understanding Bond Risk – Part 1

Many investors think of bonds as “safe”. That’s not really a good idea. Bonds are “safer” compared to some other investments, but not as safe as others. In a period of unprecedented market changes, where the bond market has been manipulated by the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing program, understanding bond risk is very important. In this short series of articles I will cover the five types of risk inherent in bonds. […]
Short term bond funds

Investing in Short Term Bond Funds – What You Need to Know

Short term bond funds are an attractive investment option in uncertain investment climates, such as the one we are headed into. When you invest in high quality bond funds that have limited interest rate risk and credit risk, but you will like still enjoy attractive yields. As bond volatility correlates with maturity length, short term bonds are also less volatile. […]

Does Active Bond Fund Management Make Sense – Part 2

In the second part of my series on bond fund management, I’m going to offer two more reasons to consider active management. Last time I discussed three important reasons to consider an active manager. This time, you’ll find two more reasons why holding on to passively-managed indices isn’t a great idea. […]
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