Best CD Rates

This chart provides some of the most current and best CD rates on the market. Many well known banks have “national” or Internet only rates which may be higher than the CD rates available through local bank branches in your state.

Banks sometimes offer higher rates online because they know the online shoppers tend to be more responsive to getting a higher rate on Certificates of Deposit than those that walk into the nearest branch.

CD rates will vary bank to bank especially when you factor in the maturity date. Longer term CDs generally result in higher CD rates. We suggest you check out the difference in rates among CDs with different maturities using the above tool.

What Is A Certificate Of Deposit?
man-dollar-sign-ss-Certificate of Deposit (CD) is an account you put money into for a fixed period of time, in order to earn a fixed rate of return.  Just like with savings and checking accounts, if your CD is held with a bank you are insured up to $250,000 by the FDIC, and if it is held with a credit union, the NCUA insures your account for the same amount.  As money invested in a certificate of deposit is insured, generally CD’s pay a lower rate of interest than other types of investments which are not guaranteed against loss.

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