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Best Trading Apps UK – Find a Beginner Friendly Stock Trading App

Looking to start trading stocks, forex, commodities, and more? These best UK trading apps offer the tools you need to trade successfully.
Michael Graw
Author: Michael Graw

Last Updated: September 22, 2020
Best Trading Apps UK | Learnbonds
Best Trading Apps UK | Learnbonds

Searching for the best trading apps? Look no further! In this guide, we review the best UK trading apps on the market in 2020. We also discuss what features you should be looking at before registering with a trading app to help you make sure you find your perfect app.

The 8 Best Trading Apps UK Currently Available

The eight best trading apps in the UK are:

  1. eToro – Best All Round Trading App with 0% Commission
  2. Capital.com – Highly Advanced and AI-Powered Trading App
  3. Plus500 – Trading App with over 2000 Tradable CFDs
  4. Forex.com – Trading App which is Globally Regulated
  5. FXCM – Trading App with Competitive Spreads
  6. AvaTrade – Best App for Technical Trading
  7. Libertex – Trading App with Low minimum deposits
  8. Investous – Best App for MT4 Trading

1. eToro - Best All Round Trading App for Stocks, Forex, Crypto and ETFs

There's no doubt in our mind that eToro is the best trading app in the UK. This multi-asset broker allows you to trade just about every instrument you can think of on your mobile, including stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices and more. If you're interested in crypto, eToro also offers a cryptocurrency wallet app that you can use to store your coins.

If you're looking for a user-friendly app that's ideal for beginners, you can't go wrong with eToro. As you can see from the screenshots below, the app is very clearly laid out and brilliantly designed, making it very easy to navigate. The app is also very fast and responsive, and has very fast order execution times, so you won't have any issues with lagging when it comes to placing trades.

What really sets the eToro app apart, though, is its social and copy trading tools. eToro is well known as the pioneer of social trading, offering each user a personalised news feed and the ability to engage with other users, of which there are over 12 million, so its definitely the best social trading app around.

Even more impressive is eToro's copy trading tools, such as CopyTrader, this allows you to copy the entire portfolios and future trades of top traders on the eToro platform! There are also CopyPortfolios, which are professionally managed and utilise AI. These innovative tools are one of the main reasons that eToro is among the most popular trading apps in the UK.

You can get started on eToro's trading app with a $200 minimum deposit, or you can trial the demo account for free. Accepted payment methods include bank cards, bank transfer and e-wallets like PayPal. eToro is regulated by the FCA, so you can be sure its trading app is highly secure.

  • Assets: Stocks, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Commodities
  • Demo Account: Yes
  • Trade Commissions: No
  • Research Tools: Basic charts, Social discussions
  • Minimum deposit: £150

Our Rating

  • Highly advanced proprietary trading platform available as a web trader and mobile app
  • Social Trading: Follow and copy other people's trades and portfolios
  • Start Conversations: There are discussion boards for every asset
  • Limited Charts: Relatively few technical indicators available
  • Minimal Research: eToro doesn’t offer access to analyst reports
CFDs are complex financial instruments and 75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs.


2. Capital.com – Best Trading App for AI Trading

Capital.com is a relatively new broker, founded in 2016, that boasts  the world’s first AI-Powered trading app. It won the Most Innovative Broker Europe and the Most Transparent brokerage service Europe awards in 2018. The Capital.com app offers 75+ technical indicators, has 6 chart layouts, and complements its demo account with 5-star rated educational materials.

Since its launch, Capital.com has gone on to become one of the most popular online trading apps available today. This can be attributed to its advanced proprietary trading platform that features sophisticated technical indicators and trading/market analysis tools.

This CFD broker offers trading for over 3,000+ assets, including forex, commodities, stocks, crypto and more. Trading on the app is a seamless process thanks to its responsiveness and smart lay out, which makes it easy to browse markets and make use of the various trading tools.

Registering a Capital.com trader account is easy and straightforward as you only need £100 in minimum initial deposit. You then get to enjoy highly competitive spreads and fast order execution as well as real-time updates on market news and events. Additionally, the broker doesn’t charge any trading commission nor impose such hidden fees as deposit or withdrawal processing charges.

Capital.com’s trading also features live news and analytics reports. You can rest assured that the app is safe and secure, as Capital.com is licensed by the FCA and is a very reputable broker. Capital.com also offers a separate mobile app for spread betting which is just as impressive.

  • Assets: Stocks, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Commodities (all as CFDs)
  • Demo Account: Yes
  • Trade Commissions: No
  • Research Tools: Wide range of trading tools, financial and market news
  • Minimum deposit: £20

Our Rating

  • Features one of the most user-friendly mobile trading apps
  • The app gives you access to a wide range of financial CFDs from all the leading global marketplaces
  • The broker’s trading platform features sophisticated risk management tools including negative balance protection, stop-loss orders, and price alert systems
  • Capital.com app provides you with real-time access to financial news and markets
  • The broker is highly regulated with operating licenses from FCA in the U.K, CySEC in Cyprus, and the National Bank of Belarus
  • Doesn’t host tax-advantaged investing accounts like the share/stock ISA
  • Capital.com is not compatible with the conventional MT5/MT4 trading platforms
  • The maximum leverage a retail trader can access is capped at 1:30
72.6% of retail investors lose money trading CFDs at this site.

3. Plus500 - Best Trading App for Tight Spreads

If you're purely interested in trading CFDs, then the Plus500 trading app is certainly worth checking out. This UK-based broker offers CFDs for a wide range of instruments, including forex, stocks and crypto, and is particularly notable for no fees.

When you trade CFDs on the Plus500 app, there's no commission to pay whatsoever, and the spreads and overnight fees are among the most competitive in the business. On top of that, you don't have to pay any withdrawal fees either!

Plus500 offers its own proprietary mobile trading platform which is clear, easy-to-use and intuitive. The platform comes with equipped with some useful tools, including basic charting, technical indicators and customisable price alerts which send notifications to your mobile.

You can get started on the Plus500 with a £100 minimum deposit, which is lower than many other brokers, and there's also an unlimited demo account. It accepts a range of different payment methods, including PayPal.

When it comes to safety, Plus500 is licensed by the FCA, so you can be sure the app is secure and your funds are protected. Its parent company is also listed on the London Stock Exchange, so it's a very trustworthy broker.

  • Assets: Shares and Stocks, Options, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Commodities, Indices
  • Demo Account: Yes
  • Trade Commissions: No
  • Research Tools: Basic charts on the proprietary platform
  • Minimum deposit: £100

Our Rating

  • commission-free trades with variable and highly competitive spreads
  • High Leverage: Up to 300:1 for some CFDs
  • Stock Options: Trade CFDs for stock options
  • Few Research Tools: Basic charts and no analyst reports
  • CFDs Only: No direct ownership of stocks
80.5% of retail CFD accounts lose money.


4. Forex.com – Best Trading App for Forex Charting

Established in 2001, Forex.com is the trading name of GAIN Capital – a U.S-based online financial services provider. Their app currently supports over 90 forex pairs and thousands of other tradable instruments like cryptos and ETFs drawn from 300+ global markets. In 2019, Forex.com was considered the world’s largest MT4 broker and maintained the lowest crypto trading costs.

Over the years, Forex.Com has morphed into one of the largest, most popular, and highly regulated online trading platforms, and its mobile app offers plenty of useful features. These include advanced charts, provided by TradingView, with 14 chart types and over 65 technical indicators.

The Forex.com trading app is also integrated with live Reuters news, so you can easily keep track of the latest market developments as you trade. Other useful features include customisable dashboards and watchlists, intuitive trade tickets and customisable rate alerts.

In the UK, the Forex.com iOS app and Android app is licensed and regulated by the FCA and CFTC in the U.S. Registering with the Forex.com trading app is straightforward and only requires £50 in minimum initial deposit.

Traders on the platform are treated to different types of accounts,have access to leverage of up to 1:200, and don’t pay trade commissions. Forex.com accounts are accessible via the broker’s proprietary platform as well as the conventional MT4 trading platform.

  • Assets: Stocks, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Indices, Commodities (all as CFDs)
  • Demo Account: Yes
  • Trade Commissions: Up to 0.15% on share CFDs
  • Research Tools: Wide range of trading tools, financial and market news
  • Minimum deposit: £50

Our Rating

  • Trade on Forex.com or MT4 trading platform downloadable desktop and mobile trading apps
  • Forex.com is a highly regulated broker licensed in the U.K, U.S, Canada, Cyprus, and Japan
  • Gives you access to one of the broadest range of tradable securities including stocks, forex, indices, crypto and ETFs
  • Forex.com doesn’t charge deposit or withdrawal processing fees
  • There are no trade commissions and charges highly competitive spreads
  • Charges inactivity fees
  • There is no guarantee you’ll qualify for the maximum leverage

5. FXCM – Best Trading App for Spread Betting

FXCM, short for Forex Capital Markets, is a popular broker that offers an impressive trading app. One of the notable things about this trading app is that, in addition to offering CFDs for a wide range of financial instruments, it also offers spread betting.

By spread betting on the FXCM app, you don’t pay any capital gains or no stamp duty! You can also trade with leverage and, like with CFDs, speculate on both upwards and downwards movements. Spread betting and CFD trading is made easy on the FXCM app, thanks to its intuitive platform and impressive design.

FXCM offers a range of trading tools, including interactive candlestick, bar and line charts built-in chart indicators. It also supports hedging and scalping, accepts expert advisors and supports MT4, which is particularly useful if you’re trading forex. Other features of the app include real-time news and education resources such as free webinars and on-demand trading assistance from an expert trader.

You can trade with 0% commission on the FXCM app, and the spreads across the different assets are competitive. This broker is licensed by the FCA, and it’s also one of the major shareholders Jefferies Financial Group – one of the largest and highly popular London-based online brokers – so it’s a safe and secure platform.

While the FXCM trading app has plenty to offer, there are some negatives to be aware of. These include the fact that the app doesn’t currently offer price alerts, and the high £300 minimum deposit may put off beginner traders.

  • Assets: Stocks, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Commodities (all as CFDs)
  • Demo Account: Yes
  • Trade Commissions: No
  • Research Tools: Wide range of trading tools, financial and market news
  • Minimum deposit: £300

Our Rating

  • Both the desktop and mobile trading apps are user-friendly and highly versatile
  • FXCM doesn’t charge trade commissions and maintains highly competitive spreads
  • Traders get to interact with a wide array of risk management tools orders like trailing stop and one-cancel-other
  • Charges a monthly £50 inactivity fee after12 months of inactivity
  • FXCM’s proprietary trading platform is not so user-friendly

6. AvaTrade - Best Trading App for Options Trading

AvaTrade is a renowned broker that actually offers three separate mobile trading apps - AvaTrade GO, AvaTrade Options, and AvaTrade Social.

AvaTrade GO is the main app and is packed full of useful features. For starters, the AvaProtect feature means that you get money back on every losing trade, while the app also offers one click and two click trading, so you can set your preferences beforehand and then make trades in a more streamlined way. You can also watch market trends in real time. The app has CFDs for a wide range of assets and offers no commission trading.

Next up, AvaTrade Options is the best trading app we've come across if you're looking to solely trade options. This app offers advanced charting with integrated live pricing and executions which is excellently tailored to mobile use. You can trade options for over 40 currency pairs in addition to gold and silver, and there's also Autochartist trading signals integrated for all forex pairs.

Finally, AvaTrade Social is a social trading app which allows you to connect with other trades, share ideas and even copy trades. You can even create your own chat groups! However, while this is great, in an ideal world it would be integrated into AvaTrade's main app, like with eToro.

Another notable aspect of AvaTrade is that it supports Meta Trader 4 and 5, both of which are available as mobile trading apps. These technical trading platforms can be accessed from within the AvaTrade mobile app and provide access to loads of technical tools, trading robots and expert advisors.

  • Assets: Stocks, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Forex Options, Commodities
  • Demo Account: Yes
  • Trade Commissions: No
  • Research Tools: Custom charting, MetaTrader 4
  • Minimum deposit: £100

Our Rating

  • Research Tools: Includes MetaTrader 4 access
  • Options Trading: Trade forex options through CFDs
  • Leverage: Up to 30:1 leverage when trading stock CFDs
  • High Spreads: Pricier than other commission-free brokerages
  • CFDs Only: Cannot collect dividends when trading stocks

7. Libertex – Trading App with Low Minimum Deposits and Zero Spreads

Libertex trading app is a zero-spread and only charges trading commissions. These start at 0.03% and new clients stand to enjoy up to 50% discounts on trading costs. Retail traders using the Libertex trading app also get to enjoy attractive leverages of up to 1:30 while professional traders have access to leverages of up to 1:600. The app also has one of the lowest minimum deposit requirements, currently set at £10o.

The online CFD broker has been offering trading services since 1997. Their mobile app - which is available on both Android and iOS phones, gives you access to a number of different asset classes. These include indices like the NASDAQ and FTSE 100, share and stocks for blue-chip equities, commodities like oil and gas, currencies, and hard metals. We also are drawn in by the fact that you won't have to pay any spreads when trading on their mobile app.

Instead, Libertex operates a commission-based pricing model, which starts at just 0.03%. The specific commission rate will depend on your account type and the asset you are trading. Libertex is also a great option if you are just starting out in the world of mobile trading. Not only will you have access to a fully-fledged demo account that comes pre-loaded with £50,000, but minimum deposits start at just $10 (£8).

This means that you can trade with really small amounts. The only drawback to using Libertex is that it only hosts a few hundred financial instruments. The likes of Plus500 and eToro are in the thousands, so you have much more choice at your fingertips. Nevertheless, the most traded markets in the world are covered at Libertex, so it's only the less liquid assets that you are missing out on.

  • Assets: Stocks, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Commodities (all as CFDs)
  • Demo Account: Yes
  • Trade Commissions: Yes
  • Research Tools: Heaps of technical indicators
  • Minimum deposit: $10 (£8)

  • Minimum deposit of just $10 (£8)
  • Deposit funds with a debit/credit card
  • Zero spreads on all assets
  • Number of financial instruments is somewhat limited
  • Limited educational resources

8. Investous – Best for Those Wanting to Trade via MT4

Investous is a commission-free trading app that supports 4 asset classes and 270 trading instruments. It also gives its retail traders access to attractive leverages of up to 1:30. Account activation is straightforward and you only need a minimum deposit of £200.

The online broker operates a fully-fledged mobile app that is compatible with iOS, Android, and even Windows phones. The broker offers heaps of asset classes, and spreads are super-competitive. This starts at just 0.3 pips when trading major currency pairs like GBP/USD. In even better news, Investous does not charge any trading commissions.

One of the best advantages of using Investous is that you will be able to trade on your mobile phone via MT4. This is a hugely popular trading platform that is best suited for those with experience. As such, not only will you be able to customize your trading screen, but you'll also have access to multiple technical indicators and advanced chart reading tools.

  • Assets: Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Commodities (all as CFDs)
  • Demo Account: Yes
  • Trade Commissions: No
  • Research Tools: As supplied via MT4
  • Minimum deposit: $250 (£200)

Our Rating

  • No trading commissions and low spreads
  • Mobile app available on Windows phones
  • Full support for MT4
  • Small number of financial instruments
  • Minimum deposit quite high

Our Video Tutorial helps to demonstrate the features one should look for in the best trading app:


What is the best free trading app?

eToro is arguably one of the best trading apps on this list because of its ease of use and the versatility of its trading platform. Plus, it supports a wide range of securities allowing for portfolio diversification. Some of the factors making eToro the greatest trading app include the fact that the broker does not charge trade commission and also maintains highly competitive spreads.

More importantly, it brings together beginner and expert traders through their social trading platform and the copy trading feature. On this platform, beginner traders get to copy trade settings or the entire trading portfolio of highly successful expert traders, ensuring they earn while learning.

What is the best stock trading app?

Once again, we think its hard to see past eToro. For starters, eToro offers over 800 global shares and, unlike most brokers, it gives you the chance to buy shares in the traditional sense and trade share CFDs with up to 1:5 leverage. You can also buy stocks with 0% commission on eToro, and the spreads for stock trading are very competitive.

The other factor that makes eToro the best stock trading app is its innovative social and copy trading tools. These allow you to copy the top stock investors on eToro’s platform, meaning you can essentially trade stocks without doing any of the work!

Are trading apps legit in the UK?

Yes, trading apps are authorized and licensed to operate in the UK, where they are monitored by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Therefore, when looking for the best trading app in the UK, you need to first ensure that they are authorized and regulated. These trading apps must abide by FCA regulations limiting the amount of leverage advanced to retail traders to 30:1 and subjecting their clients to the regulator-approved KYC and AML procedures.

To qualify for an operating license, a trading app must also meet stringent security measures aimed at keeping their client’s data and funds safe. You must, therefore, ensure that you only register with the FCA-regulated trading app.

What are the best trading apps for beginners?

When looking for the best trading app for beginners, you have to consider such factors as the level of customer support advanced, available trading and technical analysis tools, and the intuitiveness of their platform. eToro, for instance, carries the day because of its highly versatile and copy trading-integrated platform. Capital.com also comes off as one of the most-beginner friendly platforms because of its highly advanced and AI-powered platform that’s easy to interact with, especially their demo trader.

FXCM is a favourite for any beginner trader because of the wide range of risk management tools availed by the broker. These make the transition from the demo environment to the live account seamless by minimizing their losses. On the other hand, beginners looking for the lowest trading costs and the most transparent broker charges will also consider Libertex.

What should you look for in the best trading app?

Getting the right trading app is essential to your success as a trader. You need an app that not only lets you trade the assets that you want to invest in, but that can help you spot opportunities for profit in real-time by putting key tools at your disposal. Plus, your trading app needs to do all of this without charging an arm and a leg every time you open or close a position.

To help you find the best UK trading app for you, this table shows how our recommended apps match up against each other in terms of tradable assets, minimum deposit and features. Continue reading to see how they match up in terms of fees.


Trading appTradable assetsMinimum depositTrading app features
eToroStocks, ETFs, crypto, indices, forex, commodities$200Social trading, copy trading
Plus500Crypto, indices, forex, commodities, stocks, options, ETFs£100Basic charting, price alerts
Forex.comForex, commodities, indices, stocks, crypto$50Advanced charts, Reuters news
Capital.comIndices, forex, commodities, crypto, stocks, IPOs£20 / $20AI trading, news
FXCMForex, stocks, indices, commodities, crypto£300MT4, webinars
AvaTradeForex, crypto, commodities, stocks, indices, ETFs, bonds£100MT4/5, social trading
LibertexStocks. forex, crypto, commodities, indices, ETFs$100Analytics reports, news
InvestousForex, stocks, crypto, indices, commodities$250MT4, charting


What Assets Can You Trade?

The first and most important factor you need to consider is what assets a trading app allows you to buy and sell. There are tons of trading apps for investing in stocks and ETFs, but these asset classes make up just a small part of the total investment market. All of our featured trading apps let you trade stocks and ETFs along with forex, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. Even better, look for brokerages that offer options trading for stocks, forex trading, or both.Best UK Trading Apps | Learnbonds

Even if you’re only interested in trading one type of asset right now, having multiple asset classes available can help you in the future. If market conditions change, you can immediately shift to trading a different type of asset or diversify your portfolio. Plus, you can take advantage of opportunities in other markets or diversify your portfolio.

On top of asset variety, you’ll also want to consider how you’re allowed to trade with any brokerage. For example, while most brokerages only let you buy and sell CFDs and not the underlying assets, others, like eToro let you invest in shares directly or trade them indirectly via stock CFDs.

When trading forex, indices, stocks, and commodity CFDs on leading platforms like eToro, you have access to leverages of up to 30:1. Direct ownership is only available to the dividend- investors interested in buying shares, and while these trades aren’t levered, you are eligible for any dividends issued by the company.

Along the way and as you push your trading career further, you will want to diversify your portfolio. And by offering you with thousands of tradable securities, eToro makes it easy for you to explore different investments.

What are the trading fees and commissions?

Cost is another major factor when choosing a trading app. Thankfully, an increasing number of brokerages are doing away with double fees in the form of trading commissions and spreads. eToro, for instance, offers commission-free trades while maintaining relatively low spreads.

Spread refers to the difference between what an asset can be bought for and what it can be sold for at any time. These vary from one tradable financial instrument to another.

Other fees that you have to contend with when trading on eToro include the withdrawal fees, copy trading commissions, and overnight trading fees. The withdrawal fee is fixed at £5 per transaction while the minimum withdrawal limit is set at £30.

If you chose to copy trades from other experienced traders, you will have to part with a commission of 20% of the profits realized while the overnight trading fees (charged on trades that remain open overnight and on weekends) is dependent on such factors as the transaction volume and the type of securities traded.

UK Stock Broker FeesCommissionInactivity FeesBanking Fees
eToro0% Commission$10 per month after one year of inactivity$5 withdrawal fee
Plus5000% Commission$10 per month after three months of inactivityNone
Forex.comUp to 0.15% on share CFDs£13 per month after one year of inactivity£25 on same day withdrawals under £5,000 via CHAPS Bank Transfer
Capital.com0% Commission$10 per month after one year of inactivityNone
FXCM0% Commission£50 per month after one year of inactivityNone
AvaTrade0% Commission$50 per quarter after three months of inactivityNone
LibertexYes$5 per month after 180 days of inactivity$1 for debit/credit cards, 1% for Neteller, up to 10 EUR for international bank wire
Investous0% Commission80 EUR per month after one month of inactivity3.5% for debit/credit cards, $30 for wire transfer, 3.5% for Neteller

Which trading app has a smooth onboarding process?

The ease of registering as an online trader varies from one trading app to another. Some apps have relatively easy and straightforward registration while others may be considered rather complex. eToro, for example, has one of the easiest onboarding processes. You only need to provide them with your name and address to create an account. These credentials will be used to access both the live account and the demo account.

You will only need to upload identification documents when making a deposit. Though manual, the documents verification process is quite fast. The same, however, can’t be said of FXCM which takes up to two days to approve the verification documents and activate the account.

Here is a step by step guide on how to register and trade with the eToro trading app:

Step 1: To download the eToro iOS app, search for it in the Apple App Store. Android users can download it from the Google Play Store or from the eToro website.. You can download eToro’s free trading app at no cost and it should take just a few seconds, depending on your internet speed.


Download eToro mobile trading app

Step 2: Once the app has download, open it and register an account. You’ll need to provide some personal information like your name, email and phone number, and you’ll need to verify your account by uploading ID after you’ve signed up.


Sign up to eToro trading app

Step 3: Fund your account by heading to the deposit section, selecting your preferred payment method, entering the chosen amount and confirming.

Deposit on eToro trading app

Step 4: You can search for your preferred assets by using the search bar at the top of the app. Alternatively, you can check out the eToro markets section for inspiration.

eToro trading app markets

Step 5: Place your order by selecting your chosen asset and filling in the various details. Once you’re happy, hit confirm – trading couldn’t be easier on the eToro mobile app!

Place order on eToro trading app

Which trading app has the fastest execution speeds? 

eToro has one of the fastest order execution speeds. According to their website, regular buy/sell orders are instant while copied trades are executed less than a second from the instant the trader from whom the trades were copied executes their trade.

Which Trading apps offer Copy Trading within their platform?

A few apps have integrated either a proprietary social trading tool or support trading platforms like Duplitrade and Zulutrade. eToro, through its proprietary trading platform, has, however, perfected the art of social trading and copy trading. On eToro, one can easily copy the trade settings or even the entire portfolio. Copy traders then get to pay a 20% commission of the interest gained from the copied trades.

Some of the most successful traders that you can copy include:

Anders_ – 22% ROI

eToro copy trader Anders

QE4Everyone – 18.42% ROI

eToro copy trader QE4

Juahnnie – 72% ROI

eToro copy traders Juahn

Iselalala – 53.53% ROI 

eToro copy traders Iselalala

What is the difference between forex trading apps and stock trading apps?

The primary difference between a forex trading app and a stock trading app is that while forex trading apps are dedicated to trading currencies, stock trading apps are dedicated to trading stocks and shares. Other differences between these apps revolve around trading charges and how they treat leverage.

In the UK for instance, a forex trading app will only grant you access to leverages of up to 30:1 while stock trading apps have leverages of up to 2:1. Most stock trading apps will also be commission-free while forex trading apps juggle between the commission and commission-free apps.

What are the available trading tools

Your trading app should be more than just a trading platform. For you to succeed as a trader, your chosen platform should have all the necessary research tools, technical indicators, feature customizable charts, and offer a platform for discussions with other traders. Best UK Trading Apps | Learnbonds

The first thing that most traders will want to look for in a trading app is technical charts. These are essential to understanding recent and long-term price movements and predicting what’s to come.

Most trading apps offer some form of technical charts, either through their own custom software or integration with third-party software like MetaTrader. If your broker has their own charting system, make sure it offers all of the indicators and technical studies you need. It’s even more promising if it includes an automated alert system.

Other helpful tools to look for include news feeds, summarised financial data for companies and industries, and analyst reports. These resources are important to both technical and fundamental traders in helping them speculate on market trends.

Finally, consider whether social trading is important to you. Beginner traders especially can benefit from being able to see what other traders are holding and to copy their strategies automatically. But, even advanced traders can use copy trading to their advantage as a way to quickly diversify their portfolios. Social trading can also help you gauge market sentiment around specific assets or industries.

eToro operates a proprietary trading platform that’s fitted with some of the most advanced trading and technical analysis tools, market research tools, and premium indicators like market sentiments. Its most impactful trading instrument, however, remains to be their social networking and copy trading tool. These two don’t just provide an interactive platform where traders can share opinions on the platform, it also makes it possible for beginners and part-time traders to copy the trading strategies and portfolios of highly successful traders.

Customer Support?

While most traders will never need to contact their brokerage for assistance, it’s critical that help is there when you need it. Look closely at what types of support your trading app offers; whether it’s by phone, email, live chat, or another method of communication and when it’s available.

Along the same lines, educational resources can be a big help for traders looking to take their profits to the next level. Many trading apps have a library of guides and articles to help you understand the intricacies of different types of assets or to explain new strategies.


Finding the best UK trading app is key to succeeding as a trader. With so many apps on the market right now, there’s never been a better time to jump into trading. But, it’s important to choose your trading app carefully so you get the one that’s most suited to your needs. Our five featured UK trading apps are a good place to start.

Trade with eToro - 0% Commission

Our Rating

etoro logo
  • Supports social trading, copy trading and copy portfolio features
  • Trade on the go via the eToro mobile trader
  • Highly transparent fee structure
  • A wide range of advanced trading tools and analytics
etoro logo
75% of investors lose money when trading CFDs.

Glossary of Investment Terms


Can I access my trading account online, or only through the app?

Most brokers that offer mobile trading apps also have browser-based platforms that you can access from your computer. Depending on the user interface, you may find the app easier to use for trading, but less ideal for charting and research.

How much money do I need to start trading?

Many UK trading apps require a minimum deposit of £100 or more to create a trading account. This is enough money to start trading CFDs in many cases, but it might not be enough to buy stocks and ETFs directly. In any case, it’s a good idea to have several hundred pounds available to start trading.

How do CFD contracts work? Do they roll over automatically?

With contacts for differences, you speculate on the price of an asset without actually owning the asset itself. If you don’t trade with leverage, returns are the same as if you actually owned the asset. CFDs are typically short term contracts, and most brokers automatically roll your contracts over into a new one month contract at the end of each month.

What kind of commodities can I trade?

The types of commodity CFDs you can trade vary between trading apps. However, most brokers that offer commodity trading have CFDS for the most popular commodities, including crude oil, natural gas, gold, silver, copper, and wheat, for trading.

Can I upload documents and deposit funds via trading apps?

Yes, most apps make it possible for you to upload verification documents to their app directly. You can also load funds through the supported deposit methods and trade them via the app.

Can I Withdraw funds via trading apps?

Yes, you can initiate the fund's withdrawal process using a trading app and have it deposited into your preferred payment processing wallets such as the bank account, debit/credit cards and online payment processors like PayPal.

Can I get live customer support on trading apps?

Yes, some apps have the live chat tab that you can use to communicate directly with the trading company’s customer support team.

What to do if the trading app suddenly stops working?

If a trading app suddenly stopped working, we advise that you first close the app. If possible, log out and try to log in again and if this problem persists, contact the brokerage.

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eToro: Market Leading Social Trading App

eToro: Market Leading Social Trading App

eToro: Market Leading Social Trading App

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eToro: Market Leading Social Trading App
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Your capital is at risk.