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Little Loans Review – READ THIS BEFORE Applying!

04. January 2020

Getting a loan might be very tedious and stressful for some of us. You might get worried about the interest rate, transparency of the lender or sometimes, you are not sure how to start the whole process of getting a loan. Oftentimes, it takes hours upon hours to find the right lender.

Little Loans have emerged with one of the easiest, fastest and smoothest ways to lend money for emergency purposes.

Our comprehensive review of Little Loans will offer you everything you need to know to determine if it’s the best lender for you.

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    What is Little Loans?

    Little Loans is not a lender company but a fully regulated and authorized credit broker that connects borrowers and lenders for the sole purposes of entering into short-term loan agreements.

    Little Loans is a part of Digitonomy Group.  Founded in 2013, the Digitonomy Group noticed a gap in the consumer lending market, and they came up with plans to help customers compare different lenders in the market. The company’s innovative and technology-led approach gave it an edge over its competitors.

    Since then, Little Loans has been providing market-leading financial products in an accurate, transparent and easy to understand manner. This gives its clients peace of mind, thereby making Little Loans one of the most outstanding credit brokers in the UK.

    Like most credit brokers, Little Loans simply comb through the market to get the best and most suitable lender for its clients. In other words, whether you have a perfect credit score or a lower than average one, Little Loans connects you with the right lender to suit your present needs. However, its third-party lenders might not always live up to expectations.

    Pros and Cons of a Little Loans Loan


    • Users could get cash in their account within 10 minutes
    • It has different packages to suit everyone
    • It is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
    • Loan approvals are quick and timely. This helps borrowers when there are emergencies.
    • The educational resources on the website educate prospective applicants about the loans that they can avail of
    • It has a large pool of partners
    • Applicants could borrow from as low as £100 to as high as £5000


    • Little Loans operates as a credit broker and not a direct This means that Little Loans has to share your sensitive information with third-party lenders.
    • APRs are not consistent since interest rate differs from lender to lender
    • The only way to reach customer support is via email
    • Interest rates are usually very high, and debt can quickly spiral out of control
    • Only accessible to employed applicants with a minimum income of £750 monthly

    How does a Little Loans loan work?

    Little Loans operates by finding a loan for every type of customer. It provides a loan for clients who have a robust credit score, as well as those who have lower than average scores. In other words, there is a loan available for everyone.

    There are so many interesting and fascinating packages on Little Loans. It tends to stand out amongst others in several ways. One of such is its timely and efficient manner in payment of loans to borrowers.

    In a bid to satisfy everyone, Little Loans simply matches applicants with genuine and reliable lenders from its pool of partners. This makes it easier to suit every customer’s circumstances, and it helps clients get their loans in a timely and quick manner.

    Application for a loan through Little Loans is very easy and fast. The application form takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and clients usually get an instant decision about their application.

    Applicants are not required to pay upfront fees for a loan or send money in return for a loan.  However, it is advisable that applicants pay up the loan at the stipulated time to avoid extra charges from lenders.

    To be eligible, applicants must meet the requirements before they can apply for a loan. Some of these requirements state that applicants must have a regular income paid into their bank account. Also, applicants’ bank accounts should have a debit card linked to it. Applicants must be 18 years or above at the time of applying for a loan and must be a resident of the United Kingdom.

    The whole process is quite straightforward and simple. All that is required from the applicants is to fill in their correct details then Little Loans searches the market for the best lender that suits the needs of each customer. Most of its third-party lenders offer cash on the same day while some lenders will transfer cash directly into your bank account within 10 minutes. However, this largely depends on the bank’s clearance time.

    What loan products does Little Loans offer?

    Little Loan specializes in different types of short-term loans. Its loans have a duration of 3 to 36 months, depending on the type and amount of loan. However, these loans usually attract high-interest rates.

    Some of their loan products include:

    • Loans for bad credit
    • Short-term loans
    • Debt consolidation loans
    • Personal loans

    What other store services does Little Loans offer?

    At this time, Little Loans does not offer any store services.

    Little Loans Account Creation and Borrowing Process

    Little Loans user-friendly platform makes it easy to start and finish the borrowing process.

    1. Go to Little Loan’s official website little-loans.com.

    A quick visit to www.little-loans.com opens up to a beautiful and easy to use interface. Answering a few questions helps applicants to know if they are eligible for the type of loan they desire. Once an applicant is eligible, he/she is linked to a lender immediately.

    2. Provide your basic information.

    To get a personalized quote from the homepage, applicants will have to fill in their basic details such as loan amount and term, contact details, employment status, monthly expenditure and bank details.

    3. Upon completion of the form, the applicant should click on “Get my personalized quote” button.

    In a few minutes, they will be linked to suitable lenders. At the bottom of the lenders’ page, applicants will find the interest rate, loan duration and the total amount payable per month. In addition, applicants can read feedbacks from other borrowers about the lenders they are about to sign up with.

    4. Agree to the lender’s terms and conditions.

    At the bottom of the lenders’ page, applicants should click on the agreement box then scroll down and click on “next”. This opens to the page where applicants are required to accept and sign the agreement.

    However, if an applicant does not like the feedback from the lenders’ page, the above process has to be repeated to get another lender. If approved, the requested amount will be processed and sent directly to the applicant’s bank account.

    It’s essential to be cautious during the sign up process for these products. This is because you can end up owing two to three times what you borrow on the longer-term loans, and many have difficulty repaying the short-term loans without reborrowing.

    Eligibility Criteria for Little Loans Loan

    Below are some of the requirements to be eligible for a loan on Little Loans.

    • Applicant must be a citizen or resident of the United Kingdom
    • Prospective applicants must be at least 18 years of age
    • Must have a function bank account to be able to receive a loan
    • Have regular employment
    • Have a regular income
    • Have a bank account with a debit card
    • Have your wages paid into your bank account

    Information Borrowers Need to Provide to Get Little Loans Loan

    To be able to fulfill all the requirements requested by Little Loan, applicants must provide the following information:

    • Name
    • Date of birth
    • Email address
    • Contact details
    • Amount to be borrowed (£100- £5000)
    • Term Requested (3 – 36 months)
    • Purpose of the loan
    • Employment status
    • Income details
    • Frequency and method of pay
    • Bank account information

    What countries are accepted for Little Loans loans?

    Little Loans offers services throughout the UK.

    What are Little Loans loan borrowing costs?

    Little Loans works with a vast range of lenders. This helps customers with various circumstances to find a loan. Therefore, it can be a bit difficult to get the precise APRs since Little Loans is a credit broker and not the actual lender.

    However, Little Loans states that its prime lenders have APRs as low as 9.3% and can go as high as 49.9% depending on the lender and other factors such as bad credit rating, type of loan and duration of the loan.

    Little Loans Customer Support

    Little Loans have a 4.8-star rating on “Feefo”, all thanks to its wonderful support team. It has one of the fastest and most efficient support team in the industry.

    Reviews on Feefo shows that clients are full of praises for the support team. They are prompt and efficient in service delivery. A large percentage of clients are extremely satisfied with Little Loans for its excellent service and friendly staff.

    However, it would be wise to find out about your lender’s customer support before signing up.

    Is it safe to borrow from Little Loans?

    Little Loans offers a secure website for its clients. All the information provided by applicants is stored in compliance with GDPR 2016.

    However, since Little Loans links applicants to third-party lenders, applicants must take it upon themselves to read the privacy policy of each lender company to understand how they may use their personal information.

    Little Loans Review Verdict

    Little Loans is one of the fastest-growing credit brokers in the industry. It has a reliable and efficient partnership with the biggest lenders in the United Kingdom. This gives it an edge over other credit brokers.

    Moreover, Little Loans have a large portfolio of clients. On a daily basis, over 2,000 people get their loan through Little Loans. This is why it is one of the biggest brands in the UK.

    Overall, Little Loans is one of the safest, fastest and most reliable credit broker for different types of loans.

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    How can I apply for a Little Loans loan?

    Once you decide on how much you would like to loan, proceed to fill the online application form. Little Loans will then search for a lender that suits your request. Accept all the terms and agreement from the lender then payments will be processed and transferred into your bank account if your application gets approved.

    What is the length for borrowing?

    You can borrow funds for any period between 3 - 36 months. However, this depends on the amount and term of the loan. Moreover, loans are generally from £100 to £5,000 only.

    When will I receive my funds?

    Once your application gets approved, payments will be transferred into your bank account in as little as 10 minutes. However, some lenders may include an extra charge for this service.

    How can I lay a complaint?

    Applicants or customers who are facing challenges and want to make a complaint can make a formal complaint by reaching out to customer support and write to Little Loans, Steam Mill Business Centre, Steam Mill Lane Chester CH5 3AN or via email [email protected]

    What if there is a delay in payback?

    Applicants must ensure that they have a regular paying job before applying for loans and that they can pay back on the agreed date. Failure to pay back in due time may incur higher charges or interest rate. However, if for some reason you think you may be unable to repay the loan, it is important to speak to the lender straight away so they can discuss how they can assist you.


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