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Online Broker FBS Introduces Brand New IB Features

Alan Draper Lewis

The international online brokerage firm FBS has introduced new features for its Introducing Broker (IB) program that will allow its partners to enhance their promotional strengths.

The IB Partner Program is part of FBS’s marketing initiatives and it rewards affiliates with the highest commissions per traded lot in the market – currently standing at $80 for one traded lot.

The following is a summary of the features that have been added to the IB Program:

  • Partners can use the FBS Trader and FBS Trading Broker apps to advertise the company. This improves segmentation and ad quality as clients prefer to interact with brokerage apps on their mobile phones.
  • FBS is now providing detailed  statistics on the performance of its partner’s campaigns by allowing them to track their commissions, number of clients who have signed up, referral links available, and other useful information found in the Partner area.
  • New advertisement materials have been released in the Partner’s area to maximize conversions.
  • The FBS Personal Area has been redesigned to facilitate the company’s interactions with its valued partners.

As a top-notch online broker, FBS’s goal is to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to offering the most advanced brokerage services. For the purpose of further strengthening its customer base, FBS is now offering a Quick Start Bonus of $100 that should enhance its value proposition for prospective customers.

The idea behind this initiative is to encourage traders to test the firm’s proprietary platform or MT4 / MT5 interfaces, which are available for multiple operating systems including Android and iOS for the FBS Trader Mobile app.

Additionally, this broker has designed a 7-step guide that seeks to help new traders in overcoming the typical hurdles that beginners face when participating in the financial markets for the first time.

This 7-step guide includes a thorough study of key trading tools, a tutorial on how to place an order within the FBS platform, and strategies to manage risks.

This $100 reward is distributed following certain conditions. A $5 reward is granted for every lot closed and a $2.5 reward is extended for every hedged lot.

Additionally, FBS recently introduced a crypto trading account that seeks to provide users with access to this growing ecosystem. Nearly 100 different tokens can be traded using the FBS trading platform including top-ranked crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum and alt-coins like IOTA, NEO, and TRON. Moreover, this account also supports crypto crosses, fiat crosses, and even commodity crosses like the popular Bitcoin/Gold (BTC/XAU) cross.

The minimum deposit required to open a crypto trading account is $1 and trading commissions are 0.05% of the value of the trade to open and close. This broker also offers 1:5 leverage ratios for crypto traders and a maximum of 200 open positions and pending orders. The FBS crypto trading account is only available with MetaTrader 5.

The best news about this crypto trading account is that this market is open 24/7. This makes it a perfect fit for traders who prefer to adopt a flexible schedule for performing their activities.

About FBS Markets

FBS is a Belize-based international broker that offers trading services for a wide range of financial instruments going from stocks to cryptocurrencies. More than 17 million traders from over 150 countries have signed up with this broker and over 410,000 partners have chosen FBS as their favorite forex trading service.

These are some of the most prominent accomplishments and characteristics that make FBS stand out from other online brokerage firms:

  • 80% of FBS clients stay with them forever.
  • The company estimates that a profit withdrawal request is processed every 20 seconds on behalf of a client.
  • 48% of FBS’s clients consider the profits they make with this provider as their main source of income.
  • Around 7,000 new FBS accounts are opened every day.

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