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Gold remains on a downtrend as investors withdraw billions from top ETFs

Gold rush
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Gold slips below key threshold as Treasury yields keep rising

US stock futures
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US stock futures head down as treasury yields continue to climb

US dollar
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US dollar snaps 5-day winning streak amid higher Treasury yields

Hedge fund manager Diego Parrilla
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Gold heading for $5,000 an ounce, says hedge fund manager

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Markets jump on renewed talk of Trump $1trn infrastructure plan 

dollar second
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US dollar under pressure in June, investors hunt riskier assets after lockdown

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Coronavirus: Are shopper’s in the US and UK in the mood to spend as lockdown measures ease?

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Budget 2020 Highlights – What the Chancellor’s £100bn spending binge means for you

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Russia’s Wealthy Investors Are Buying US Treasuries – What’s The Reason?