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Uber shares jump after announcing acquisition of alcohol delivery firm Drizly

Alejandro Arrieche

Uber shares moved to higher ground during yesterday’s stock trading session after the company announced the acquisition of alcohol delivery service Drizly for a total of $1.1 billion as the company seeks to expand the portfolio of products covered by its Uber Eats unit. Uber’s management estimates that 90% of the transaction will be paid…


Peloton Stock Surges after Announcing Precor Acquisition

Mohit Oberoi

Peloton stock was trading sharply higher in US premarket trading today after it announced plans to acquire fitness-equipment company Precor for $420 million. The acquisition would boost Peloton’s supply chain capabilities at a time when it is facing high demand. Notably, during their fiscal first quarter 2021 earnings release last month, Peloton pointed to supply…

Oracle TikTok acqusition

Oracle Shares Rise despite Contradictory Reports on TikTok Acquisition

Mohit Oberoi

Microsoft has said that ByteDance, the owner of popular social video app TikTok, has rejected its proposal to acquire TikTok’s US operations. While markets presumed that ByteDance has chosen Oracle, Chinese media has reported that ByteDance wouldn’t be selling the operations to Oracle also. Oracle shares were however up sharply in pre markets today. Last…

Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett

Berkshire Ends Deal Drought with Biggest Acquisition in Four Years

Mohit Oberoi

Berkshire Hathaway, that’s run by the legendary Warren Buffett would acquire Dominion Energy’s natural gas transmission and storage assets at an enterprise value of $9.7 billion. After months of inactivity due to the coronavirus pandemic, the deal is set to be Berkshire’s largest acquisition ranked by enterprise value since its purchase of Precision Castparts Corp….

Acquisition Spree: Microsoft Spent $9.1 Billion on 20 Startups in 2019

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) had a spending spree for acquisitions during the 2019 fiscal year that ended June 30. The tech giant acquired 20 startups, which cost it $9.1 billion. Third Biggest Year For Acquisitions The company’s 2019 annual report released on Oct. 16 revealed that 2019 is Microsoft’s third-biggest year for acquisitions, both in terms…

Tesla Stock Price Rebound Amid Acquisition and Higher Deliveries

Siraj Sarwar

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) stock price bounced back over the last couple of weeks after experiencing pressure during the first half. The stock is receiving support from its aggressive growth strategies. The announcement of DeepScale acquisition added to investors’ sentiments. The acquisition is likely to help Tesla in the development of fully autonomous vehicles. DeepScale’s technology…

McDonald’s Strikes a Successful Acquisition Deal for Its Drive-Thrus

McDonald’s Corporation, an American fast food giant, and Apprente, the Israeli-founded startup that mainly specializes in conversational voice based technology that is located in Silicon Valley, confirm striking a successful acquisition agreement between them. Apprente was founded in 2017 by two Israelis namely Moshe Looks and Itamar Arel. The company was founded with the main…


Hyperledger Adopts ConsenSys’ Pantheon Project in First Ever Public Acquisition

Max Moeller

Believe it or not, but Hyperledger just brought in its first-ever public blockchain project, reports CoinDesk. The platform, Pantheon, is actually developed by ConsenSys. Interestingly, this news comes to us this Thursday after the Hyperledger technical steering committee allowed it, reports the publication. Apparently, Pantheon had been sitting in limbo since August 8, when it…

Microsoft stock

Microsoft is Spending Billions on Acquisitions – Let’s Follow the Money

Learnbonds looks at six of the biggest Microsoft Corporation purchases. Mergers and acquisitions are nothing unusual in the business world. They are a great way to expand influence, resources and expertise, or to simply eliminate competition. Although not limited to the industry, tech corporations seem especially aware of acquisition power. The likes of Microsoft (MSFT) snatch…