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A new crypto robot known as Qumas AI has been trending globally for the best part of 2023. The robot is supposedly equipped with powerful algorithms that automatically implement sophisticated trading techniques.

Qumas AI is reportedly the most powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven crypto robot.  The reviewers also praise it for being user-friendly and the best bet for newbie traders. But is Qumas AI con or authentic auto-trading software?

Our investigative team has subjected this crypto robot to in-depth background checks to uncover the truth about it.  Please note that this post isn’t an endorsement of Qumas AI and it should also NOT be mistaken as financial advice.

Crypto trading is generally risky and the possibility of losing money is always high. Don’t trade crypto with all your savings. Trade with as little as you can afford to lose.


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All trading carries risk.

What is Qumas AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over the world at breathtaking speeds with nearly all industries exploring AI-driven automation.

Qumas AI is arguably the most advanced innovation in the trading sector. The experts describe the bot as the ChatGPT of the financial trading sector. According to information on its website, the robot automates the trading of CFDs on up to 350 crypto pairs.

Qumas AI is said to apply fundamental and technical analysis for trading insights. The fundamental analysis approach involves deriving insights from the news. This trading research approach is quite powerful in crypto given the industry’s sensitivity to new information.

Qumas AI reportedly conducts technical analysis through the price trend study. This technique involves an analysis of price data to identify patterns. The patterns are used to predict future price direction.

Qumas AI trades under CFDs brokers and hence all users are assigned to a CFDs broker upon creating an account. The CFDs broker provides the tradable instruments and facilitates the order execution process. Qumas AI is said to only partner with highly reputable partner brokers.

Advantage of trading crypto through Qumas AI

Qumas AI’s great reputation proves that it’s a worthwhile crypto trading system. We have studied its reviews on platforms such as Trustpilot to determine its advantages.

The analysis of these reviews confirms that it outperforms competitors in most of the important areas. Moreover, Qumas AI has more advantages than disadvantages. We have listed these advantages below.

  • Superior and consistent performance
  • Easy to use for traders with zero experience
  • Only requires very minimal manual input
  • Doesn’t charge registration fees
  • Safe trading environment
  • 24/5 multilingual customer support
  • Quality partner brokers

The biggest disadvantage of trading digital currencies with Qumas AI is the level of risk involved. But the risk is expected given the crazy volatility associated with digital assets trading. Qumas AI is reportedly powered by superior risk management features.

But a significant risk remains even when these risk management settings are applied. We will discuss each of the advantages of Qumas AI below.

Qumas AI Sign Up

Superior and consistent performance

A good trading platform should not only be a performer but should also be consistent. Qumas AI is supposedly a great and consistent performer. We didn’t do any live tests on the platform and therefore cannot ascertain if the profitability claims are true.

But we are almost convinced given the positive feedback from thousands of verified users. The positive reviews are echoed by experts on professional reviews posted in leading crypto investment publications.

Easy to use for traders with zero experience

Qumas AI is built for all traders including those who are just getting started on crypto trading. No trading experience is required to master this crypto robot. According to many reviews on Trustpilot, it only takes a couple of hours to master the robot’s settings.

You only need to watch the Qumas AI tutorials to learn how to set up the robot. Test the bot through the demo platform provided under the assigned broker. The demo supposedly delivers results that are reflective of the live trading experience.

Requires very minimal manual input

The only thing you need to do manually is to set the bot. Qumas AI provides a guide to help you adjust the settings correctly. You only need about 3 hours to master the settings through the tutorials. Always test Qumas AI on the provided demo before applying it in a live trading account.

You don’t have to quit your day job to use Qumas AI. As little as ten minutes daily is enough to set it for trading. Moreover, you can use the bot from anywhere through its mobile app. Its web trader is also mobile-friendly.

Doesn’t charge registration fees

Most of the best-performing trading robots are out of reach for ordinary people. This is because they require hefty registration fees. Moreover, some charge annual license fees of up to $5000. They also charge commissions of up to 20% on profits earned and may also charge non-trading fees.

Qumas AI doesn’t charge any signup, trading license, or non-trading fees. You will only pay a commission if you earn money through the program. Users claim that the bot charges a commission of just 2%. 

Safe trading environment

Safety is paramount in all online investments. The number of sophisticated cyberattacks targeting trading bots such as Qumas AI is increasing daily. This explains why it’s quite important that you check the safety standards observed by a trading bot before investing.

The expert reviews analyzed by our team confirm that this bot is secured through the best safety measures. Background checks reveal that the Qumas AI website is protected through advanced SSL technology. The login page is also secured through the same technology.


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All trading carries risk.

How to trade with Qumas AI

A good trading platform is defined by performance, ease of use, and safety. Quantum AI is expert-reviewed as a superior and consistent performer.

Also as discussed above, this crypto robot operates in transparency and has adequate safety measures. But is Qumas AI a user-friendly trading platform? As explained previously, this bot is developed for expert as well as beginner traders.

Getting started with the bot is straightforward. But you must follow its trading guide closely to generate positive results. Start trading with the platform by following the self-explanatory steps discussed below.

Create an account

Visit the verified Qumas AI website and fill out the signup form. Ensure that you’ve registered with a working phone number and your best email. The website requires all new users to authenticate their contact details. This trading program observes strict data privacy requirements as required by regulations such as the GPDR.

Deposit at least USD250

Trading is done via CFDs brokers with a minimum capital requirement of USD 250. The supported payment methods include debit and credit cards such as Visa and Master Card and e-wallets such as Skrill and Bitcoin wallets. Deposit is free and your trading capital reflects in your trading account almost instantly.

Take tutorials and test the bot on the demo

Visit the Qumas AI resources centre for the tutorials. Watch all the tutorials carefully and set the trading program as recommended. Run the trading program in the demo platform before applying it to a live account. Use the settings that yield positive results on the demo in the live trading platform.

Run the bot on the live account

This is easy if you’ve practiced on the demo. Many experts recommend that you use the settings that deliver good returns on demo practice. Qumas AI supposedly delivers handsome returns daily by speculating on the unpredictable crypto markets.

Qumas AI The Best Trading Partner

Qumas AI Trading Tips

According to experts, you can improve performance by observing several things. While the bot does the trading on autopilot, you can choose the trading settings to apply and the time to run the bot.

The settings, the time you run the bot and your reinvestment strategy impact its overall performance. Find below the tips identified to increase the chances of success when trading with this trading platform.

  • Start small and reinvest aggressively for growth
  • Trade on the demo until you find the right settings
  • Run Qumas AI for at least 5 hours daily
  • The best time to trade is between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM
  • Do not run Qumas AI overnight or on weekends

Each of the trading tips listed above is elaborated on in the robot’s trading tutorials. Ensure you’ve taken the tutorials before continuing to live trading.


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All trading carries risk.

Qumas AI and Celebrities

There are rumours linking Qumas AI to celebrities and popular TV shows. But did the robot receive any celebrity endorsements or did it feature on any TV shows? Let’s find out below.

Did Martin Lewis endorse Qumas AI?

Martin Lewis is a financial expert best known for money-saving and investment advice. He is the entrepreneur behind the widely read Money Saving Blog. Martin Lewis has discussed crypto through the blog but he hasn’t endorsed any crypto robot.

Did Elon Musk invest in Qumas AI?

Elon Musk is the founder of SpaceX and Tesla. He is worth over $200 billion and the Forbes Magazine lists him as the world’s second-richest person. Elon Musk is a crypto lover with significant investments in DOGE and Bitcoin.

However, he isn’t invested in any trading platform as alleged by the posts associating him with Quantum AI.

Did Jennifer Aniston recommend Qumas AI?

Jennifer Aniston is best known for his role in the 1990s American sitcom – Friends. Aniston is among the richest Hollywood stars with an estimated net worth of $300 million. We didn’t find proof of Jenifer Aniston investing in or recommending trading with this trading platform. She has also not shown any interest in Bitcoin or any other digital currency.

Did Qumas AI feature on Good Morning Britain?

Good Morning Britain is a news and morning TV show with a huge viewership in Britain. The show airs on ITV and is hosted by Phillip Schofield alongside Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard. Many crypto trading-related subjects have been discussed in the show. However, we didn’t find proof that Qumas AI has been endorsed during the show.

Why Trade With Qumas AI

Is Qumas AI legit? Final word!

Qumas AI is a popular crypto bot with thousands of active users. Most of its users have shared their experience with the bot by reviewing it on Trustpilot.

We have studied Trustpilot reviews to determine if it’s a reliable crypto robot. Most reviewers rate it excellently in all the crucial areas. These areas include transparency, performance, safety, and customer support.

It is also rated highly on user experience. This crypto robot is reportedly a perfect bet for newbies interested in crypto trading. Try your luck in crypto through this trading platform but always take extra precautions since crypto speculation involves high risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Qumas AI a con or is it a genuine trading robot?

Qumas AI appears to be legit and could also be a great performer as indicated by its many users. This crypto robot has amazing reviews on Trustpilot and other review sites. The reviews confirm that it delivers as expected and does all the trading with high-level transparency.

Does the app charge any signup fees?

You don’t pay signup fees to use the platform. This is awesome since you would pay over a thousand in trading license fees to trade with most of its competitors. This model only allows its owners to make money when the trader is profitable.

Does it charge trading commissions?

Yes! The platform reportedly takes a percentage of the profits earned through it. The bot currently takes a commission of 2% on every profitable trade. A statement on its fee guide page indicates that the bot has the right to adjust the commissions at any time.

Do I pay trading fees when using it?

Platform is an automated trading program that runs through third-party brokers. The applicable trading fees are charged by these brokers. These brokers reportedly offer the ECN model with spreads from as low as zero pips.

Is trading platform available in a mobile version?

It is available in all versions including the mobile app version. The mobile app version works on Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices. You can access the app after finishing the signup on its official site.


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All trading carries risk.