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Online trading is among the many ways you can earn money online. Immediate Connect touts itself as a powerful online trading system for newbies and experts.

The platform reportedly generates money for users through automated trading. It’s reviewed by experts as a fully automated trading bot. The bot reportedly trades up to 300 assets in crypto, forex, stock, and market indices.

However, the bot is best known for bitcoin trading. This review finds out if Immediate Connect is legit, and if it is profitable.


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Immediate Connect Review – Introduction!

This bot could be the best choice for earning money online in 2023. We are amazed by the expert reviews praising it for transparency, profitability, and ease of use.

Immediate Connect ranks top as the most newbie-friendly online trading system. This review reveals that many beginners have hit the home run with this bot. The many reviews from its users allege that anyone could earn profits with it.

The conclusions made in this post are informed by an in-depth scrutiny of the robot’s reviews. We have studied user feedback and also reports from expert reviewers. These reports are published in authoritative crypto publications. We will take a deep dive into the following areas in this review.

  • What is Immediate Connect?
  • Immediate Connect partnership with brokers
  • Is Immediate Connect a scam?
  • The Pros and Cons of Immediate Connect
  • Immediate Connect vs other top trading robots
  • Immediate Connect in the news and social media
  • Immediate Connect login and website safety

Please note that this review is not an endorsement but an analysis of the facts as highlighted by experts. Immediate Connect could be a money-generating machine but don’t forget that trading with it also involves remarkable risk. Invest wisely!

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What is Immediate Connect?

Immediate Connect is a newbie-friendly fully automated online trading system.  This bot uses cutting-edge AI technologies to analyze market data and make winning trades.

Everything reportedly happens on autopilot. This explains why the bot is highly recommended for beginners. Background checks by our team show that 90% of Immediate Connect users had no prior trading experience.

The bot claims that it enhances financial inclusion by enabling the ordinary person to earn handsome profits from the volatile markets. Immediate Connect trades the price swings of hundreds of CFDs assets in five asset classes. These asset classes include;

  • Crypto
  • Forex
  • Stock
  • Market Indices
  • Commodities

However, the bot is mostly known for bitcoin trading. It’s alleged that over 60% of its users are bitcoin traders. The bot’s algorithms have reportedly perfected bitcoin trading. Some reviewers allege that the algorithms are based on Machine Learning (ML) technology.

This subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows them to perfect trading through data interaction. Very few auto-trading systems can learn and improve their algorithms through data interaction.

Immediate Connect partnership with brokers

Like in any other robot, you redirect to a broker’s page on creating an account with Immediate Connect. This robot does all the trading through the assigned broker.

A trading robot is an automated research and order-placing system that performs all activities through a broker. It’s not a financial institution and doesn’t connect to the markets directly. Most trading bots are offered by third parties but there are a few owned by the underlying brokers.

Immediate Connect is reportedly owned by a third-party firm. The third-party firm has reportedly entered into a contract with the assigned brokers to support trading through the bot. As usual, we have carried out background checks on the brokers associated with Immediate Connect.

Our research reveals that they are all well-regulated and reputable. They are also affordable since users can get started with as little as USD 250. Further background checks show that they offer the best pricing with spreads from as low as zero pips.

Immediate Connect advises its users to treat the brokers individually and conduct their due diligence. The bot only facilitates trading and doesn’t take any responsibility for actions conducted by the broker. All transactions happen through the assigned broker.


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All trading carries risk.


Immediate Connect pricing and fees

This online trading system has been around for six months. It’s reportedly in the last leg of its pilot testing phase. The bot doesn’t charge any registration fees at the moment.

However, it’s likely to introduce a fee when the pilot testing phase ends. This is, therefore, the best time to create an account with Immediate Connect. Those who secure a slot now will reportedly enjoy the free license for a lifetime.

This trading robot is hailed as the most affordable in its category. Users only need as little as USD 250 in trading capital to get started. Some lucky traders have allegedly managed to generate fortunes out of such a small investment.

As stated above, all deposits are made via the robot’s partner brokers.  Immediate Connect doesn’t take any responsibility for the transactions part of trading. The partner brokers are reportedly purely ECN and therefore offer the best pricing in the market. Their spreads start from as low as zero pips.

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Immediate Connect in the news and social media

This bitcoin robot has reportedly made headlines across the globe. A search on major search engines shows that it’s the most sort-after bitcoin robot.

It’s also the most discussed online trading platform on social media. As discussed below, this robot is trending on the world’s biggest social media platforms.

Immediate Connect Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a consumer feedback platform with over a million active daily users.  Over 5 million product reviews are reportedly posted on this platform every month.

Immediate Connect is one of the best-rated online trading platforms on this platform. The bot receives over 500 reviews on this site every week. At the time of publishing this review, the bot was rated 4.6/5 after more than ten thousand reviews.

Immediate Connect Reddit

Reddit is another popular social media platform highly popular in the trading and investing communities. The social media site brings together people with similar interests and allows them to share their experiences with certain products or services.

Immediate Connect has a huge community on Reddit. Our review team is happy with the feedback shared by the community participants. The robot has heavily followed threads on this social media platform.

Our investigative team has identified fake news about this bot. The fake news uses clickbait titles to trick you into visiting cloned sites.  Only visit the Immediate Connect website via links shared from reputable sources.

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Immediate Connect and Jenny Strömstedt

The fake news sites allege that Jenny strömstedt is invested in Immediate Connect. The Dutch TV star has reportedly earned fortunes through the system.

This is fake news since the TV celebrity has never shown any interest in automated trading. This review reveals that the links shared in most of the posts making these claims do not lead to the verified Immediate Connect website.

Immediate Connect and Anthony Albanese

Some sites also link Anthony Albanese with Immediate Connect. Albanese is the prime minister of Australia and the leader of the Australian Labor Party.

The claims about Antony Albanese endorsing Immediate Connect a ridiculous. This politician has never shown interest in crypto or crypto-related trading tools. Avoid fake news by only reading reviews from authoritative publications.

Immediate Connect on Aftonbladet

Aftonbladet is a Swedish newspaper published in print and online. The fake news publications claim that Immediate Connect is running advertisements on the online version of Aftonbladet.

Others claim that the Jenny Strömstedt Immediate Connect claims were made on Aftonbladet. We can confirm that these claims are pure lies meant to bait you into the cloned sites.


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All trading carries risk.


How to trade with Immediate Connect

Immediate Connect is dedicated to making online trading easy for newbies. The trading system also ensures transparent and affordable trading. Find below the simple steps to get the ball rolling with this bitcoin robot.

Create an account

Visit the verified Immediate Connect website here and fill out the signup form to register. Verify the registration details and click next to proceed to the underlying broker’s page.

Verify your account

Upload the verification documents as directed by the broker. The broker may take several hours to process the documents. But you can proceed to the other steps as the information is processed.

Fund your trading account

Funding your Immediate Connect should be straightforward. Please note that it’s the mandate of the broker to facilitate all the transactions.

Trading tutorials and live trading

Take the Immediate Connect tutorials and test the bot via the demo. Try out different settings until you find what works out for you. Set the bot and run it on the live platform.

reasons to trade with immediate connect

Is Immediate Connect a scam? Final word!

The conclusions made in this post are arrived at through an in-depth analysis of swaths of data about Immediate Connect.

Our team of experts has used a sentiment analysis tool to analyze thousands of reviews and categorize the feedback. The analysis reveals that a whopping 80% of the robot’s users are happy with it.

Further analysis reveals that more than 20% of those who have given Immediate Connect a positive review have made fortunes. The positive ratings from users are supported by the many expert reviewers.

Some of the expert reviewers allege conducting a live test on the robot and achieving amazing results. These experts claim that no other bitcoin robot can outperform this robot in profitability. They also praise Immediate Connect for ease of use, transparency, safety, and customer service.

Our robot review team is amazed by the level of disclosures made on the official Immediate Connect website. This bot is definitely committed to transparency.  Some authoritative reviews claim that this bot runs on a blockchain ecosystem.

There are only a handful of trading platforms operating on the blockchain. Any trading activity carried out on a blockchain-based ecosystem is published on a public ledger. This ledger is immutable.

Moreover, it allows users to trace all activities on their accounts and assign them to a specific trading outcome. Bitcoin robot proves its genuineness by working with the best CFDs brokers in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a newbie use Immediate Connect?

Immediate Connect is recommended for newbies. This is because it automates most technical trading functions. Moreover, its tutorials are presented in plain language to allow beginners to understand its settings fast. You need about an hour to master the settings through the tutorials. Take another hour to test different settings on the demo.

How much do I pay to use Immediate Connect?

Immediate Connect has recently announced that it will be offering license-free registration slots for the next 6 months. These slots are available in all the supported countries. Unfortunately, the daily signup slots are few and provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. Keep visiting the Immediate Connect website if a slot is not available on the first attempt.

How profitable is Immediate Connect?

We are amazed by the many traders alleging to generate a windfall of profits via Immediate Edge. The trading software is reportedly the most profitable automated trading tool in 2023. These profitability claims are backed by the many experts who have tested the bot. We can’t confirm the truthfulness of these claims since we didn’t do any live tests.

Is the Immediate Connect app available on the play store?

The Immediate Connect app is highly popular in trading circles. This app works on Android and iOS devices. Many reviewers claim that it’s lightweight and doesn’t compromise the performance of the devices on which it’s installed. Please note that you must complete the signup to access the download link.

Does Immediate Connect support forex trading?

Immediate Connect is mostly known as a bitcoin trading program. However, the program supports multi-asset trading. The bot claims to support FX trading in up to 30 pairs. Moreover, it supports the trading of up to 200 top global stocks and tens of market indices. Users are reportedly given the option to choose the asset class they want to trade.


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All trading carries risk.