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Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) Crushing Creative Rivals in VR and Entertainment

Mvusi Ngubane

The days of considering Microsoft Corp. purely as a corporate-intense entity are drawing to an end. The U.S. software giant made sure to impress consumers last week with the brilliant showcasing of its Surface Studio. This gorgeous machine flaunts a brilliant 28-inch monitor which can be set to any convenient angle and levels as a…


Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s Reputation for Innovation Crushed by Microsoft Corp

Aman Jain

Apple Inc. is commonly considered the most innovative tech firm out there, a new study found that its employees are not as innovative as employees at Microsoft Corporation  . A study by Indian-origin entrepreneur found that Microsoft’s employees are more innovative than Apple’s. The study also found that Facebook’s staff are less innovative than the majority of…

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Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates Disagrees With Tim Cook Regarding FBI Requests and “Bad Precedent”

Lindsay Taylor

Microsoft Corporation co-founder Bill Gates is urging Apple Inc.  to comply with Federal Bureau of Investigations demands, saying the security agency deserves the right to obtain full co-operation with regard to terrorism investigations. In an interview with the Financial Times, Gates sensationally claimed that the FBI doesn’t want a backdoor into an iPhone belonging to an…

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Needs Android OEM Help With Long-Term Strategy

Victor Alagbe

Microsoft Corporation missed a huge opportunity in mobile when the likes of Alphabet’s Google and Apple Inc. were busy building operating systems for mobile devices. Microsoft paid dearly for that as Apple’s iOS controlled a 42.9% market share in the in the U.S. while Google-backed Android OS had a 53.4% market share at the end of…

Honeywell (HON) Among 3 Stocks To Own Amidst Market Turmoil

Adam Aloisi

Volatility has become a mainstay consideration for today’s stock investor. If one is not prepared to see paper capital bounce around by multiple percent on a daily basis, even the most diversified of index funds should be avoided. Forward top- and bottom-line business clarity has become highly uncertain, and the back and forth, lower-skewed market…

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Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Takes Aim at the Apple News App

Adam Green

Microsoft Corporation is undergoing a number of significant changes under CEO Satya Nadella. The formerly sleeping giant is beginning to wake up. The days when Microsoft was considered the last of a dying breed of aging tech firms are over as the company more effectively competes with younger, nimbler tech firms such as Apple and Google….

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Plans to Expand its Silicon Valley Campus

Hiren Mehta

Microsoft Corporation is planning for a major redesign and expansion of its Silicon Valley campus. This is seen as a move like that being done by many other firms including both competitors and non-competitors. It is expected that after the construction completes, the capacity of the five-building workplace will rise by about 500 to 1000…

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Says Europe Risks Being Left Behind

Abhijit Sen

Facebook Inc has warned Europe that if it doesn’t do away with “poorly designed regulation,” it risks being left behind in the global digital race. Speaking to the Financial Times on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg urged countries in the region to avoid impeding “progress” by adopting laws…

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Strikes Deal With Hewlett Packard, Gains Win in Cloud Wars

Victor Alagbe

Microsoft Corporation just got a boost to its cloud computing business as news broke that the firm has struck a deal with Hewlett Packard. News has it that Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co  has chosen not to go on a heads-on rivalry with Microsoft, Amazon, and Google in the cloud space. Instead of entering the cloud space…

Microsoft Corporation Nasdaq:msft, Inc. Poaches Top Exec From Microsoft Corporation

Mvusi Ngubane, Inc. has just recruited a former executive from Microsoft Corporation. The ex-top gun used to run Microsoft Dynamics – which competes with Salesforce’s top product. Mr. Bob Stutz managed Microsoft Dynamics for three and a half years. The former MSFT exec now works at Salesforce as its new Chief Analytics Offer. gains Microsoft…