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VIP VoiceMost people want to find ways of making extra money by participating in online surveys but a majority of the survey sites online turn out to be duds.

VIP Voice is an online research platform that is owned by its parent company, The NPD Group, which is a well-established market research company that was incorporated in 1967. The platform has an association with some of the world’s leading brands and conducts over 12 million annual surveys for them.

Unlike other paid survey platforms, VIP Voice doesn’t offer rewards in cash or gift cards. Instead, members can get the chance to enter into auctions and sweepstakes by earning points. Read on to learn more about VIP Voice, its pros and cons as well as how it works.

What is VIP Voice?

vip voice homepage

VIP Voice is an online research platform that is owned and run by the NPD Group. The platform’s parent company was founded in 1967 to offer advisory services and market information to businesses to improve their decision making.

Today, VIP Voice boasts over 3 million users on its site with an active and extensive array of available survey sectors. The platform also outsources some of its survey taking operations to the Toluna Group.

VIP Voice is also unique in the sense that it offers its own surveys, as opposed to surveys from partner platforms. Members of VIP Voice have access to a large variety of surveys that match all their interests – from fashion and food to video games and information technology. This ensures that there is plenty of surveys for you to take part in and earn rewards.

The most significant difference between VIP Voice and other paid survey sites is that it doesn’t pay out in cash or gift cards. Instead, you get rewarded in points that can be used to enter into sweepstakes or be used to bid on online auctions.

What are the pros and cons of VIP Voice?


  • Signing up is free and straightforward
  • You earn points even if you don’t qualify for a survey
  • Almost anyone can qualify for some of its surveys
  • The site is safe to use and does not require any financial information


  • There is no mobile application to make things easier
  • Money is not involved, which is a dealbreaker for many people
  • The site is only available in the US and Canada
  • Rewards can take weeks before they arrive

How does VIP Voice work?

vip voice how it works

The VIP Voice site is used by two groups. The first group is people who are looking for opportunities to make some cash online. The other group is businesses or brands looking for more information concerning the market they are serving to help them make informed decisions. For brands, VIP Voice presents them with a chance to get good results and information when it comes to their market research tasks. The platform ensures that surveys are offered to the right member and it does that based on the profile and buying behavior of its members.

Businesses are also guaranteed that surveys will be answered by real people. The platform offers incentives to its members to participate in surveys, so surveys will be answered once they are made available.

For its members, VIP Voice offers a good opportunity to earn something just for taking part in surveys. The surveys don’t take much of your time and you get your reward 14 days after you complete a survey. The number of points you earn from a survey will depend on a couple of factors such as your current reward level, the number of surveys you’ve already done and whether you qualify for that particular survey.

With VIP Voice, the more surveys you participate in, the higher your membership level becomes. The first level is probably a way of helping you get adjusted to the task. You are only required to take part in one survey, and 50 points will be credited to your account.

VIP Voice offers you small rewards as a consolation in case you fail to qualify for a survey. The points you get can vary from 25 points for not being eligible on level 1, up to as many as 200 points on level 5. These points are known as VIP Participation Points, while the others are referred to as VIP Qualification Points.

With VIP Voice, you can’t redeem your points for either money or gift cards, as is the case with most paid survey sites. Instead, you can use the points to go to Sweepland or Bidland, where you can use your points to participate in auctions or enter sweepstakes.

Going further up the ranks, the number of surveys that need filling increases and so does the number of points. When you are at the highest level, which is level 5, completing one survey will earn you 550 points. However, unlike other sites of this kind, these points don’t magically translate into money you can cash out or use to get gift cards.

How to get started with VIP Voice

1. Become a survey panelist.

vip voice register

Getting started with VIP Voice is quick and straightforward.

First, you’ll need to register and create an account on the website. You need to head to the website’s official page and you’ll find the sign-up button, which will take you to the registration form.

The platform is free to sign up to. The registration part only requires you to give your name and email address. You can join via social media accounts too like LinkedIn and Facebook. VIP Voice doesn’t require its members to provide any unnecessary personal information as they open the account and no need to give information like your credit details. This is part of the reason why the site is considered secure.

2. Confirm your email.

Once you’re done with the first part of filling your details, VIP Voice will send you an email with a link to help confirm your email address. Upon confirmation, you’ll be logged in to your account where you will be asked to fill out some other details.

3. Provide demographic information.

Once you’re done filling out a bit of information, you’ll be asked to provide other demographic information. You should ensure that the information you give during this stage is genuine as it will determine the type of surveys that you’ll be asked to complete.

4. Check out your dashboard.

vip voice dashboard

After you’re done providing details about yourself, you will be granted access to your VIP Voice dashboard. You will have several tabs on the top, which will help you navigate your account. The ‘Survey Center’ tab is an area where you find the available surveys. From there, you can take a survey directly by clicking on the ‘Take Survey Now’ button.

5. Start taking surveys.

vipvoice survey

By this point, you already have full access to your VIP Voice account, and can now start completing surveys. You need to keep checking the dashboard for any available surveys because unlike most of the paid survey sites, VIP Voice doesn’t send invitations via email. The number of surveys you can complete will greatly depend on your demographic information.

6. Redeem your rewards.

VIP Voice will reward you in terms of points. With VIP Voice, you’ll receive your rewards within two weeks of completing a survey.

7. Participate in survey points boosters.

To reward loyal members, the platform has also created a point boosting technique that might interest you. The Survey Points Booster gives you the chance to earn additional points when you participate in more surveys. You can earn up to 1,000 points for each survey you complete.

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Types of surveys on VIP Voice


  • Market and product surveys – VIP Voice has partnered with numerous brands that want the panel to do research for them about their products or services. Market and product surveys bear questions that seek to understand the customers of a specific business, including their wants and needs.
  • Human resource and employee surveys – These surveys have questions that require you to give opinions on how you’re satisfied with a certain kind of job. They help companies determine employee engagement and job satisfaction.
  • Net promoter score surveys – The questions in these surveys seek to understand how well you’re satisfied with a product or service and how likely you as a customer or client is to refer a certain business to a friend.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys – In these surveys, you are asked questions about how you feel about a certain product all service. Brands in this category want to understand which part of their product or service needs to be improved.

Earning and rewards on VIP Voice

vip voice earnings

The reward system is tiered, with five different levels. You move to the next level once you complete a set number of surveys. The higher your level, the more the points you’ll get for participating in a survey.

VIP Voice features two types of points, which include:

  • VIP Participation Points – When you try to take part in a survey but you are not eligible, you get rewarded with VIP Participation Points. A level 1 member will receive 50 points in case of disqualification and a level 5 member will get 550 points.
  • VIP Qualification Points – Once you complete a survey successfully, you will be rewarded with VIP Qualification Points. A level 1 member will receive 25 points while a level 5 member will get 200 points for completing a survey.

The points you accumulate cannot be used to earn hard cash. However, VIP Voice allows you to use them to buy things online. It could be a great opportunity for people who shop online.

Payment methods

vipvoice payment

VIP Voice doesn’t support any payment methods because its rewards do not come in the form of cash. Members cannot redeem their reward for hard cash, but rather use them for auctions and sweepstake contests.

  • SweepLand – This is a site, exclusive to NPD’s users, where you can enter your VIP points in a sweepstake contest for a lucky draw. There are numerous sweepstakes that you can take part in based on your total points. To start, you can opt to try the daily sweepstakes where you can win up to $100 in cash. Also, there are monthly draws where the top prizes can range from $500 to $5,000 in gift cards.
  • BidLand – This will not only be interesting but might turn out to be addictive, especially for people who love auctions. In the BidLand, you’ll use your VIP points on a bidding platform where you can win some items. An auction happens every half hour, and you can take part in that using your points. You can assume that 100 points have a value of $1. So if you bid on an item with whose value is $5, then you would not want to bid over 500 points in the auction.
  • Special offers – This is probably the safest and best way of using your VIP points if you are an online shopper. You can enjoy up to a 40% discount on any item that you would wish to purchase. Keep in mind that 100 VIP points will be equal to $1.

Customer support

If you have any issues on VIP Voice, there is a dedicated customer support ready to offer you all the help you need.  You can reach its support team via the following channels:

  • FAQs section – If you face some of the common problems with your account, VIP Voice has a well-informed FAQs section where you can find answers to help you solve some common problems.
  • Phone support – From the website, you can get the customer support phone number where you can reach them directly in case you want your problem addressed by a real agent.
  • Online help request – If you are not comfortable looking for help on the FAQs section or through phone support, then you can request for help online by submitting a request to the customer support.

How does VIP Voice differ from other paid survey sites?

VIP Voice stands out from the rest of the paid survey sites in the sense that it does not offer any direct payment methods to its members. Another unique feature of VIP Voice is that it also creates its own exclusive survey in addition to working with brands and companies. This gives members direct access to some of their favorite items and services.

Apart from earning points by completing surveys, VIP Voice also includes other ways to win where members can earn extra points by playing games. For example, members can play a ‘Plink in One’ game, where they just have to click a ball and watch it drop into the prize they can win. The prize includes 1,000 points, among other options like $25 and $50 instant prizes. Apart from this game, VIP Voice does include others as well, all of which can be played daily. Members can opt to log in daily to play the game and build their points.


At first glance, the VIP Voice paid survey site seems to offer a better survey-taking experience than a majority of other sites. However, its hit-or-miss rewards system and its lack of a cash option make tend to make it a risky option.

If your intention for joining a paid survey site is to earn cash, then this platform is not for you. If you love surveys and lotteries then it could a great option for you. All in all, VIP Voice is a legit paid survey platform. If you win a prize, you will receive it so you don’t have to worry about losing your hard-earned rewards.


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