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Would you like to learn about valued opinions paid survey company? In you search for ways in which you can make extra money online, Valued Opinions comes up often. But given the high incidences of scam money-making platforms, you would like to verify its legitimacy and gain a background understanding of its operations before signing up. If this is you, read on.

In this Valued Opinions review, we will be looking at and detailing everything you need to know about this survey company. From its founders to how you get to make money on their platform and how much you stand to make completing surveys. In coming up with this review, our review team registered on the platform and tested all the important aspects of the survey company’s operations like the ease of registration, availability of tasks and customer response. And these were their findings:

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What is Valued Opinions?

Valued Opinions Review |...Simply put, Valued Opinions is an online market research company that pays its members for sharing their opinions about different products, services, and policies. The company maintains an international presence but is essentially headquartered in London,  UK where it is operated by its parent company ResearchNow. Originally started by Havemann and Cooper in 2000, the research firm was in 2009 acquired by the Mort Meyerson owned e-Rewards Company.

Throughout this period, Valued Opinions has grown in popularity across the world. Today, for instance, Valued Opinions boasts of an active presence in 30+ countries around the world, and an ever-growing base of panelists. This currently stands at an estimated 6 million – with the United States accounting for more than 10% of this. Note that while a large number of panelists and extended tentacles over a significant number of countries across the world don’t necessarily scream LEGIT, they both (to some extent) speak of the level of trust that these panelists have on the company. These plus the fact that the company has survived for close to two decades should count for something.

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What are the pros and cons of valued opinions?


  • Valued Opinions outdoes most of its competition when it comes to the number of surveys distributed to panelists every month
  • The survey company website is open to applications from the international community who get exposed to as many surveys as their American counterparts
  • The company maintains one of the largest and most diverse pool of surveys for different classes of panelists – from teen surveys to product testing
  • Valued Opinions is also readily available on both their versatile website and via their recently launched iOS  and Android smartphone applications
  • In our valued opinions review, we also observed that the company maintains one of the most responsive customer support team – not just to queries addressed directly to them but also to commentaries about their services on other rating sites and social media platforms
  • Most of the surveys sent to customers are quite interesting and take an average of 15 to 20 minutes to answer


  • The biggest challenge most Valued Opinions platform users face is the inability to withdraw earnings after completing surveys. Their handy customer support has, however, almost always been quick to issue a response
  • Your withdrawals can only be processed in the form of gift cards and this makes the site unappealing for individuals looking for an extra source of cash
  • We also feel that the inability to know whether you qualify for most surveys before you log in and start answering is quite frustrating
Note: Valued Opinions doesn’t offer cash rewards for completing surveys on its platform but rather presents participants with gift cards from some of the most popular online and land-based retail brands.

How to get started with Valued Opinions:

First off, you must hail from a qualifying country. You also must be above sixteen years.

From our interactions with Valued Opinions however, we can conclude that the survey company maintains one of the most straightforward application processes.

Step1: The first step to getting started on Valued Opinions is by completing the registration form on their website. Here, you will be required to provide such personal information as your name, gender, date of birth, address and a valid email address.

Step 2: Valued Opinions will not ask for such sensitive personal data as your social security number. This means that you need to have a valid email that you have easy access to as it will serve as of the tool the company uses to verify your identity. To activate your panelist account, the survey company will send a verification link to this email.

Step 3: Start receiving emails with links to surveys or log in to your valued opinions account and start completing surveys.

Types of surveys available on Valued Opinions:

There are two primary types of surveys that you will come across on the Valued Opinions. They include general surveys and product tests.

General surveys: These form the bulk of surveys available on the form and can touch on anything. They are packaged in the form of short, medium, and long-form questionnaires that seek your opinion on virtually any product, service, or brand. Here, you will be paid to answer these and to voice your opinion concerning these questionnaires.

Product testing: It is highly probable that you will spend most of your time on the Valued Opinions online survey platform and never get access  to participate in a product test. We believe that this is mainly because of the few and infrequent number of product tests issued and the strictness that goes into selecting the participating team.

Who can register on Valued Opinions?

Virtually anyone above 16 years from a participating country can register a survey account with Valued Opinions. You should, however, note that not all surveys are available to everyone and that every Valued Opinion client gets to determine the demography and number of participants.

If you are a teen, for instance, you will not be able to participate in surveys targeting adult respondents and vice versa. Other factors that play a key role in determining whether you will be assigned a survey or not include your country/state of residence, gender, race, educational background, and even work experience. The upside to this is that there are plenty of surveys available to keep all panelists busy, with the only downside being the fact that you don’t get to answer as many surveys as you would wish.

How does it work?

Our Valued Opinions reviewers noted that the online survey company maintains a rather straightforward approach when it comes to giving out jobs. Importantly, all you have to do is complete the surveys emailed to you to get paid. Plus with every survey email, Valued Opinions will indicate both the expected earnings upon completion and the estimated completion time.

Valued Opinions Review |...

They have also incentivized the process by introducing different levels of panelists. Upon signing up, you immediately qualify for the bronze member badge. Completing your profile and answering a set number of surveys sees your level up to silver, Gold, Platinum, and up to the highest Diamond badge level. The diamond badge is awarded to individuals who have completed their profiles, been on the program taking surveys for four consecutive weeks, and have already completed over 50 surveys.

How much can you make on Valued Opinions?

On average, you get to earn between $1.5 and $5 for every short or medium length survey you complete. Most of these took us between 5 and 20 minutes. Each survey has its estimated finish time indicated alongside the email notification.

There however are longer surveys that can take more than 30 minutes or even hours to complete. Such surveys, though rare, pay well and average between $30 and $50. There however is a serious challenge to completing these surveys as you cannot save your progress for later. Once you start working on a survey, you cannot stop midway and come back on it later.

If you accepted a 2-hour survey and started working on it in the morning, you cannot break, save the progress with the hope of finishing it off after work. You will be disqualified from the progress and all the already answered questions will not be paid.

How does Valued Opinions reward its panelists?

Valued Opinions doesn’t pay cash and instead presents your earnings in the form of gift cards. The company has partnered with some of the most popular ecommerce and land-based retailer businesses like Amazon, Walmart, and Target that accept and process Valued Opinions gift cards.

The company policy dictates that you will need a minimum of $10 in your survey account before you can request a withdrawal. Note, however, that some of the brands that process the survey company rewards maintain special rules for gift cards. Amazon, for instance, doesn’t offer a gift card valued less than $20.

Note: There is no limit as to how much you can make completing Valued Opinions surveys. It largely depends on the number of surveys you complete and the possibility of landing the lucrative product test or focus group project.

Valued Opinions customer support

In our Valued Opinions review, we note that there are two primary ways of getting assistance from the online survey company. The easiest by far is referring to the FAQs section on their website that addresses common challenges faced by panelists and how to overcome them.

We, however, found out that the FAQ section only addresses general questions. For more personalized account issues like the inability to access surveys or withdraw funds, we had to raise a support ticket on their contact us page. And though Valued Opinions’ customer support team’s response time isn’t the fastest, we were contented with the fact that they answered all our questions. We were also satisfied with the depth of their responses given that none of our interactions constituted a back and forth misunderstanding.

Bottom line

In the close to two decades that Valued Opinions has been around, it has carved out a niche for itself in the online survey industry. The brand has gone on to extend its reach to not only the 30+ countries across the world but also amass one of the largest memberships in the industry. Our valued opinions review reflects on this and attributes this massive popularity to such factors as increased availability of a wide range of surveys. The fact that their surveys are interesting, relatively short, and enough to keep their entire panelist population busy further endears the online platform to its members. There, however, is a growing concern among members who prefer cash payments to gift cards – an issue that Valued Opinions might want to consider going forward.


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