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What is keeping you from registering and making extra money with such online platforms as surveys on the go app? Is it the fear of the unknown, fear of falling victim to an online scam, or uncertainties over the app’s data handling? In this Surveys on the Go app review, we will be taking a closer look at the app and its operations in a bid to answer these and many more questions.

Our team of reviewers has already interacted with the Surveys on the go platform and vetted its claims. We, therefore, will be helping you understand how much you could make by registering a survey panelist account here, how the app works and how to register, as well as how it handles your private data.

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What is Surveys on the Go?

Surveys On The Go...On their website, Surveys on the go is described as a “mobile market research tool that pays users for their opinions.” It is an online platform where you get to voice your opinion about different brands and consumer products and get paid for it.

The research company is constantly pooling clients seeking their consumer’s opinions about their products. By downloading their app and registering as a panelist, you get to answer different short surveys about various products and services,  while being paid for your time and views.

From our interaction with the platform, we can confidently state that the app is no different from most other survey websites out there. The only noticeable difference between Surveys on the go and most popular sites is probably the fact that it is smartphone-based while most of the rest are web-based.

What are the pros and cons of Surveys on the Go?


  • One of Surveys on the go key highlights is the fact that it pays in cash via PayPal
  • The app has been hailed for its fast payment withdrawal processing
  • You also get to choose the reward you wish to receive – from PayPal dollars to gift cards and virtual visa card deposits
  • No frustrations given that the app wouldn’t invite you to surveys you aren’t qualified for and if they do, they will pay even when you are screened out
  • Our Surveys on the go review team also believes that the app has better rates than most other survey companies – averaging $1/survey


  • The app is largely limited in the number of surveys available
  • The challenge of limited surveys is further compounded by the app’s strict qualification requirements that saw some of our review team members go for more than a week without qualifying for a survey
  • There is a limited number of high-paying projects like product tests or reviewing shopping experiences
Note: Surveys on the Go app extends beyond the traditional consumer surveys to offer a wide range of opinion-based tasks that include product test and shopping experience reviews as well as watching and rating movies and TV shows.

How does it work?

The Surveys on the Go review notes that the most interesting thing about the survey company yet is its straightforwardness in allocating gigs. You only need to download their app, complete your profile, after which the company will email you one or two surveys per week. You may also want to be checking your user dashboard from the app to see if there are available tasks.

Our Surveys on the Go reviewers, however, couldn’t help but note the strictness that the company adopts in allocating surveys and other tasks. If you hope to maximize your chances of scoring more surveys and boosting your earnings on this platform, you have to work on constantly updating your demographics. And the easiest way to achieve this is by completing all the profile surveys sent your way.

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How to get started with Surveys on the Go

Step 1: Start by downloading the Surveys on the Go iOS or Android app.

Step 2: Head over to the registration section and complete the user profile. The Surveys on the Go review team points to the privacy-conscious nature of the online survey company that sees it refrain from asking intrusive personal questions.

Step 3: Verify your email and phone number, and start completing both profile and consumer surveys. It may take a while before you establish a significant level of trust with the Surveys on the Go systems and qualify for the product tests.

Types of surveys on Surveys on the Go

Most of the survey sites that you get to interact with are mostly specialists, implying that they only deal with one or two types of surveys. Most handle commercial surveys and product tests. During our interaction with the Surveys on the go app, however, we noticed that the mobile platform tears above this veil to host one of the largest pool of survey tasks.

Surveys On The Go...

Here, you get to explore such tasks as:

Completing general surveys: In this category falls the bulk of consumer surveys. Here, you get to complete different surveys that touch on hugely varied topics.

Rating TV shows and movies: The Surveys on the go app also makes it possible for you to make money by reviewing and rating TV shows, movies and watching short video adverts.

Product testing: In some instances, you will also be asked to test a product. You can either buy the product to review and later have your cash reimbursed alongside the pay for the review or have it sent to you via mail.

Reviewing shopping experience: There also are several shopping review experiences that pay you to rate your shopping experience at a particular mall or store.

Who can register on Surveys on the Go?

Surveys on the Go is currently available to any American citizen above 16 years. The company limits the amount of personal information it collects about its clients and will therefore not ask for such sensitive personal information as your SSN.

Note, however, that most  surveys posted on the platform call for different demographics of their respondents. The company further states that every panelist on their platform has an equal chance of landing a survey. And this calls for the need for honesty while completing your user profile.

How much can you make on Surveys on the go app?

Ideally, there is no limit to how much you can earn with the Surveys on the Go app. According to the online survey company, how much each of their panelists gets to make are a combination of their availability, the number of surveys or tasks they complete, and the nature of the tasks.

Earnings and rewards on Surveys on the Go?

At the beginning of this review, we mentioned the four primary ways of making money on the Surveys on the Go app. What we didn’t mention is that you will also be rewarded cash for registering and completing your profile. Here is a breakdown of how much you get to earn for engaging in each of these tasks:

Completing surveys: A standard consumer survey pays an average of $1. How many you make from a survey is nonetheless directly proportional to the time spent completing it.

Product tests and shopping reviews: No single product test task is similar to another and this explains the significant disparity in their earning potential. The same case applies to shopping experience reviews, but they both remain the most popular and highest-paid projects on this platform. It, however, is not surprising for a panelist to make as much as $50 on a product and also get to keep the reviewed product.

Watching and rating movies and shows: There is a standard rate for watching and reviewing TV shows, movies, and video adverts. How much you make here is almost entirely dependent on the length of the video.

Completing user profile: Interestingly, Surveys on the Go will pay you to fill your registration page and complete several other profile surveys. These are ideally supposed to help educate the company on your demographics where you get to earn up to $0.50 for every completed profile survey.

Note: Surveys on the Go not only has an extended range of income generating projects but is also quite protective as it won’t allow for the sharing of their panelists personal data with third parties.

Payment methods

The Surveys on the Go review team notes that the payment processing company presents you with more payment processing methods than most other online survey sites. While the most predominant mode of payment is cash via PayPal, it isn’t the only method of accepting cash accepted here.

You can also choose to receive your payment in the form of Gift cards for popular retailers or have it loaded to your virtual Visa Account. The pay is processed automatically and deposited to your preferred payment method immediately your account hits the minimum withdrawable balance of $10.

Customer support

There are two primary ways of getting assistance on the Surveys on the Go app. Most of the common challenges are addressed by the FAQs on the company’s website. For more personalized challenges with the app, you might have to contact Surveys on the Go app customer support team via email, in-app messaging or contacting them on the different social media platforms.

Our Surveys on the Go review team was especially thrilled by the apt responsiveness of the app’s customer support team. More importantly, none of their queries raised by the team required further clarification or resulted in a back and forth exchange, speaking to the familiarity of the team with the app.


Surveys on the Go is quite transparent with data handling and even includes a page on their website and app where you can opt-out of their data-sharing program. The “DO NOT SELL MY INFO” allows opting out of surveys that the app company beliefs intrude on your privacy. It also directs the company not to sell or share any of your personal information with third parties.

Bottom line

Surveys on the Go has taken a rather unique approach to online market research. While most of its competitors have built their operations on both website and smartphone apps, Surveys on the go has settled for the pure app environment. And in the few years that it has been around, the app has carved a niche for itself in the online market research industry and amassed a significant clientele of over 2 million panelists. Going forward, the only improvement this Surveys on the Go review team would like to see incorporated into the platform is the bringing in of more surveys.


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