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Are you interested in making money by completing online surveys with PaidViewPoint but aren’t sure about how to get started? This PaidViewPoint review will help you gain a deeper understanding of this online survey company and how it operates. We will be looking at how the survey company works, how to register and start making money, and how much you stand to make on the platform as well as its pros and cons.

We will also look at how the company that claims to have “cracked the code that takes ‘boring’ out of the survey answering experience” fairs in the face of competition. Like in most of our reviews, this PaidViewPoint review is largely comprised of the thoughts of our experienced in-house team of reviewers. A team that has taken time to create user accounts on the PaidViewPoint platform and test every important aspect of the online survey company. Read on for the detailed review:

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What is PaidViewPoint?

PaidViewPoint Review - Read...On their website, PaidViewPoint describes itself as a market research survey website that is wholly owned and operated by Ask Your Target Market (AYTM) Company. AYTM is headquartered in San Francisco, USA and describes itself as a revolutionary company out to ensure that both small and large businesses gain access to “easily accessible and affordable” market research. By signing up for a panelist account and taking part in surveys fronted here, you are helping them further this agenda for which the company appreciates with cash rewards.

The online survey company is built on four key pillars that AYTM distinguishes itself from its competition. First, the company commits to paying cash for every survey you complete on their site. It also won’t frustrate you by screening you out of surveys you have been invited to, it commits to making your experience as interesting as possible and promises not to “sell your personal information to anyone.”


What are the pros and cons of PaidViewPoint?


  • You earn a bonus reward ($1 for U.S panelists) for signing up and more for inviting your friends to open accounts with PaidViewPoint through their generous referral program
  • You get to receive cash rewards and not the complicated point rewards of gift cards for completing surveys
  • Most of the surveys here are relatively short – averaging between 1 and 5 minutes
  • PaidViewPoint is highly transparent as you get to know how many questions you will answer, how long it will take, how much you stand to earn beforehand for every single survey you receive
  • You only get invited to surveys you qualify for – unlike most other survey sites that spam your email inboxes with numerous survey invites that you don’t qualify for
  • You can have access to your PaidViewPoint survey account on the move via either the web browser or their recently launched iOS and Android applications.


  • Our PaidViewPoint reviewers feel like the shortness of most of these surveys has a serious downside on how much you make – it is not uncommon to get invites to surveys that pay less than $1.
  • As more survey companies do away or lower the minimum withdrawal limit, PaidViewPoint and their low rates still hold onto their $15 minimum payout that  can take a while to accumulate
  • You lose accumulated earnings in your account when you change your phone number or PayPal address

Note: PaidViewPoint accepts memberships from virtually every part of the world – in all the countries served by PayPal.

How to get started with PaidViewPoint

Our PaidViewPoint reviewers found the process of registering an account with the online survey company relatively easy and straightforward.

Step 1: On the registration tab of the PaidViewPoint website, you will only need to provide a valid email address and key in a preferred password.

Step 2: A link will be sent to your email that you will use to activate the account. It will direct you to the user profile page where you get to provide such additional personal information as your name, date of birth, gender, resident state, educational background, and current occupation. These play a key role in determining the type and number of surveys you qualify for

You can, however, skip all this by linking your different social or professional online profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Yahoo on your account and using it to log in.

Step 3: Provide the company with a valid phone number and proceed to fill in surveys emailed to you or those accessible on your user account dashboard. The phone number is used to verify you aren’t a robot and to secure your account.

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Tasks and types of surveys on PaidViewPoint

There are two primary ways of making money with the PaidViewPoint survey company which you can earn by completing different surveys and from customer referrals.

PaidViewPoint Review - Read...

Consumer surveys: We found earnings from consumer surveys to be by far the most popular money-making strategy on PaidViewPoint. Most of the surveys here will be seeking your opinion with multiple-choice or an open-ended question about different products, services, or brands.

Referral program: Our PaidViewPoint review also observed the survey company’s referral program that rewards you with 20% of your invitee’s earnings quite interesting. To make money from the referral program however, you need to join the VIP Community Builder club that requires you to have 100+ active referrals under your belt.

Who can register on PaidViewPoint?

Virtually anyone above 16 years can register for a survey panelist account with PaidViewPoint. You only need a valid email address, a working phone number, and an active PayPal address for payment processing.

How does it work?

PaidViewPoint is no different from any other online survey company, here you get to receive survey invites via email or check them out on the user dashboard and are paid when completed. It, however, adopts a rather different and innovative approach to awarding surveys. The brand has, for instance, come up with in-house developed trait-surveys issued to their panelists from time to time.

These, according to PaidViewPoint are “small collections of questions that help us get to better know you and your interests.” They are specially designed to help the survey company understand your “traits, demographics and interests” that go a long way in helping to inform your TrustScore. This effectively determines the number of surveys you get to complete and how much you earn from each survey.

Our PaidViewPoint review is of the opinion that these are ideally meant to test your truthfulness. In all the trait surveys our review team answered, they noticed a repetition of one or two questions that they had already answered. This leads them to believe that the company is constantly testing their member’s truthfulness in answering these survey questions. It is also checking if you bother to read the survey questions and think them through before answering.

By giving a consistent answer to these questions, you are awarded a higher TrustScore while inconsistencies lead to a degraded score. The perks of a high TrustScore on PaidViewPoint include getting access to the maximum number of surveys available on the platform every month as well as earning higher than the average panelist on the platform.

Earning and rewards on PaidViewPoint?

In the case of most online survey platforms, how much you make is directly proportional to the number of market research queries you answer, plus a commission based on the number of individuals you invite to the platform. Our PaidViewPoint review observes that the same doctrine applies here, but with a slight twist.

PaidViewPoint Review - Read...

At PaidViewPoint, how much you earn is a combination of the number of market research surveys you complete and TrustScore. Individuals with high TrustScores have the advantage of a higher rate per survey answered and will, therefore, make more than anyone else with a lower score even when they completed the same number of surveys. Additionally, you will only earn from PaidViewPoint’s referral program after you become a VIP Community Builder club Member.

Note: Getting a membership to this VIP club requires you to have invited 100+ individuals into the platform. They must also be highly active within PaidViewPoint and complete different surveys regularly. The upside to this is that, unlike most other survey sites that will only pay the 20% once the invitee requests for withdrawal, PaidViewPoint pays in advance. The 20% commission is credited to your PayPal address as soon as they complete a paid survey.

Payment methods

What this PaidViewPoint review finds most interesting is the fact that you don’t have to worry about a complicated point-based reward system. Neither will you get a gift card after all the hard work; you are paid cash via PayPal. Every survey invite will indicate the amount you stand to earn by completing the task and not some points to be accumulated and later redeemed.

Customer support?

You get to access PaidViewPoint’s customer assistance via either their comprehensive FAQs section or by raising a support ticket on their contact us page.

We especially liked their FAQs section as it breaks down everything you need to know about PaidViewPoint. It also addresses some of the most common challenges faced by new panelists like access to surveys and problems withdrawing funds or changing such sensitive user profile details as the phone number or PayPal address. More personalized challenges can be directed to the support team by raising a support ticket. While PaidViewPoint doesn’t maintain the most responsive customer support team, we were drawn in by its holistic approach to customer problems. The survey company, for instance, makes it possible to include either text or screenshots of the challenge you may be facing.

Bottom line

When vetting an online survey company, there are some factors that you consider must-haves. In the case of an online survey company, for instance, it must have a proven record of honoring their payments, reliable customer support, and use an acceptable payment processing method. More importantly, it should have proper mechanisms in place to protect your private data by way of solid data protection protocols or simply refrain from collecting sensitive personal information about their panelists. By featuring the site here, our PaidViewPoint review team is confident that the online survey company has fulfilled most of these.  


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