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mintvine logoDo you still not know what paid survey site you should try?

The simplest way to earn money online is by joining survey sites. These are platforms that enable businesses to collect consumer data by allowing people in different countries to participate in surveys. The participants are then rewarded for sharing their honest opinions.

MintVine is a legitimate and well-established paid survey site. It was established in 2012 and has grown to become one of the most popular survey sites in the industry. In 2017, MintVine was rebranded to Branded Survey in a bid to make the site more accessible and convenient.

Read on to find out more about how it works, its accepted payment methods as well as its pros and cons.

What is MintVine?

MintVine homepage

MintVine works like other market research companies where after creating your account, you will receive survey invites and be asked to provide your honest views. After finishing the survey, you will be awarded points that you can exchange into cash or gift cards.

One of the most exciting features of the MintVine paid survey site is the website. It is well-designed with an intuitive interface that will enable you to see all available as well as completed surveys easily. Also, there is an introductory video to help you get started on the site. This is uncommon to find on most survey sites.

The site enables new users like you to sign up directly from your Facebook account. This is a simple option compared to the complicated verification process often involved with the email registration option.

What are the pros and cons of using MintVine?


  • Impressive customer support
  • User-friendly interface
  • Straightforward registration process
  • Available in the US, Canada and UK


  • Frequent survey disqualifications

How does MintVine work?

MintVine how it works

It is worth mentioning that MintVine is now referred to as Branded Survey. To become a member, you will have to go through the registration process, which is entirely free. You can either create a new account via email or use your Facebook account.

After the registration process, you will be required to complete a profile by providing your personal information. This will enable MintVine to put you in a specific demographic profile so you can get the most suitable surveys for you. The more information you provide, the higher the chances of getting more surveys and accumulating points.

The best way to earn points on the platform is to participate in high demanding surveys. However, compared to other survey sites, MintVine is a little bit restrictive in terms of qualification criteria. For instance, you can be disqualified while taking pre-qualification questions.

Surveys on the site involve answering a series of very easy and simple questions. In most cases, the surveys take around 15 to 20 minutes but the duration may vary depending on the survey complexity. After answering all the questions, the site will indicate the number of points you have earned in the survey.

Apart from participating in surveys, MintVine has a referral program that will enable you to earn more by just inviting your friends to participate in the surveys. Also, you will be awarded a bonus percentage of the points your referrals have earned on the site. You can also earn points by filling out simple daily polls and finding games that ask easy questions and reward users that get the answers right.

All the points you accrue throughout the site are added to your account. The minimum redemption threshold is 1000 points which are worth $10. Since there are numerous ways to earn points on the site, you can easily attain the minimum number of points within a few days.

The only issue with the MintVine paid surveys site is it is only available in the US, Canada and the UK. It is important to know this before you start the registration process. This is because you might go through the process only to find out that you are not eligible, which can be annoying. Participants should also be 13 years and older.

How to get started with MintVine

1. Create an account.

MintVine register

To begin participating in surveys on the MintVine site, you will have to first register as a user. The registration page is clean, and the process is very simple.

You are only required to fill in your name, create a password, indicate your gender, choose your country of residence and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy policies.

2. Complete your profile.

MintVine welcome survey

After going through the registration process, you will be required to complete your profile. This is where you are supposed to provide more information about yourself. Although the procedure only takes a few minutes, you will be rewarded with 50 points for your effort.

It is essential to provide as much information as possible to get more chances of participating in surveys.

3. Start taking surveys.

MintVine surveys

After completing your profile, you will start to receive invites to participate in surveys through the email you provided during the registration process. You will only need to click the link in the email to start the survey.

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Types of Surveys on MintVine

MintVine types of surveys

  • Paid surveys

This is the primary way to earn points on the MintVine site. You will receive a notification through email as soon as surveys are available. It is imperative to act quickly because the surveys fill up fast, and you might be disqualified. However, even if you are excluded, you are awarded 5 points just for trying to participate.

Each survey is worth around 100 points or more depending on its complexity. Most surveys on the site take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete, but some surveys may take longer. The time does not include the pre-qualification questions. It is important to read the survey questions cautiously and avoid answering hurriedly to avoid getting disqualified.

Most companies that seek services on MintView look for specific demographics. As a result, you are required to answer some screening questions to determine your eligibility. However, sometimes you can be excluded while answering the questions, which can be frustrating. Previously, the site used to offer 6 points for disqualified participants. However, it now only rewards its disqualified users 2 to 3 points or sometimes nothing at all.

The biggest issue with the MintVine survey site is that the surveys are held under review status, which keeps your points pending. This process can take up to 14 days to complete. Nonetheless, the approved points you have accumulated are displayed on the dashboard immediately once the review process is done.

  • Partner surveys

The primary surveys are not available all the time. That’s why MintVine has partnered with other third-party platforms to provide more survey opportunities for its members. Apart from partner surveys, these partner platforms also have other offers where you can get more points.

  • Daily polls

Participating in daily polls is an effortless way to earn points on the MintVine platform. You will be awarded 5 points for just answering some daily polls. In fact, you will be awarded a bonus of 25 points if you complete 10 polls in a roll.

Earning and Rewards on MintVine

MintVine rewards

Apart from earning points the traditional way, you can earn more points through MintVine’s special loyalty program dubbed as the Branded Elite. This program is meant to recognize quality survey participation by offering more ways to earn points.

  • Badge perks

When you join the elite program, you will start with the Bronze badge and then progress as you take more surveys and accumulate more points. On each badge, you will be offered bonuses that will add up to your regular points. To obtain the points, you will have to complete the required number of surveys on the badge. Only surveys marked as ‘Approved’ will be awarded. To get the surveys approved, you should be consistent and offer honest answers.

The most interesting thing is that you can track how far you are to the next badge on the Elite page. On top of that, you will receive notifications about your progress through email and on your dashboard.

At the end of each week, you will be awarded a certain percentage on top of your approved points if you meet the requirements of your badge bonus. For instance, when you complete the 12 required surveys in 10 days on the Bronze badge, you will get a 5per cent bonus. The higher the badge, the more the points.

To get to the next badge, you are required to earn a certain number of points per month. For example, to advance from the Bronze to Silver badge, you must earn at least 600 points and to progress to the Gold badge, you must earn 2100 points.

  • Leaderboard

By participating in more surveys, you can become eligible to participate in the daily, weekly and monthly leaderboard.

Here, you can earn additional points of between 50 to 300 points. Also, the more surveys you take, the higher the chance to win random draws where you can earn up to 1000 points.

  • Referral program

MintVine is one of the best-paid survey sites that operate a referral program. You will get the opportunity to earn 50 points for inviting a friend to the site. Visit the ‘Invite Friends’ page to get the unique referral link. The only caveat is that the friend has to sign up to the site through your link. Also, your friend has to earn the Silver badge for you to get the points.

The amount of money you make on the MintVine survey site will mainly depend on the surveys you have taken and the bonuses awarded. Usually, you will receive 2 to 3 surveys per day where each survey ranges between 100 and 400 points. This means you can meet the minimum redemption threshold of 1000 points in just a day. On top of the points you earn in the regular surveys, there are numerous ways you can make more points.

Payment methods

MintVine payment

There are various ways you can use to redeem your points on the MintVine site.

For instance, to redeem the points into cash, you can link your  PayPal account. Alternatively, you can get your payments through Dwolla, MintVine’s proprietary pay option and a Visa Prepaid card option. On the other hand, you can redeem your points for Tango gift cards that can be used when buying on reputable retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, iTunes, etc.

The payout process takes between 1 to 2 days after making the payment request. Apart from redeeming your points for cash and gift cards, you can also donate your points to charity.

Customer Support

The biggest issue with most survey sites is the undependable customer support which leaves their members hanging with issues. Fortunately, MintVine features a comprehensive knowledge base that addresses most of the common issues faced by its members.

If you can’t find a solution in the knowledge base, you can contact the customer support team through email. Usually, the email option may take several days to get a response. However, if you need a quick response, you can contact them through their social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

How does MintVine differ from other paid survey platforms?

The MintVine site has numerous features that set it apart from other survey sites in the industry. First, the registration process is straightforward. Some sites have a complicated registration process that involves a lot of complicated steps.

Most survey websites have been designed to be used only on computers. However, the MintVine site is compatible with most mobile devices where you can access all the functionalities without any issue. The mobile version fits well on the screen, and it is very responsive. This is a great feature that will enable you to take the surveys on the go.

Another appealing feature of the MintVine paid survey site is the reward system. Since it operates a point system, you will have to accumulate the points to meet the minimum threshold. Unlike on other survey websites, the minimum threshold is only 1000 points which you can accrue even in a day.

The main reason why MintVine has triumphed over other paid survey sites is the numerous ways its members can earn points. While in most survey sites you only earn for participating in surveys, MintVine gives you various ways to increase your points.


MintVine is one of the most established survey sites in the industry. Invitations to participate in surveys are sent according to the demographic information you provide during the registration process. Although the surveys may not be available every day, there are numerous ways you can earn points.

MintVine is indeed a legitimate survey site that is worth your time so check it out today and start earning money online.


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