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Lifepoints logoLifepoints could be a great way to make some money online. It is a platform that allows you to earn points redeemable for gift cards by participating in paid surveys and simple tasks. The platform is available for users from all over the world and offers surveys in over 200 countries in up to 26 languages.

The platform is owned and operated by Lightspeed LLC, one of the leaders in consumer research and analysis industry worldwide. Lifepoints boasts over 5 million members from across the world and the number continues to grow each day.

Continue reading to learn more about Lifepoints, its pros and cons as well as how it works.

What is Lifepoints?

Lifepoints Review

Lifepoints was incorporated in 1946 as Nation Family Opinions and then was acquired by Lightspeed Research. The platform was originally known as Global Test Market but rebranded in 2019 to make the platform better stand out from other online paid survey sites. Lifepoints is a product of Lightspeed and MySurvey, two worldwide market research companies with a lot of influence in the industry.

The internet has made it easy to connect brands and businesses with questions to members happy to be rewarded for their opinions. This has enabled the company to build partnerships across 70 different countries as of 2019, boasting over 5 million active members.

What are the pros and cons of  using Lifepoints?


  • Flexible redemption options
  • You know how long a survey will take and how much you’ll earn
  • Availability of numerous surveys and tasks
  • User-friendly design


  • Can take a while to receive rewards
  • No referral system

How does Lifepoints work?

How Lifepoints works image

Lifepoints is a market research brand that offers businesses with customer insights on their services and products.

The platform operates in quite a straightforward way. After registering, you’ll receive surveys via the email you use to register. You can give your opinions on every survey available or just the ones you’re interested in. The survey will be related to a variety of aspects of your daily life as well as brands you use the most.

However, the platform doesn’t offer surveys as the only way you can use to earn some rewards. You can also do some tasks such as product testing and mini-polls among other data collection activities. This offers you an additional opportunity to boost your rewards.

You can participate in surveys or activities at your own convenience as long as it is within the duration of the survey period. No special skills or qualifications are required for you to complete these tasks and surveys, but you need to have an internet connection.

A majority of the surveys on Lifepoints will take you 10 to 15 minutes to complete. The reward you receive will vary and usually depend on the duration of the survey you’re participating in. However, the urgency of the survey can also influence the rates you get. More urgent and lengthy tasks translate to better compensation.

What happens if you don’t complete a task or survey? You don’t have to worry as you can still earn some rewards. The points you earn can differ from 2 to 3 points per incomplete task or survey. Though they are small payouts, they can still get you to the cash out level in no time. You can earn as much as 10 extra Lifepoints each day by doing this – all beneficial as long as you move towards reaching the cash out level.

How to get started with Lifepoints

Lifepoint’s registration is easy and straightforward. Keep in mind that you need to be at least 14 years old to join. The platform does not pose any geographic restrictions. People from across the world can register and engage with their tasks and surveys.

1. Provide your name and email address then create a strong password.

Lifepoints sign up process image

2. Create your profile.

Lifepoints - Points tally image

After this, you’ll receive a confirmation email which you’ll use to confirm your account.  You’ll be asked to fill out some profile questions to help Lifepoints better determine your specific demographic. The company uses this information to provide you with as many eligible tasks and surveys as possible. Once you’re done with this, you’ll earn 10 Lifepoints for free.

Ensure you build a profile that details your background, interest and hobbies as well as habits. This will enable Lifepoints to offer you market research tasks and surveys that are well-suited for your knowledge and interests.

3. Take surveys.

Lifepoints dashboard

Once you’re done filling your profile, you will be set to start taking surveys and earning points. This process should last for a few minutes without facing any glitches.

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Types of surveys on Lifepoints

Lifepoints offer surveys on almost all topics. You can find surveys on basic topics such as the internet, bikes, lifestyle, bikes, food, travel, etc. to complex topics such as fitness, information technology, politics, and hotels among others.

Earning and rewards on Lifepoints

The amount you can earn of Lifepoints can vary depending on two factors:

  • The urgency of the survey to take – An urgent survey will come along with a higher incentive.
  • The length of a task or a survey – Those that require more of your time will have high rewards.

Lifepoints stands out from the rest of other survey sites by offering unique opportunities you can use to earn rewards.

  • Lifepoints survey – First, you can opt to participate in its online surveys. It will ask you to give opinions or feedback about products or services. Here you’ll find a wide range of topics from health and fitness to food and travel. This is the primary method to earn rewards on the platform.
  • Tracking behaviors in diary entries – Another option you have to earn some points is by monitoring your experiences or behaviors via a diary entry. Some Lifepoints clients are interested in personal experiences with the brand’s services or products and this could be an opportunity for you to earn some cash. They may request you to document your encounter with a particular service or product in a diary entry format. It is an option that stands out as you can collect some points while waiting in a queue at a supermarket or while waiting at a coffee shop.
  • Product testing – Some brands are interested in direct feedback about a particular product. They can send you their product for free in exchange for your informed and honest feedback. Product testing is particularly appealing to individuals who are tactile or detail-oriented.
  • Daily challenges – Take part in daily challenges where you’ll be required to answer 30 questions in 30 days.
  • The booster – Every opportunity you opt into offers you Lifepoints and booster points towards 100 percent. Once you get to 100 percent, you’ll receive an instant reward.
  • Earn-on-the-go – This is a survey that comes into play depending on your location. You can only benefit from this option if you turn on your geolocation service. You’ll earn 50 points for turning it on, then 20 points for each subsequent month you keep it on.

Although Lifepoints is free to join, you need to have at least 5,500 Lifepoints to redeem your rewards. However, how much you can make with the platform is not set in stone. The amount you earn will depend on how active you are and whether surveys are available, just as the case with other survey sites.

Surveys on Lifepoints might earn you 20-100 points depending on difficulty and length, while a geo-based survey can earn you even up to 200 Lifepoints.

Additionally, the platform values information so it offers bonuses when you allow the location feature on your mobile device to be left on, when you complete your profile and participate in daily challenges. For example, you can earn 20 percent Booster for ensuring your location service remain on and approximately 10 points every time you’re asked to update your profile. You can expect to earn around $10 in 2-3 weeks.

Payment methods

Lifepoints offer a customized option for you from various countries. The default payment option for Lifepoints users include:

  • Amazon
  • iTunes gift card
  • Starbucks e-voucher
  • PayPal

To cash out, you’ll need a balance of at least 5,500 points which translates to $5. The rewards will be sent out within ten business days. If you opt for PayPal, your money will be deposited in your account, while gift cards will be sent via email.

The minimum payout varies according to your country of residence. For example, the least amount you can cash out while in the UK is $3 via a Starbucks gift card. As for Amazon or Marks and Spencer, the least is $5. You can also opt to donate to The National Trust or Unicef.

Customer support

Customer support is of great importance in platforms like Lifepoints. After all, if you’re putting some of your time to help brands gain valuable insights into their services and products, you need to make sure that you benefit from that as well.

However, Lifepoint’s customer support team doesn’t offer much. In fact, the platform doesn’t even have a live chat, email or phone support. It has a help center, but it’s just a section to look at FAQs and doesn’t offer specific support.

If you would like to reach out to a representative, you’ll be prompted to leave a note. This procedure is essentially an email ticketing technique in which a staff member will respond to your request in the order in which it was received. This type of customer support might be frustrating to some members as most people prefer a live chat function nowadays or a telephone number that they can use to reach the customer service team instantly.

With no email address provided, it’s difficult to follow up on an inquiry. You will need to submit another service request. Unfortunately, you may just end up just getting lost in the process.

How does Lifepoints differ from other paid survey platforms?

Although Lifepoints is similar to other survey sites, it also includes some key differences. One of the most obvious differences is that comparatively it is has a modern contemporary appearance. Some survey sites have been called out for having extremely outdated websites. Lifepoints has maintained some good standard thanks to its clean, up-to-date site design that’s quite easy to navigate, making it especially beneficial for members who aren’t so tech-savvy.

Also, Lifepoints has a couple of several unique ways to earn points beyond surveys, which is a great way to stay ahead of the competition. Additionally, it offers its members a few points in case they are disqualified from a survey or fail to complete it. Other survey platforms don’t offer you any rewards when you fail to complete a task or a survey.


As discussed above, Lifepoints is run by a very well-known market research company worldwide. Lifepoints is a 100% legitimate site and there is no possibility for the platform to be considered spammy.

In terms of quality, Lifepoints offers you an opportunity to participate in numerous surveys, most of which you’ll qualify. Moreover, the platform needs to improve on a few areas such as flagging members without solid reasoning and should improve its customer support as well.

In conclusion, Lifepoints qualifies as one of the best survey sites around, but falls down on customer service points.


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