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iquestion logoA quick online search will give you hundreds of paid survey sites to pick from.

iQuestion is one of the countless paid survey sites on the web. It is a product of the Toluna Group. Toluna was founded in 2000 in Paris and currently boasts a wide client base located in 57 countries.

On its site, it describes itself as “an online community of business professionals dedicated to making your voice heard.” It carries out surveys on behalf of its clients’ companies and collects opinions about their products and services. Its clients use the data collected to improve their marketing and distribution strategies. In exchange for its members’ opinions and time, iQuestion offers various rewards which we will discuss further below.

To help you determine whether it is the ideal paid survey site for you, we have undertaken a thorough analysis of the service. Read on and find out more about the surveys on iQuestion, how the platform works and much more.

What is iQuestion?

What is iQuestion?

iQuestion is a paid survey site operated by the Toluna Group in the United States. Toluna Group is a digital insights organization that works with renowned brands such as Kellog’s, Kia and Wendy’s among others.

It invites members to answer surveys on a wide array of subjects every day. Other than collecting opinions about products and services, the surveys also seek information on consumer habits. As such, registered members not only get cash rewards but they also have the ability to influence services and products that enter the market.

Its clients cover a wide spectrum including research agencies, brands, public organizations, individuals, corporations and PR firms. The key objective of its research is to help clients understand changing consumer needs. Based on this information, the clients are then able to tailor their products and services better.

Aside from carrying out surveys, iQuestion also has a thriving online community. Members participate in discussions, debates, and polls. These activities also provide valuable insights into iQuestion’s products and services.

What are the pros and cons of iQuestion?


  • Offers a relatively higher pay rate than most survey sites
  • There are different types of rewards for participants
  • Two cash withdrawal options (PayPal or check)
  • Free registration
  • A variety of research activities in addition to surveys
  • Offers members a fun monthly sweepstakes program


  • Only accepts registrations from US residents
  • Takes 3 days to process PayPal payments and up to 1 month for checks
  • Difficult to estimate monthly income since it does not specify survey frequency
  • Users complain that survey invitations are few and far between
  • Slow and unresponsive customer support

How does iQuestion work?

How does iQuestion work?

The iQuestion website is simple and intuitive. It features a minimalistic user interface with three tabs namely Sign In, Community and About. Below these, there is a “Get Started Now” button which leads you to the registration section.

To give you an idea of the kind of survey respondents that the company is looking for, scroll a little further down. It explains that it wants to learn from user experiences at the office and therefore pays you for teaching them.

During registration, it also wants to know whether you make or influence decisions about networks, logistics, hardware, software or telecommunications. It also wants to know your primary role at work. In its FAQ section, it makes it clear that the ideal respondent is a business or IT decision-maker.

After registering an account, you will either start receiving survey invitations via email or SMS or both. Every survey begins with a set of questions aimed at confirming that you are indeed part of the required demographic. Your answers to these questions will determine whether or not you get to participate in that specific survey.

One factor that determines how often you get picked out for surveys has to do with the completeness of your profile. There are a number of profile surveys that are specifically aimed at analyzing your suitability for the various surveys available.

When you fill these out to completion, then it is easy for the site’s algorithm to select suitable assignments for you. It would also be wise to update your profile surveys regularly in order to receive invites frequently. Having profile surveys up to date significantly increases your chances of receiving surveys that match your personality and circumstances. The more suitable the surveys you get invited to take, the higher the chances of completing them and getting paid.

It also has in place a screening process because, as it explains, a majority of studies look for people who fit a narrow set of criteria. The process takes place in the first half of the questionnaire. If you fail to meet the set criteria, you will get disqualified from the survey.

Unfortunately, you might also get screened out towards the end of a questionnaire, mostly, for failing a quality check. As a consolation, when you get screened out for whatever reason, you may get an entry into the site’s sweepstakes.

The site only accepts registrations from residents of the US. The registration process is thorough and includes questions on age, income and other personal data. The site requires this information to match users with specific survey requirements. For instance, in certain cases, a client may require respondents of a specific age bracket, gender or income bracket.

When you receive an invitation to participate in a survey, time is of the essence. Some surveys generate more interest than expected. When this happens, you may get a notification stating that the survey is full while you’re in the middle of answering the survey.

You can also get opportunities to participate in sponsored polls. Simply put, this is a quick vote on a given topic and it comes with multiple choice answers. It also has a fun feature that allows you to get the community’s input in case you have doubts about a service or product. Here you can make a statement and ask others to thumb it up or down to help you make a decision. Alternatively, you can list two items in a battle and ask others to decide the winner.

On the dashboard, you also have the option of creating polls with up to 10 voting options. You can create topics and start open conversations with other community members. The more active you are in the community, the higher your chances of accumulating points and winning rewards.

With regards to privacy, iQuestion stores user personal data on secure servers. The data query is fully automated and only qualifying members get invitations to participate in surveys. It holds member responses in aggregate, which means that it is not possible to tie specific responses to any individual. Also, clients get data in an anonymous form.

How to get started with iQuestion

Step 1: Click the “Get Started Now’ button.

To get started on iQuestion, click on the “Get Started Now” button on the homepage. This will take you to the registration page.

Step 2: Complete your profile.

iquestion profile

Fill out the registration form to provide your personal information which includes your full name, date of birth, email address, gender and profile photo.

Below the personal information section, there is a section entitled “Help us get to know you a little better.” Here you will need to fill out your country of residence, state, and city as well as street address and zip code.

Select your education level, the gross household yearly income and the total number of people in your household.

In addition to the above, you will need to provide information about your ethnicity, employment status, primary role at work and your level of influence with regard to decision making at your workplace.

You also have the option of providing your mobile number and selecting the option of getting invitations to surveys via SMS.

Step 3: Click the “Sign Up’ button.

Complete the process by clicking on the “Sign Up” button. To finalize the registration process, you will get a confirmation email. Click on the link in this email to confirm registration, activate your account and begin participating in surveys.

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Types of surveys on iQuestion

There are two main types of surveys on iQuestion. These are:

  • Profile Surveys – These surveys determine your qualification for actual surveys based on your demographics. You get Toluna points for responding to these surveys. Additionally, completing all profile surveys helps you avoid getting disqualified after beginning a survey.
  • Client Surveys – These surveys vary significantly in length and type depending on specific clients’ needs. Registered users get invites to participate in these via email or SMS and get paid based on the length.

Earning and rewards on iQuestion

Earning and rewards on iQuestion

There is no limit to the amount you can earn here. Surveys are not the only avenue for making money. You may also accumulate points by participating in sponsored polls and inviting your friends to join.

On this site, the payment you get from participating in a survey is calculated on the basis of time spent answering the questions. A majority of the surveys and questionnaires take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete. The payment is $6 for every 20-minute survey. Generally, every survey will earn you between 15 and 50,000 points.

The rewards you earn on the site do not expire. They remain within your available balance until you request a payment. To redeem rewards, go to “Rewards Center,” accessible on the header menu. Here, you will be able to view the full list of available rewards.

Points and Gifties

Active users can also get points for contributions to community conversations. Every time you participate in polls and other community activities, you earn points. And when you reach the 60,000 points threshold, you get the opportunity to redeem the points for prizes or even cash.

If you do not have the patience to reach the said threshold, you can redeem the points for a “giftie.” Gifties are gambles where you risk your points for a possible prize. It is a fun game, comparable to a scratch card game where you click “Get it” and find out whether you have won a prize or not.

In case you win a prize, you can pass it on to a friend both within and beyond the Toluna community.

Toluna Millionaire Sweepstakes

You can also make money by participating in the Toluna Millionaire Sweepstakes. In order to qualify for participation, you need to have a profile photo and be an active member. Active members are those who have participated in surveys, posted polls or topics or commented in a discussion thread over the past 30 days.

Sweepstakes take place on a monthly basis and iQuestion chooses random winners within two weeks of every month end. In case you happen to win, you will get a notification about it via email. Winners get 1 million points which are automatically credited to their Toluna account within 24 hours after the results’ announcement.

Payment methods

There are a variety of payment methods available here to suit different users. These include PayPal, check, gift cards and e-vouchers.

iQuestion posts redeemable electronic vouchers directly to your Toluna account or at times, to the indicated email address in your account. PayPal payouts go directly to your PayPal account and Daily Lottery rewards go to your Toluna account in the form of Toluna Points.

Some of the stores where you can use your gift vouchers include:

  • Sears
  • Starbucks
  • Redbox
  • Target
  • Sephora
  • Amazon
  • Lowe’s
  • Walmart

While iQuestion seeks to make payments fast, typically within a few days, at times it takes longer. Usually, PayPal payments take a week while vouchers and gift cards take 72 hours. Check requests, on the other hand, take between 3 and 4 weeks.

In some cases, a delay may occur when they have to wait for a survey to close before making payments. Mostly, such credits take about 2 weeks but at times, it could go as long as 6 weeks.

Customer support

On the site, customer support is accessible via a contact page where you can give your name, email address and explain the issue. Another way to contact them is by writing a letter and sending it to their physical address, as provided on the site.

Though the company promises to respond to issues within 24 hours, some users complain about delayed responses or some queries that go unanswered.

How does iQuestion differ from other paid survey sites?

One of the main differences between iQuestion and other survey sites is that iQuestion specifically targets business professionals as well as IT decision-makers.

If you fall into this category, you are more likely to get survey invitations on a regular basis, but on the downside, it means you might get locked out of most of its surveys if you do not fit the bill.

Another key difference is that unlike on most paid survey sites, its points do not have an expiry date. This reduces the pressure on account users and makes it fun to be part of the community.


Overall, iQuestion is a completely legit paid survey site with quite a bit to offer if you are looking to make some extra cash. The opportunities here range from surveys to fun programs with exciting prizes.

It is, however, unfortunate that the site is limited to US residents and that it has an unpredictable survey frequency. As such, you cannot quit your day job and hope to get by on Toluna points.

Other than that, it is a great site to try out in your spare time.


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