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Google Opinion Rewards Review...Is the Google Opinion Rewards app worth your time?

Due to increased competition in most industries, businesses and organizations are always looking to improve their products and services to appeal to their customers. In most cases, they hire market research companies to gather information from the general public. Google Opinion Reward app is a conduit where business and organization can place their surveys instead of using market research companies.

Although the earnings are meager, the surveys require only a few minutes to complete and if you take surveys consistently, you can withdraw a significant amount.

Read on to find out more about what Google Opinion Rewards is, how it works, the type of surveys it has, its supported payment methods and many more.

What is Google Opinion Rewards?

Google Opinion Rewards Review...

Basically, Google Opinion Rewards work in the same way as a paid survey website wherein you participate in surveys to get paid. The only difference is that it operates as a free app that is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

To start participating in surveys, you need to create an account. You will be required to answer some demographic questions so that Google can offer you the most suitable surveys.

After creating your account, you will start receiving surveys. In most cases, you will only receive a few surveys, like one or two in a week. This is so little compared to other survey sites where you can get up to 3 surveys in a day. However, when Google Opinion Rewards sends a survey, you will be notified on your phone.

Anyone above 18 years can join Google Opinion Rewards and start participating in surveys. However, you should read and understand the terms of service before using it. The Google Opinion Rewards app is available in 26 countries which include Denmark, Brazil, France, Germany, United States, Sweden, Singapore, etc.

Some survey sites provide very complicated surveys that require a lot of time to complete. Thus, you’ll be glad to know that most of the surveys featured on Google Opinion Rewards involve simple and straight questions. For instance, you can be sent a list of logos and asked to choose the best.

The information you provide on the surveys is used by market research companies that run the surveys. Unless otherwise indicated in the survey, the information you provide is anonymous and aggregated and cannot be traced back to you.

Apart from participating in surveys, you can also send feedback about the app or a certain survey. On the upper left of the app’s homepage, tap on the menu button then click ‘Feedback.’ Google considers this feedback when making changes and improvements to the app. Even though you may not receive a response for every feedback you send, you are encouraged to include any issue or request new features. However, you cannot use this method to request additional surveys.

What are the pros and cons of using Google Opinion Rewards?


  • Free to join
  • Available in numerous countries
  • Easy to use
  • Random and short surveys
  • Surveys expire after 24 hours
  • Available on both iOS and Android devices
  • Does not involve pre-qualification questions


  • No referral program
  • Few surveys available

How does Google Opinion Rewards work?

Google Opinion Rewards Review...

Google is one of the biggest technology companies in the world, with a wide range of internet-related services. In 2012, the Google survey team designed the Google Opinion Rewards app that enables people to make money by participating in simple surveys.

After downloading the app, you start to receive notifications when new surveys are added. If you don’t want to get the notifications, you can change the settings. The most exciting part is that the surveys are very short compared to other sites. Most of the surveys on the app require less than 5 minutes to complete. This means that you can take the surveys on the go.

The availability of surveys depends on your activity history and location. Since Google Opinion Rewards is just a conduit for businesses and organizations to conduct their surveys, it is difficult to tell when new surveys will be available. However, you may receive around 2 to 3 surveys in a week. The Google Opinion Reward app is not as consistent compared to other survey sites.

One major caveat is that you are required to finish a survey within 24 hours after getting a notification. If you don’t take the survey within this time, it will expire, and you wouldn’t be able to take the survey. Therefore, you should take the surveys immediately once you get the notification.

Google Opinion Rewards app is not only available to Android users. Even if you use an iOS device, you can download and install the app to start participating in the surveys. However, unlike Android users, you will not be able to earn Google Play credits. To start earning, you will have to link your PayPal account to your Google Opinion Rewards account.

One of the biggest concerns in the market research industry is legitimacy. Some survey sites indicate that they pay participants, but in reality, they scam people. The fact that Google Opinion Reward app is Google’s product is an indication that it is a legitimate survey app. You can be assured that you’ll earn your rewards every time you complete a survey.

How to get started with Google Opinion Rewards

1. Install the app.

Google Opinion Rewards Review...

The first step to getting started on Google Opinion Rewards is to download and install the app on your phone, which is an easy process. Currently, the app is compatible with Android devices versions 2.3.3 and above and iOS devices versions 10.0 and up.

To install the app on Android devices, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Google Play Store on your device
  • Search for Google Opinion Rewards
  • Select and install

To install the app on iOS devices, follow the steps below:

  • Open App Store on your device
  • Search for Google Opinion Rewards
  • Download and Install

2. Enable permissions.

Google Opinion Rewards Review...

In most cases, permissions on Google Opinion Rewards are not enabled. If you do not enable the permissions, Google won’t know whether you have visited stores and locations that require customer feedback. This is one of the main ways you earn on the app.

To enable the permissions, do the following:

  • Go to the main setting menu on your device
  • Select ‘Applications’
  • Choose Google Opinion Rewards from the list
  • Tap ‘Permissions’ and enable

3. Disable battery optimization.

Google Opinion Rewards Review...

Another major issue you might experience is a feature that prevents apps from running in the background.

To avoid this, make sure to do the steps outlined below.

  • Go to the battery menu in setting
  • On the top of the screen, tap the three-dot button
  • Choose ‘Battery Optimization’
  • Use the drop-down menu to select ‘All apps’
  • Choose Google Opinion Rewards from the list and click ‘Don’t Optimize’

4. Enable location.

It is also important to enable the location on your device so that you can receive more surveys. This is another way Google uses to give you surveys.

To enable the location, do the following:

  • Go to the primary setting on your phone
  • Select location
  • Set the location switch ‘On’

After making these settings, you should start to receive more surveys on the Google Opinion Rewards app. The best way to increase the chances of getting more surveys is by visiting businesses and brands that pay for customer feedback. Some of the major companies that work with Google include Ikea, Lowe’s, Chili’s, etc.

When participating in these surveys, it is essential to be as honest as possible. Google uses various techniques to identify if participants are lying. For instance, it can send random questions to see whether you are honest. If you are not truthful, you might be disqualified from taking surveys on the platform.

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Types of surveys on Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards Review...

  • Short surveys

Unlike in other sites, participating in surveys is the only you can earn on the Google Opinion Rewards app. After each survey, you will be rewarded with Google Play credits or get cash through PayPal. It is important to note that Google Opinion Rewards give out the surveys randomly. This means that you will receive surveys once in a while.

When you receive additional survey questions, you have the choice to accept or reject it. If you don’t feel like answering a certain question, you can wait for the 24-hour window to elapse and see if you will get another survey offer.

One of the biggest complaints is that the survey expiring period. If you are offline when it sends you a survey, you will be notified when you come back online. However, if you are not online for more than the indicated period, you will no longer be able to take the survey and get rewards.

It is worth mentioning that the best time to earn from your Google Opinion Rewards is in the last quarter of the year. This is the time most people shop online for the Christmas period. During this period, numerous companies contract Google Opinion Rewards to study their target customers’ purchasing habits. This means the availability of surveys is higher during this season than on other days.

Local surveys are another unique survey offered on Google Opinion Rewards. Google uses these surveys to gather information about a location you have visited recently. Sometimes, the feedback you provide may be posted to Google Maps with your consent. However, it is important to note that your views become public when posted on Google Maps, and anyone can see it.  Occasionally, you may be asked to upload the receipt for the purchase you made in a particular location. The best part is that you can always retrieve and delete the receipt data.

  • Audience Measurement Panel

Once in a while, Google Opinion Rewards Audience Measurement Panel invites volunteers so that they can learn more about media habits. As a volunteer, you will be required to access the internet using devices installed with Screenwise meter so that Google can learn more about you.

For each research study, Google requires only a small number of participants. However, depending on factors such as demographics and household, the number of people can vary from hundreds to thousands. This is an ideal earning option if you browse the internet and watch television often. The more you volunteer and check your meters, the more rewards you earn.

As a panelist, Google will collect your data to know the sites you visit, the television shows you watch, your IP address, cookies, etc. With these information, Google can learn a lot of things about you, such as how long you stay on the internet, the websites you access, your favorite programs and many more.

To become a panelist on Google Opinion Rewards Audience measurement, you have to meet the following criteria listed below.

  • Must be 18 years and above
  • Live in the US
  • Actively use at least one device that supports the Screenwise meter
  • Must not have a household member working as a marketer or advertiser

Earning and rewards on Google Opinion Rewards

For short surveys, you can usually earn between $0.50 and $1 per completed survey.

For participating in the Audience Measurement Panel, you can redeem the points you earn at the rate of 100 points for $1. The more you participate and check your Screenwise meters, the more points you can earn.

Payment methods

Google Opinion Rewards Review...

There are two main ways you can get paid on Google Opinion Rewards app. You can either get Google Play credits or deposit cash via PayPal. When setting up your account, you will be asked to associate your Google payment profile. This will enable Google to send Google Play credits directly to your account.

After answering the demographic questions and doing the survey tutorial, you will get confirmation that the credits have been sent to your payment profile. If you want to redeem the credits, tap the ‘Play Store’ button on the Google Opinion Rewards app home screen. Alternatively, you can use them to purchase apps directly from the Google Play Store. However, to transfer the credits successfully, you have to ensure that you have used the same login credentials in your Google Opinion Rewards app and Google payment profile.

If you want cash instead of the Google Play credits, you can connect your PayPal account with your Google Opinion Rewards account. The minimum payout threshold is $2, which will be sent to your PayPal account automatically. However, this will only happen if you use the same email address on your PayPal account and Google Opinion Rewards. If you don’t use the same email address, you will get your payment within 30 days after linking your PayPal account to the Google Opinion app. After this process, future payments will be credited automatically. Nonetheless, you will still receive payment notifications on your primary email.

It is important to note that you will not receive any payment if you do not accrue the payout threshold of $2. Moreover, the balance in your Google Opinion Rewards account will expire one year from the time you answer a survey.

Customer support

The Google Opinion Rewards app has a comprehensive knowledge base section that will help you know how to solve the most common issues its users experience.

If you are part of the Audience Measurement Panel, there is an online form you can fill out in case you have questions and need assistance. You’ll need to provide your email, phone number and type of issue you’re experiencing. You’ll also need to describe the specific issue you are facing.

How does Google Opinion Rewards differ from other paid survey platforms?

Unlike other paid survey platforms, the Google Opinion Rewards app can easily be accessed through an app. It also only sends short surveys that can be completed within less than 5 minutes.

What its users like about it is the online notification they get every time there is an available survey. Since they need to participate in the surveys within 24 hours to get the rewards, the notification feature makes it easy for them to quickly answer surveys.

Moreover, both Android devices and iPhone users can join Google Opinion Rewards. iPhone users can get paid through PayPal while Android users can choose to get Google Play credits or get paid through PayPal.


Google Opinion Rewards app is a legitimate way you can make money on the side. Its users like it because it involves short and very easy surveys.

Also, you are notified every time it sends a survey. The only caveat is that you must take the survey within 24 hours, after which it will expire. Apart from participating in these surveys, you can also become a Google Opinion Rewards Audience Measurement Panellist where you earn by just browsing the internet.


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