How to Make $100 per Day – 15 Proven Strategies that WORK!

Last Updated: 05. September 2019

If you’re looking to make some money but you don’t want to give up your current lifestyle, then you’re probably here reading this guide because you want to make at least $100 per day. As a result, the likes of taking surveys or writing product reviews probably won’t suffice.

The good news for you is that there are heaps of ways that will allow you to do this. The bad news is that you might be required to put in a considerable amount of work if you don’t currently possess a skill or trade that will allow you to earn money overnight. Nevertheless, if you want to make $100 per day at least, then it’s still highly feasible.

Here we’ve listed 15 different ways that will take you one step closer and will allow you to make $100 per day if you put your mind to it. It is important to note that some of these tips might not be suitable for everyone. For example, some might require an upfront investment, while other’s won’t. Some might required you to undertake research on a particular subject, while in some cases, you might need to combine two of more of the discussed tips to reach your goal. So if you want to find out how to make $100 per day or more, then keep reading.

1. Launch an online blog with affiliate links

An affiliate website is where you promote other people’s products through blog articles or videos. Every time a user clicks on one of your affiliate links and goes on to make a purchase, you’ll receive a commission of the sale. Although affiliate websites can take at least a year to build up, they can be highly lucrative if done correctly. You can make at least $100 per day if you’re a successful blogger and have taken the time to commercialise your web posts with affiliate link placements.

Pros and cons of starting an affiliate website


  • No investment required
  • Promote products you are passionate about
  • Passive income once website is up and running
  • Reach a global audience
  • Do it in your part-time
  • Good earning opportunities once website is built-up


  • Can take at least 1 year before your website attracts a large enough following

2. Buy an online business that is already making money

If you’re interested in running an affiliate website, but don’t want to spend a year building your following up, then you might want to consider buying an already-established business. Do bear in mind that you will be required to stump a considerable amount of money to buy the business, which, at a daily income of $100, is like to be a 5-figure sum.

Pros and cons of buying an online business


  • Earn income overnight
  • Buy an already established website with a strong reader-base
  • Opportunity to improve the business your own way
  • Invest in a sector that you are passionate about


  • Potentially huge investment required for daily income of $100

3. Teach English online

With English being the de-facto international language of choice, locals in Asia and South America are desperate to improve their skills. This means that there are significant opportunities to teach it online. As long as you are a native speaker and hold an online TEFL certificate, you should have no problems charging $10-$20 per hour.

Pros and cons teaching English online


  • Average earnings are $10-$20 per hour
  • Easily make $100 per day
  • Enter an industry in high-demand
  • Work your own hours from anywhere in the world (consider time zones)
  • TEFL certificate can be obtained online with ease


  • If earning $10 per hour, you’ll need to be prepared to work 10 hours per day

4. Write on a freelance basis

There is a substantial demand for freelance writers in the online space. Whether you decide to specialize in a particular niche, or write on a broader basis, you can easily earn $100 per day. You’ll need to spend some time finding clients, although freelance platforms like Upwork allow you to showcase your writing portfolio with ease.

Pros and cons of writing on a freelance basis


  • Demand is super high in the online space (think blogs, articles, guide, etc)
  • Easy to earn $100 per day once you find the right clients
  • Write about a particular niche, or choose to cover all subjects
  • Work your own hours from anywhere in the world
  • No qualifications needed


  • You will need to spend some time building a client base

5. Trade Forex

Arguably, forex trading is not something you can do overnight if you have no experience. But why not learn the ins and outs? Experienced traders will look to make at least $100 per day. Once you start applying leverage to trades you feel confident about, you stand the chance to make some really good money. Just make sure that you understand the risks involved!

Pros and cons of trading forex


  • Forex markets open 24/7, so choose your own hours
  • Specialise in a specific currency pair to master your trade
  • If applying leverage, no need to start with a significant bankroll


  • High-risk, no guarantee to make money
  • You do need to have experience in trading forex (unless you decide to copy other traders)

6. Invest in real estate for passive income

Real estate investing offers income both in the form of monthly rental payments and long-term appreciation growth. For example, with U.S median property prices increasing by 5.2% over the past 12 months, you would only need to achieve a rental yield of 4.8% to achieve an annual gain of 10%. This would, of course, require an investment of $260,000 to equate to $100 per day.

Pros and cons of investing in real estate


  • No work required other than choosing the right properties
  • Opportunity to diversify when using peer-to-peer lending platforms
  • Real estate is one of the lowest risk asset classes
  • Rental income is paid monthly


  • Appreciation growth can only be accessed once properties are sold
  • Need a 6-figure investment to make $100 per day

6. Become a transcriber

Transcribers are tasked with turning audio into text, and there is a huge requirement in the online space to do this on a remote basis. Now, average hourly rates amount to between $4 and $15. This means  that you will either need to find clients willing to pay closer to the higher end, or you will need to be able to convert audio very quickly. Best case scenario is you earn $15 per hour and only need to work 6/7 hours a day to make $100.

Pros and cons of transcribing audio


  • Huge demand online
  • No qualifications needed
  • The faster you can type, the more you can earn
  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • Choose your own schedule


  • If earning a lower hourly rate, will need to work more hours

7. Create a YouTube channel

Building up a significant following base on your YouTube channel will be no easy feat, as it can take at least a year before you start seeing any traction. However, if you are prepared to put the work in, then earning $100 from advertising and in-video promotion is highly achievable. From travel blogs, cooking videos, podcasts, music covers or even the recording of your PlayStation endeavours, the opportunities are endless.

Pros and cons of creating a YouTube channel


  • No investment required
  • Create a channel on something you love doing
  • No limit to amount you can make over time
  • In most cases, no specialist equipment needed
  • Make money via advertisements, and even in-video promotion


  • Requires an incredible amount of time and effort to build up a large number of subscribers

8. Learn a new skill and sell it on a freelance basis

Those in possession of a high-demand skill are able to command significant wages online. Think along the lines of a web developer or artificial intelligence consultant. Either way, with the right skill, you could even earn $100 per hour. To get started, find out which high-paying skills are in high demand online, take an online course to gain the required knowledge, and then join a freelancing platform like Upwork.

Pros and cons of selling a high-demand skill online


  • High-demand skills pay very high rates
  • Learn any skill that you want as long as you are prepared to read, read, and read
  • High-skilled jobs are in low supply
  • Work from home – no need to commute
  • Set your own schedule


  • You must be prepared to study the skill in great depth before you can begin selling it online

9. Sell your language skills

Translation services are of great demand in the online space. If you’re able to speak, understand and write competently in more than one language, then you’re in luck. The most talented freelance translators are earning up to $50 per hour, meaning that you’d only need to work 2 hours per day to reach your target of $100 per day. Plus, you’ll find heaps of clients on Upwork.

Pros and cons of translating on a freelance basis


  • Monetize your language skills online
  • Earn upto $50 per hour
  • Demand for translation services is huge
  • Translate documents and/or audio


  • Finding high paying clients can take time

10. Write an eBook

Writing eBooks is different to freelance writing, because you won’t be writing for somebody else. As such, you’ll either sell your eBooks via Amazon, or through your own website. Either way, your ability to earn $100 per day will depend on how much you charge for your book, and how many copies you can sell. For example, at $10 per book, you’d need to sell 10 copies a day. At $1 per sale, this would require 100 copies. As such, it’s crucial to get your pricing right!

Pros and cons of writing eBooks


  • Do something that you are passionate about
  • No limit to what you can write about
  • Sell your books instantly through platforms like Amazon
  • eBooks can earn you passive income for a long time if they are popular
  • No upfront investment needed


  • It might take a while before you start making any income
  • If your book isn’t well received online, you might not make anything

11. Become a remote salesperson

There’s no getting away from the fact that talented salespeople are able to command huge wages in the real-world. Well, guess what? They can also do this in the online space. You’ll be calling potential customers from the comfort of your own home via VoIP software. While you might only be able to get a commission-based sales role, this won’t matter if you’re good at your job. In fact, this might work in your favor if you’re confident you can make ongoing sales.

Pros and cons of becoming a remote salesperson


  • Massive demand online
  • Choose which sector you want to work in
  • Huge earning potential if you’re a good salesperson
  • Make calls online via VoIP software


  • Lots of roles are commission-only

12. Work as a virtual assistance

A virtual assistance is somebody that assists clients remotely. It can involve anything from answering calls, to posting Instagram stories. While it is true that hourly rates can be low, by finding the right clients it is entirely possible to make $100 per day. Are you prepared to work 10 hours per day? If so, you only need to be commanding $10 per hour to reach your target.

Pros and cons being a virtual assistant


  • No upfront investment required
  • Lots of demand online
  • No qualifications needed
  • Flexible working hours
  • Typically work from anywhere as long as you have your laptop handy


  • You might need to work long hours if you want to reach your $100 daily target

13. Become an online coach

Are you a dedicated fitness expert, or maybe you have a qualification in therapy? Either way, why not utilize your skill by coaching others online? Online coaches can command a high hourly rate, meaning that you wouldn’t need to work may hours to reach your $100 daily target. In terms of the fundamentals, you can perform your online coaching via Skype with ease. You can market your coaching skills via platforms like OnlineCoachesDirectory.

Pros and cons coaching online


  • Make money on the skills and knowledge you have acquired
  • No qualifications needed, although this would help
  • Earn an excellent hourly rate
  • No need to work long hours
  • Coach easily through Skype
  • No investment needed to get started


  • Depending on your skill (for example fitness), it can be a highly competitive marketplace

14. Sell products online via Shopify

Shopify is an online platform that allows you to easily sell products and services online. You can link your Shopify store to multiple channels, such as a website, social media, or even YouTube. In terms of the products, you can either sell your own flagship product, or alternatively, sell other people’s products in return for a commission.

Pros and cons of launching a Shopify store


  • Offer products and services on a global scale at the click of a button
  • Not a lot of experience is needed as the process is simple
  • $100 a day profit target is well within reach
  • No limit to the number or type of products/services you decide to sell
  • Market your store in multiple places such as social media and websites


  • You need to find a product or service that is likely to sell

15. Buy and sell cryptocurrencies

Much like in the case of forex, you will need to have some experience in online trading to succeed at buying and selling cryptocurrencies. However, the marketplace offers a great avenue to scrape regular profits. The reason for this is that volatility levels are really high in the cryptocurrency space, meaning that there are always opportunities to profit off of market highs and lows. The market also operates 24/7, so you can set your own hours regardless of where you are based.

Pros and cons of buying and selling cryptocurrencies



  • 24/7 marketplace – no issues with time zones
  • Huge volatility – great for short-term trading opportunities
  • Significant liquidity levels
  • Option to both long and short coins – make money regardless of which way the markets are going


  • Super high risk – you could lose money
  • Need to have a significant amount of experience in trading

The bottom line

If you’ve read our guide from start to finish, then you now have a number of options to consider in order to realize your dream of earning $100 per day. As you will now know, online earning opportunities will vary depending on the skills you have, or the skills you are prepared to learn. In other words, some of the jobs we have listed require you to learn a new skill, while others can be done by virtually anyone.

The overarching message here is that if you really want to make $100 per day, you might need to put in a significant amount of effort to get where you want to be. Nevertheless, if this is what you really want to do, then you should be prepared to work extremely hard to get there.


How many hours a day do I need to work to earn $100?

This will of course depend on what you are doing. For example, if you are selling high-demand skills like blockchain development, then you might be able to earn $100 in a single hour. On the other hand, if you are a virtual assistant earning $10 per hour, then you’d need to work 10 hours per day!

What can I do to earn $100 if I have no qualifications?

If you don’t hold any skills and qualifications, there are still a number of jobs you can do to earn $100 per day. For example, YouTube channels can be built by anywhere, as can Shopify stores.

How can I learn a high-demand, low-supply skill?

Once you’ve found the skill that you want to learn, you will then need to spend a considerable amount of time researching it. The internet is jam-packed with free resources, although you might even consider taking an online course to speed things up.

How do I actually receive my salary when working remotely?

This will depend on the type of role you are performing. If you’re working through a freelance platform like Upwork, then you are either paid once the project is complete, or at the end of the week if on an hourly rate. If you are dealing directly with a client, then you can get paid by e-wallets like PayPal, or a bank transfer.

All trading carries risk. Views expressed are those of the writers only. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The opinions expressed in this Site do not constitute investment advice and independent financial advice should be sought where appropriate. This website is free for you to use but we may receive commission from the companies we feature on this site.
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