Bad Credit Payday Loans – How to Find a Lender for Poor Credit in 2021

Looking to source short term finance but have a poor credit score? See our selection of some of the best payday loan providers for people with bad credit in 2021.
Author: Edith Muthoni

Last Updated: January 26, 2021
Debt consolidation loans | Leanbonds
Debt consolidation loans | Leanbonds

It’s an emergency that nearly all of us endure at some point in our lives – needing finance but suffering from a poor credit profile. A bad credit payday loan could be an option to consider.

The question is, who do you turn to when traditional banks reject your application because of your poor credit history?

Thankfully, there are payday loan lenders who accept customers with bad credit. In fact, some don’t even require you to have a bank account and some few offer guaranteed approval.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to get a traditional or online payday loan with bad credit in as little as 15 minutes. We’ll showcase which sites are safe, and which ones have high rates or sneaky direct bank charges.

Note: It’s normal for bad credit payday loans to have shorter repayment periods, higher APRs, and higher roll-over or late payment fees. That’s the nature of this type of lender. Remember though, a successful repayment of such a loan can actually improve your credit score.

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    What is the process of applying for a bad credit payday loan?

    Step 1: Visit one of the loan providers listed below.

    Step 2: Apply for the loan by providing the lender with information such as your bank details, contact information, employment status and contact information for your references.

    Step 3: Agree to the terms of the loan and repayment period.

    Step 4: The lender gives you a soft credit check for the loan amount or deposits it into your account.

    Step 5: You repay the amount upon receiving your salary or ask for a rollover and pay the rollover fees.


    What are the pros and cons of payday loans for bad credit?


    • They help you sort your finances when no one else is willing to help
    • Have a relatively non-intrusive loan application process
    • Often a speedy and wholly online loan processing
    • No credit checks and may help improve your credit score
    • Doesn’t require security or collateral
    • Short term repayments won’t tie you to a lifetime commitment


    • Carry a higher APR than most other personal loans
    • Have a short grace period to repayment
    • The easy application process and fast processing of regular an online payday loans make it tempting to misuse the service, which should only be used for emergency situations

    How we ranked the best payday loans for bad credit:

    • Representative APR
    • Maximum loan amounts
    • Regulation and reputation
    • Loan processing speeds
    • Other fees and charges
    • If there is a credit check
    • Is there is guaranteed approval
    • Loan repayment period
    • Customer support

    Best payday loans lenders for bad credit:

    2. Check Into Cash – up to $1,000 at 1042% APR

    Check Into Cash is one of the oldest loan providers catering for bad credit. They have been an active industry player for over two decades. The lender also has one of the most diverse national footprints given that it is available in over 32 states. As payday loan laws and regulations vary from one state to another, the interest rates for the payday loan and the loan repayment period vary from one state to another. Nevertheless, the lowest amounts you can pay for borrowing $100 from the lender ranges from $13 to $25. The maximum credit limit stands at $1,000.

    To access their traditional and online payday loan services, you must be over 21 years and be able to provide the lender with valid personal contact information such as email, phone, and physical addresses. You also must maintain an active checking account and be a U.S citizen or permanent resident.

    Our Rating

    • Readily accessible in over 30 states
    • Doesn’t just consider your credit score when deciding whether to advance you credit
    • Relatively fast online loan processing and approval process
    • One may consider their 21 years minimum age and low maximum loan limit of $1,000 as quite uncompetitive

    3. Cash Net USA – up to $3,400 with variable APR

    CashNetUSA makes it to our list of the best payday loan service providers not just because they have the most attractive rates but because they maintain one of the most transparent loan structures.

    On the lender’s website is a list of all the 30 states in which they maintain an active presence. You will need to be in California to access their maximum payday loan of $3,400 with the lowest limit to borrow from any state starting from $255. Extensions to the payday deadline are available stretching to cover several months depending on the loan amounts and state laws.

    Loans are processed and approved within one business day but to qualify you will need to be a permanent U.S resident, above 18 years and have a regular source of income.

    Our Rating

    • A straightforward loan application process
    • Doesn't focus exclusively on your credit score in assessing eligibility
    • Friendly and extended loan repayment periods
    • The maximum loan limits in some states-like Minnesota- can be painfully low

    4. Earnin – up to $500 at 0% APR

    Earnin is probably the friendliest payday loan service provider you will come across. Unlike most other payday lenders that maintain physical loan storefronts and online loan application platforms, Earnin is an app-based online payday lender. It stands out from the rest of the industry given the fact that they don’t charge any interest on loans or any other processing fees. However, the maximum amounts you can borrow from the app-lender in one business day is fixed at partly $100 while the maximum you can borrow in any given payday period stands at $500.

    Our Rating

    • The only lender that doesn’t charge loan interest and processing fees
    • Speedy same day loan processing and approval
    • Less intrusive in loan application requirements
    • The limits of $100 per day to $500 per payday day period is low compared to other providers

    5. CashAdvance.com – up to $1,000 at 391% APR

    The minimum and maximum loan application amounts at Cashadvance.com stands at $100 and $1,000 respectively. You will have a maximum of 1 month to pay the unsecured loan that takes between 1 and 2 business days to process.

    To apply for the loan you must be an employed permanent U.S resident with an after-tax salary income of not less than $1,000. You also must be above 18 years, but you don’t have to worry about your poor or bad credit score. The lender takes into account more than just your loan history when it comes to determining your eligibility for a regular or online payday loan.

    Our Rating

    • You don’t need a stellar credit history or score to acquire a loan here
    • The broker presents your loan request to a large pool of lenders, which increases your chance of landing more attractive loan terms
    • Readily available in more than 30 states across the country
    • Limited and fixed deadline repayment period of 30 days or next payday

    6. Rise – up to $5,000 at 299% APR

    Rise operates in over 17 states across the country and is best known for its relatively low APRs and low loan costs. The minimum and maximum payday loans you can borrow start at $500 progressing up to $5,000. Rise also helps you rebuild or build your credit score by sharing your loan repayment progress with the different credit bureaus.

    Successful and timely loan repayments earn you better rates in the future. To access a loan through Rise you will need to be a permanent US resident above 18 years and with an active salary or checking account.

    Our Rating

    • Has some of the lowest interest and loan costs
    • Fast turnaround times in loan processing and approval
    • Helps you build and rebuild your credit score with different credit reference bureaus
    • The loan costs are relatively high compared to most other personal loans

    7. Check ‘n Go – up to $865 at 390% APR

    Check ‘n Go is renowned for its superior customer support provided in-store. Unlike most other payday lenders that have concentrated their operations online, check ‘n Go still believes in storefront loans and a personal touch. This explains why most of their loans are processed and approved offline. This creates a great environment for negotiation, and effectively the opportunity to explain your circumstances. Additionally, the learning process for customers in-store ensures that there is full understanding of the interest rates and repayment periods.

    Check n Go have some of the most attractive interest rates and loan repayment durations

    Our Rating

    • Provides the most personalized customer service
    • Relative attractive APRs and low associated loan costs
    • Limited reach as it is only available in only 23 states across the country

    8. Lend You – up to $5,000 at 1386% APR

    Lend You is best known for their relatively straightforward application process and loan processing speeds. It also maintains some of the highest upper loan limits that currently stand at $5,000. To qualify for this loan however, you will need to be an employed permanent U.S resident and not a serving member of the armed forces.

    You also must be 18 years with an active checking account and a minimum after-tax income of $1,000. The loan application can be made within a few days online and the funds deposited into your bank account within one business day.

    Our Rating

    • Relatively attractive maximum loan limits
    • Fast loan application and processing speeds
    • You don’t need a stellar credit score to apply for loans with Lend You
    • Potential customers my consider their loan interests and APRs on the high side

    How can you increase your chances of getting approved for payday loans with bad credit?

    I. Only apply to loans you meet the qualifying criteria for

    The surest way of maximizing the possibility of having your bad credit payday loan being approved is by applying to loans that you qualify for. After settling on one or a host of loan providers, proceed to check their eligibility criteria and ensure that you qualify. This involves checking factors like the minimum monthly salary and age requirements.

    II. Pay off current loans

    You will also want to first clear any other loans, payday or otherwise that you may have with the same or other credit providers. Applying to multiple loans when you already have a bad credit history speaks volumes about your financial planning and this may scare off potential lenders.

    III. Provide valid and updated information

    Most online payday loans for bad credit providers operate on a strict code of trust and transparency when it comes to customer verification. You might want to consider this when filling your registration details or turning in your loan application as simple discrepancies in what you provide and what is publicly available may see you disqualified.

    IV. Ensure you pass the identity verification and fraud checks

    The bad credit payday loans provider may have mentioned that they won’t conduct a credit check but this doesn’t mean that they don’t conduct a background search on you. They will first check with the publicly available for example on the voter’s register to confirm your identity. It is therefore imperative that you ensure that the details provided to the lender match publicly available records.

    V. Check the lenders minimum and maximum loan amounts

    Most payday lenders will always indicate the minimum and maximum loan amounts they can provide an individual with a bad credit score. Some will even specify the loan amounts available to first-time applicants.


    Factors to consider before applying for a payday loan with bad credit:

    • APR: The Annual Percentage Rate of a loan takes into account the interest and other associated charges on a loan. You are better going for the loan lender with the lowest/most affordable APR.
    • Possibility of an extended repayment period: Theoretically, the payday loan is supposed to help carry you until the next payday at which time it should be paid in full. Some bad credit payday lenders are however empathetic to your situation and allow extended repayment periods but this will be charged at a premium.
    • Credit score checking: If possible, go for the ‘No Credit Check’ loan providers. Repeated credit checks from other lenders looking at your FICO score will leave a digital footprint that other lenders may use to deny your loan, especially if it’s done over a short period.
    • Reporting to the credit referencing bureaus: You should also only go for a bad credit payday lender who helps you build or rebuild your credit score. Ensure that they explicitly promise to share your stellar loan repayment record with the referencing bureaus.

    Note, if you’re looking for UK bad credit payday loans, visit our site here.

    Can I get a bad credit payday loan with no bank account?

    While most payday lenders for bad credit require you to have a bank account, some online payday lenders have the ability to approve payday loans with no bank account. Payday lenders for bad credit usually require you to submit a bank statement and provide a bank account for their security, however, you can still apply for a secured credit card and get a cash advance loan. While cash advance loans are quick and easy, they are much more expensive than a regular payday loan.

    Another solution to when it comes to no bank account payday loans is to apply for a prepaid card loan, which is is a short-term loan that is automatically installed to you on a prepaid debit card and can be useful if you don’t have a bank account.

    Can I get a bad credit payday loan with no direct deposit?

    Fortunately, payday loans for bad credit with no direct deposit are not impossible. There are ways to get an online payday loan without having to have your funds directly deposited. The best option is to apply for a cash advance loan, which requires you to give the lender a check for the amount of money you want to borrow, without any direct deposit. Cash advance lenders will either hand you cash or will transfer the money into your prepaid debit card.

    Bear in mind that cash advance loans are quite risky and much more expensive than the cash advance loans you would take out on your credit card.

    Many payday lenders also provide a directly deposited loan into a customers’ employer’s bank account so another option is to ask your employer to enroll you in their direct deposit program.

    Summary of bad credit payday loan findings

    A bad credit score should no longer be a hindrance to loan access, especially in the case of time-sensitive cash emergencies. Bad credit payday loan lenders are out to make this a reality by advancing loan services to different individuals irrespective of their current credit rating. When assessing your eligibility for a traditional or online payday loan, these brands look into more than just your credit score and credit history. Some don’t pull your credit record but still help you build a credit history by reporting your loan repayment progress to the credit reference bureaus, effectively helping you gain access to better loan services and high street lenders in the future. Some of the upsides of these payday bad credit references are the fact they have some of the fastest loan application and processing services. This can be a double-edged sword in that without proper financial discipline, you will end up hooked onto these expensive loans, especially if you get into a habit of relying on them for non-emergencies.

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    Glossary of Loan Terms


    💸 What is a bad credit payday loan?

    This refers to a short term loan service advanced to individuals with a bad credit score based on salary income. In most cases, the amount advanced is only a percentage of the individual’s monthly salary and is supposed to be paid back on the next payday.

    💸 Must I settle the full loan amount during the next payday?

    In theory, YES. The bad credit payday loan should be paid back immediately when the next salary check clears. However, most payday loan lenders have embraced more flexible payment terms and offer extended loan repayment periods based on the amounts advanced.

    💸 How long does it take for the payday loan to be approved and deposited into my account?

    Different payday loans bad credit direct lenders have different approaches to loan processing. They, however, are faster than conventional banks and will almost always process all loan applications during the same day they were accepted and deposit cash into your account within minutes – average 15 minutes – of loan approval.

    💸 What are the maximum amounts I can borrow from a bad credit payday loan provider?

    The maximum amounts you can get for a bad credit payday loans vary from one institution to another. Some have a solid limit to what they can advance a first-time applicant while others don’t. The bottom line to either is that if you are looking for higher loans, you must prove your ability to repay in the form of solid salary income and no other debt obligations.

    💸 Will my bad credit payday lender run a credit score check?

    Check through the fine print of the bad credit lenders loan terms to see if they explicitly commit to not pulling out your credit score report. Note that this is different from the statement ‘we don’t just consider your credit score in determining your eligibility for a loan’ as most will still conduct a soft credit score check.

    💸 Can timely bad credit payday loan repayment help improve my credit score?

    Yes. Note that even though most bad credit payday loan service providers don't lay too much emphasis on your credit score when determining eligibility, most will help you rebuild your bad score or build a new one by sharing your loan and repayment information with the three credit rating bureaus.

    💸 What are the most common causes of bad credit?

    A bad credit score is primarily as a result of two primary factors. The result of past financial mistakes like delayed loan repayments or failure to repay altogether. The second reason could be down to a lack of debt history. You are considered to have a bad credit score history if you have never borrowed loans and banks aren’t sure about your borrowing history. It is why the term ‘building’ a credit score is used frequently in this context.

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      • Hello Mason, the right to award or deny a loan applicant’s request is at the disposition of the loan creditor. There is a high possibility that you did not meet the threshold of the specific lender. Please try with the other lenders on the list.
      • Hi Damina, you are most likely to be listed for having bad credit if you have any missed payments on previous debts, supplied late payments on credit cards, have a bad report from financial associates, or in a situation where a spouse with whom you have a joint mortgage is listed as having bad credit.
      • Zoey, the main aim of payday loans is to solve cash emergencies, so many payday loans process the applications in minutes meaning you should be able to get the money on the same day.
      • Hi Addison, in the unfortunate event that you are unable to meet your payment deadlines, you should inform your payday loan lender and seek to reschedule the payment plan with a viable extension. On many occasions, this results in an additional cost.
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