Why You Are Overweighted in Bonds

The fundamental concept behind fixed income investing, especially for retirement investors, is that you are trying to preserve capital while generating enough interest and dividends […]
Master Limited Partnership

Master Limited Partnerships

A Master limited partnership (MLP) is a publicly traded entity that combines the tax benefits of a limited partnership with the liquidity of a publicly traded company. MLPs are listed on the major U.S. stock exchanges, but because they are partnerships, MLPs do not have to pay corporate taxes at the state or federal level. […]
Investment risk diversification

Portfolio Diversification

Diversification tries to smooth out unsystematic risk events in a portfolio, and moderate the short-term effects of individual investments, so that the positive performance of some assets will neutralize the negative performance of others. […]

Utility Bonds

A utility bond is a type of municipal bond that is issued to finance the construction of public utility projects, such as water systems, sewer systems, electrical plants and various public projects. […]
interest rate swap

Interest Rate Swap – Definition and Example

An interest rate swap is a financial derivative instrument in which two parties agree to exchange interest rate cash flows, based on a specified notional amount, over an agreed period of time. […]
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