Are You Missing Out On Municipal Bond Market Value?


A lot of people I have talked with recently are suggesting that if an investor is looking for more (after tax) yield these days that it might be a good idea to look at the bonds issued by state and local governments. States, cities, counties … [Read more...]

Accrued Market Discount – What You Need to Know


In last week’s article, “10 Intermediate-Term Bonds Yielding Over 4%,” I presented 10 corporate bonds with yields-to-worst and current yields of at least 4%, maturities of less than 10 years, and credit ratings no lower than Ba3/BB-. Moreover, nine … [Read more...]

What Tax Rate Is Applicable to Your Investment Decision?


There is disagreement as to which income tax rate should be applied when deciding whether to purchase, for instance, a municipal bond or a corporate bond. Some people say that you should use the tax rate for your last dollar of taxable income―the … [Read more...]

Fed Funds Rates vs. Bond Mutual Funds


The sky is falling! Well at least it appears to be in the bond markets. I guess we cannot refer to this as a “Great Rotation” being that stocks have been getting hit pretty hard with the Fed’s recent decision to announce that an end of their stimulus … [Read more...]

HYD: Here’s How To Calculate Your True Taxable-Equivalent Yield


In Monday’s article, “HYD: A Rare Opportunity In This Municipal Bond ETF,” I noted the significant discount to its net asset value at which HYD was trading, and I outlined several key features of the fund. On Monday morning, the discount to NAV … [Read more...]