Peter Schiff on The Crash Still to Come, Foreign Bonds, and How to Fix the US Government

peter schiff

I recently had a great conversation with Peter Schiff, author of Crash Proof a famous book which predicted the 2008 financial crisis.  We discussed his new book The Real Crash, how investors can protect themselves with foreign bonds, and how the … [Read more...]

Investing in Mortgage Backed Securities: An Interview with BlackRock’s Akiva Dickstein

akiva blackrock

(July 2012) Akiva Dickstein is a Managing Director and Head of Mortgage Portfolios at BlackRock. BlackRock has two mutual funds focused on mortgage backed securities (MBS). One is specifically focused on government backed, Ginnie Mae securities … [Read more...]

BlackRock’s Leland Hart Talks Floating Rate Loans

leland heart featured

Since 2009, Leland Hart has been a co-manager of BlackRock’s Floating Rate Income Fund (BFRAX). For the last 3 years, the fund has has an annual return of 9.36% and is rated four out of five stars by Morningstar.  I recently had the pleasure of … [Read more...]