AMC Networks: “Breaking Bad” Bonds

Breaking Bad

In December 2012 AMC Networks (AMCX) (which spun off from Cablevision Systems (CVC)) issued $600M in new corporate junk bonds due in 2022. The bonds have a 4.75% coupon and are continuously callable beginnning December 2017. Currently the bonds … [Read more...]

Do SandRidge Energy bonds yield 6% or 8%?

sandridge energy bonds

One my favorite bond analysts, Rom Badilla of, recently recommended the high yield bonds of Sandridge Energy, a large producer of oil and natural gas. However, a person not very familiar with technical terms of the bond market might … [Read more...]

The Myth That Mom and Pop Are Driving Down Junk Bond Yields

junk bond market 1

I am sure the numbers being reported regarding individual investors rushing into high yield bond funds are true. However, I am not sure the correct facts are being circulated. The main narrative that has been reported everywhere from Barrons to the … [Read more...]