Kicking the Bond Fund Habit


The decision to start buying individual bonds and move away from bond funds may be a difficult strategic move for many investors. While there may be familiarity with individual fixed income products, an initial purchase may prove a somewhat … [Read more...]

Bond Buying Criteria


So you want to buy a corporate bond? There are many factors to consider as you decide on exactly which bond(s) you are going to reach for. Buying individual bonds carries a lot more risk than most people may realize, because if something unexpected … [Read more...]

Who Has the Cheapest Bond ETFs?

cheapest bond etfs

Vanguard has been synonymous with low cost investing. The company offers 12 different passively managed bond ETFs, with fees that range between 0.10% and 0.12% per year. Recently, Charles Schwab has been trying to take business away from Vanguard … [Read more...]