Utility Bonds


A utility bond is a type of municipal bond that is issued to finance the construction of public utility projects, such as water systems, sewer systems, electrical plants and various public projects. The issuer of a utility bond receives a cash … [Read more...]

CEFs: Spelling Discount Opportunity For Bond Investors


Though ETFs have become a bond investor portfolio staple over the past decade, few tend to be familiar with a similar, yet decidedly more complicated vehicle known as the closed-end fund, or CEF for short. While closed-end funds, like ETFs, provide … [Read more...]

Fed Funds Rates vs. Bond Mutual Funds


The sky is falling! Well at least it appears to be in the bond markets. I guess we cannot refer to this as a “Great Rotation” being that stocks have been getting hit pretty hard with the Fed’s recent decision to announce that an end of their stimulus … [Read more...]

12 Bonds With Attractive Yields and Maturities


Last week, I wrote two articles for LearnBonds.com. One discussed the fact that high-yield bond spreads were finally starting to widen at the same time that benchmark Treasury yields were also widening. The other, “One Way to Find Value in Today’s … [Read more...]