Savings Bond Wizard

Looking for an easy way to keep track of the value of your savings bonds? If you only have a couple savings bonds, just use our Savings Bonds Calculator. The Treasury Department has created a free Savings Bond Wizard that can be downloaded onto … [Read more...]

Highest Jumbo CD Rates

What is a Jumbo CD? A Jumbo CD (Certificate of Deposit) requires a minimum deposit of $100,000. In all other respects, a jumbo CD is no different than any other CD. How do Jumbo CD Rates compare to CDs with lower minimum deposits? Jumbo CDs have … [Read more...]

Bond Market Hours

  There are two answers to this question: 1) Are you trading interest rates futures through the CME? Electronic trading through the CME for interest rate futures  is open 23 hours per day, Sunday night thru Friday evening. "Bond … [Read more...]

Bond Market Holidays

Bond Market Holidays are not necessarily fixed. The market is very decentralized with no central trading venue (like NYSE or NASDAQ) which decides when the market is closed. One group of bond market traders can be on holiday, while another might be … [Read more...]

Bonds For Dummies


This is not a book review for Bonds For Dummies. The good news is that you will not need to spend $26.99 to buy “Bond Investing For Dummies”. This website covers almost everything that is mentioned in that book, plus much more! What is the most … [Read more...]