US Savings Bonds Calculator

 Calculate The Value Of Your US Savings Bonds – Paper Savings Bonds Only

Why doesn’t this calculator only work for paper savings bonds?  Scroll to the bottom to find out!

To use this US Savings Bonds Calculator, you will need the following information: What type of bond do you own? (EE, E or I series) What is the face value of the bond? (what is denomination printed on the bond $25, $50, $100, etc . ..)   What month and year was the US Savings bond issued? The application is very particular about how the date is inputted.  For example, if the bond was issued in August 2003, you must use the following format  “08/2003″. While the saving bonds calculator has a field for the bond’s serial number, you do not need to provid this information to calculate the value of the savings bond.


Why shouldn’t you use this savings bonds calculator for electronic bonds?

1) On the paper savings bonds, specifically EE series bonds, the face value of a bond is not the amount of money originally invested in the bond but, the value of the bond at maturity. For example a  EE series bond, with a $100 face value,  represents a $50 investment. For electronic bonds, the face value is not the value at maturity but the amount originally invested.  Basically, the US Savings Bond Calculator will give the wrong value (too low) for electronic bonds.

2) If you have an electronic bonds, you should be checking the value of your bonds at

More Information:

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