Investing in Municipal Bonds Book Review and Investing Checklist

bookThe primary reason why we started Learn Bonds, was because there was so little information out there for the individual bond investor.  Nowhere was this more true than the municipal bond market.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some good books out there on the municipal bond market, but they are written with the municipal bond market professional in mind, and not the individual investor.
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This is the reason why I was so pleased when I first heard about Dr. Philip Fischer’s new book entitled Investing in Municipal Bonds.  My hope was that the book would be geared towards the individual investor, and I was not disappointed.  Chapter by chapter Dr. Fischer walks us through all of the concepts and steps one needs to go through in order to make an informed decision about investing in municipal bonds, and which specific bonds to invest in.

In as simple and easy to understand manner as possible, Dr. Fischer shows us how to read an official statement, and then gives examples of all the different types of bonds that a municipal bond investor is likely to be exposed.  He also gives us a nice overview of the structure of the market so we understand how the market works, and how that may affect things like trade execution.  An overview of the yield curve, and how a bond portfolio should be structured, is also included, and rounds out the most comprehensive book on investing in municipal bonds that I have seen.

To tie everything together, Dr. Fischer gives us the checklist from FINRA which we can use when buying municipal bonds.  If you would like to learn more about municipal bonds so that you  know how to check off each item on the checklist, I highly recommend buying Investing in Municipal Bonds by Dr. Philip Fischer.  

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