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Best TV and Broadband Deals in the UK

If you're still looking for a TV and broadband provider in the UK, make sure to check out first our comprehensive guide below before you choose one.
Haydn Squibb
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Last Updated: March 30, 2020
TV and broadband deals
TV and broadband deals

Are you looking for the best TV and broadband deals in the United Kingdom?

There is a wide range of TV and broadband providers across the UK so choosing the best deal can be a challenging task. Aside from the price, many people also take into consideration if the provider can give them speedy and reliable internet connections as well as an extensive range of quality TV programs.

In this article, we list the best TV and broadband deal providers you can check out. An in-depth analysis of their services can also be found below.

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    Quick Summary of the Best TV and Broadband Deals in the UK

    Service provider Monthly price Minimum number of channels Average speed
    BT £38.99 – £84.97 52 50 mpbs
    EE £35 – £48 116 36 mbps
    Sky £37- £68 300 59 mpbs
    TalkTalk £29.95 – £74.95 80 38 mbps
    Virgin Media £33 – £79 12 54 mbps

    Factors to Consider When Choosing A Broadband and TV Deal in the UK

    • Price

    Price is one of the features to look out for when choosing the best broadband and TV package.

    There are various factors that can affect its price such as the broadband speed and number of available TV channels. It is often cheaper to get both the broadband and TV as a bundle from the same company.

    • Faster connection

    The more the number of users on your connection, the slower the speed for everyone. Therefore, if you have a big family or share the house with other occupants, you should consider a package that is fast enough to accommodate everyone. For instance, you can choose an unlimited broadband and TV package.

    Nowadays, the unlimited package is the popular deal being offered by most providers. It means that you can use as much internet as you want without worrying about being cut off or charged extra fees. However, if you are a solo/light user, you can go for a low-cost package with a fixed usage limit.

    • Availability

    Even though most providers are available nearly anywhere across the UK, you don’t want to choose a company that does not offer services where you live.

    In fact, some companies offer different services in different regions. It’s highly recommended that you check out some comparison sites that can help you know the companies that provide services where you live.

    • Channel selection

    This is another vital factor to consider when choosing the best TV and broadband provider. There are a lot of similarities in the channels offered by different providers. However, some providers offer unique features that are not offered by others.

    For instance, Sky is the only provider that offers all sports channels in HD, while BT offers free sports channels to customers who take a broadband package. It is just a matter of the channels you watch most.

    • Contract length

    It is very important to consider the length of the contract. While most contracts last between 12 and 24 months, some providers are coming up with a ‘No contract’ basis.

    If you are considering moving soon, look out for the transfer clause. It can be frustrating and costly to get into a contract that is difficult to get out.

    • Extra charges

    The broadband and the TV package cost may not be the only charges you end up paying. So, it is important to ask the provider to verify whether there are other additional costs involved. You need to know the exact amount you need to pay monthly before getting into the contract.

    • Customer service

    Customer support is crucial when it comes to broadband and TV services. The best provider should be able to offer you immediate support when needed.

    Top 5 TV and Broadband Deals in the UK

    In terms of broadband speed, Sky’s Broadband Essential and Broadband Superfast packages are commendable. Below are the details of the two main broadband packages you can choose from.

    a. Sky Broadband Essential

    The Broadband Essential package is the more affordable package that offers you ADSL speeds that averages 11 mbps. This is an excellent option for small households of one or two people with light browsing. If you want more intensive internet usage like streaming or gaming, you may need to upgrade to the Superfast package.

    b. Sky Broadband Superfast

    The Superfast package gives an average of 59 mbps, which is sufficient speed for rigorous usage such as downloading. It comes with roughly 7 mbps, which is pretty fast for most households.

    After choosing the internet plan, the next step is to choose the TV set up you need. The biggest selling point is the number of choices offered. Whether you are interested in sports coverage or to watch films, there is a vast number of combinations. The good news is that all the TV packages come with over 300 channels. Also, the TV packages give you access to a few minor sports. Here are some of the popular TV add-ons available on Sky.

    • Ultimate on-demand – This is one of the most affordable Sky add-ons that features TV series.
    • Sky Sports – It gives you access to all sports channels on Sky, all of which come in high definition. Some of the popular games available include football, formula 1, NBA, rugby, etc.
    • Sky Cinema – This offers you access to over 1,000 movies that are updated almost every day.

    Below are the three main BT packages.

    • Starter – This package offers you a compact YouView box, which lets you pause and rewind TV even though you cannot record. You’ll also get 80 Freeview TV and radio channels and a selection of other channels such as ITV, Channel 4 and 5 and catch-up TV from BBC. If you need more channels, you can always add them as bolt-ons.
    • Entertainment – The package offers everything available on the Starter package plus a superior YouView+. It will enable you to not only pause and rewind live shows but also record up to 300 hours. In addition, you will get over 25 premium channels such as Comedy Central, Syfy and Discovery.
    • Max – On this package, you will get YouView+ Ultra HD box plus 50 extra premium channels. In addition, it offers a bonus of free BT Sport Ultra HD to enable you to get all the sporting events in high definition.

    For only £3.50 a month, you can add BT Sports on the Starter and Entertainment packages. Take note that you will need an internet connection to access catch-up TV, on-demand box sets and extra channels.

    Below is a table of the various TalkTalk packages.

    Package Features Cost
    Fast broadband + TV + Entertainment Boost · 80+ Freeview channels, 30 extra entertainment channels, 11Mb average speed, 141 TV channels, 18 month contract £29.95 (£35.95 p/m after 12 months)
    Fast Broadband + TV Plus + Entertainment Boost · 80+ Freeview channels, 30 extra entertainment channel, Pause/rewind live TV, record up to 180 hours, 11Mb average speed, £50 set-up cost £29.95 (£35.95 p/m after 12 months)
    Faster Fibre + TV + Entertainment Boost · 80+ Freeview channels, 30 extra entertainment channels, Pause and rewind live TV, 38Mb average speed, 141 TV channels, £25.95 set-up cost £32.95 (£38.95 p/m after 12 months)
    Faster Fibre + TV Plus + Entertainment · 80+ Freeview channels, 30 extra entertainment channels, Pause and rewind live TV, Record up to 180 hours, 38Mb average speed, 141 TV channels, £50 set-up cost £32.95 (£38.95 p/m after 12 months)
    Fast broadband + TV + Sky Cinema Boost + Entertainment · 80+ Freeview channels, Over 1200 on-demand movies, 11Mb average speed, 127 TV channels, 18 month contract £47.95 (£53.95 p/m after 12 months)
    Superfast Fibre + TV + Sky Cinema Boost · 80+ Freeview channels, Over 12000 on demand movies on 11 Sky Movies channels, 67Mb average speed, 127 TV  channels, £25.00 set-up cost £47.95 per month
    Fast Broadband + TV + Sky Sports & Cinema Boost · 80+ Freeview channels, Over 1200 on-demand movies, 11Mb average speed, 135 TV channels, £25 set-up cost


    £68.95 per month


    Superfast Fibre + TV + Sky Sports & Cinema Boost · 80+ Freeview channels, 8 Sky Sports channels, Over 1200 on-demand movies, 67Mb average speed, 135 TV channels, £25 set-up cost £74.95 per month
    Faster Fibre + TV + Sky Sports & Cinema · 80+ Freeview channels, 8 sky sports channels, Over 1200 on-demand movies, 38Mb average speed, 135 TV channels, £25 set-up cost £71.95 per month


    Virgin TV is considered to be the best non-satellite TV service in the UK. In the last few years, the company has made significant strides to improve its TV subscription package. However, to get the best deal from Virgin Media, you should take both the TV and broadband services as a bundle. Below are its three primary bundles:

    • Big Bundle – This is the basic bundle that adds 70+ TV channels, Sky On-demand and a brand new Virgin TV V6 box.
    • Bigger Bundle – If you can pay £50 a month, you can get the bigger bundle that features fibre-optic broadband and over 230 TV channels. This bundle is an excellent option if you are a sports fan because it comes with extra channels that include BT Sport 1, 2 and 3.
    • Ultimate Oomph Bundle – This is one of the best broadband and TV packages in the market. It features premium channels such as Sky Sport and Sky Cinema. In addition, you will get a second Virgin TV V6 box. It offers 2TB storage, which is enough to record 12 channels. On top of that, if the broadband goes down, Virgin Media promises to provide unlimited 4G mobile data for seven days. This is equivalent to around 1,000 hours of TV, making it perfect for large families.

    One of the most notable features of the Virgin’s broadband and TV bundle is the 14-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can sign up and cancel from the service within 14 days without getting penalized.

    Can I get a TV and Broadband deal without a phone line?

    Yes, it is possible to get a TV and broadband bundle with no phone line. However, it will mainly depend on the type of broadband you choose. For instance, ADSL broadband is widely available in almost all homes in the UK.

    To access the internet, you will need a landline since ADSL broadband is delivered via the telephone line even if you don’t need to make calls. If this is the only option available at your property, you will have to keep paying for the service charges and the line rental to continue getting the broadband service.

    Why should I get a broadband and TV deal together?

    Nowadays, most broadband and TV service providers are offering both services as a package. There are various benefits of getting a combination of these services from one provider. First, you can save money when both services are combined. Second, combining the two services makes it easier to deal with a sole provider, a single contract and one bill.


    To get the best TV and broadband deal, you should look at what the different providers available in your region have to offer. It is good to consider the features of the bundles and the monthly rate for each. Other critical factors to take into account include customer service, download speed, installation fee and download limit.

    Be sure to check out first the top 5 TV and broadband deal providers we’ve discussed above since one of them will most likely be able to offer you what you need.


    What is the best broadband package?

    The best broadband package will depend on where you live, the amount of data you need and the speed. For instance, you may need high-speed broadband or unlimited data if you are downloading movies or playing games online. However, if you are a light internet user, you can choose a lower-speed connection.

    What should I look out for in a TV package?

    Choose a TV package with a wide selection of channels so that you can have different options to select from.

    What channels can I get with a TV and broadband deal?

    Some TV channels are only available with particular providers. Most sports channels fight for exclusive coverage. For example, BT Sport has the rights to air the UEFA Champions League, some Premier League games and Premiership rugby. Sky Sports cover golf, football, boxing and cricket.

    How do broadband and TV contracts work?

    In most cases, TV and broadband bundles last between 12 and 18 months. Before you sign a contract, make sure you have read it carefully and thoroughly to make sure you get the best deal. In particular, look out for the cancellation fee, in case you need to opt-out of the contract earlier than expected.

    Is it easy to change my TV and broadband provider?

    Yes, it is straightforward to switch providers. All you will need to do is arrange the cancellation of the previous contract and the beginning date of the new contract.

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