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Pure Cremation Funeral Plan Review 2020 – Everything You Need To Know

Pure Cremation is one of the largest direct cremation funeral planning companies. It takes a simple event into an elaborate and thoughtful event.
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Last Updated: April 20, 2020

No one likes to talk about death, but when your time comes you’re likely to leave family and friends hurting. As your loved one come to terms with your departure, they have to bear the unexpected funeral costs and the stresses that come with it. Luckily, you can lighten their load by paying for the funeral costs before the time comes.

Pure Cremation is one of the best funeral planning companies in the UK. It has vast experience and pushes the boundaries of funeral planning to provide its customers with befitting send-offs. It offers direct cremation services to thousands of clients in the UK.

Despite their excellence in simple care, you should do you due diligence. In this Pure Cremation review, we shall dig deep into what the company offers, cremation cost, what you need, and how their services compare to other companies in the same space.

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    Avalon - Best UK Funeral Plan

    Our Rating

    Avalon Funeral Plans
    • Cremation options available with and without funeral service
    • Coverage starts after one year of payments
    • No restrictions on date and time of service
    Avalon Funeral Plans

    What is Pure Cremation?

    If you fancy a simple cremation-only funeral for yourself or even your loved one, then Pure Cremation is the company for the job. It was started in 2016 and is based in Newbury, Berkshire. Unlike many funeral planning companies in the UK, they decided to niche down and provide funeral plans around direct cremation. These funerals are simple, personal and save loved ones on costs.

    Because of the simplicity of such funerals, novice funeral providers have swooped in ready to make a quick buck. For most of them, funeral planning is simply a logistic operation, but with Pure Cremation, it’s all about setting a new standard in the niche industry. As a result, they have invested millions in equipment, systems, exemplary staff and a one-of-a-kind crematorium.

    For instance, they have;

    • Trained and experienced staff that understand their importance in the process.
    • A fleet of specialised and branded vehicles which are always presentable. They are tracked for efficiency and safety.
    • New-age tech data systems that they use to track the different stages of their planning. Their experience starts with the first phone call and the delivery of ashes.
    • A support team that is sensitive to your grieving and that attends to your needs with keenness not to miss important details.
    • One of a kind client care spaces complete with refrigeration and special lifting tools for dignified and safe transfers.
    • A well-built crematorium that enables the staff to offer unique, exemplary and timely care; they have a database of crematoriums they work with throughout Wales and England.
    • A well-designed website with downloadable resources to help you through the process.

    Pure Cremation Funeral Plan...

    Note: Pure Cremation have invested £6.5m in building a crematorium with supporting services like client care facilities and offices. The environment is serene and designed to invoke calm and privacy in those who walk through the gates.

    What is Direct Cremation?

    It is a funeral option that includes minimal services only. The body is cremated without any mourners present and then a personal farewell is held separately at a later date. This memorial service is often personalised and planned without the pressures of cost and time.

    Over the years, the popularity of direct cremation has been increasing and understandably so as in comparison to traditional burials, it’s a lot cheaper, as shown below.

    Type of funeral Average cost
    Direct cremation £1,700
    A direct cremation with a funeral director £3,250
    Regular burial with a funeral director £4,321
    Note: The above are average funeral costs in the UK according to the Royal London National Funeral Cost Index Report in 2019.

    Though direct cremation is a straight forward process, Pure Cremation goes out of its way to provide a comprehensive service. It includes;

    • Taking your beloved into their care from anywhere and at any time,
    • Facilitating and helping with the signing of the required paperwork,
    • The cremation is at Pure Cremations own Charlton Park Crematorium without mourners,
    • After, the ashes of your loved one are delivered to the address you specify. Alternatively, they could scatter the ashes in the Garden of Remembrance and Charlton Park Crematorium at your request.

     Benefits of Direct Cremation

    Even though the low cost is the main benefit, other benefits that should be on your radar include;

    • No Embalming Needed – Since this type of funeral is not public as family and friends don’t view a body, there’s no need for elaborate body preparations.
    • Purchase of Coffin – As there’s no body, you won’t need a traditional coffin. If you are keen on saving the ashes of your loved one, a lovely urn will do. Pure Cremation offers biodegradable urns for the ashes and pine eco-coffins to reduce the carbon footprint.
    • Flexible Memorial Service Planning – This planning process releases you from the time constraints that come with traditional funeral events as you can hold the service whenever you want.

    Pure Cremation Funeral Plans

    Pure Cremation Funeral Plan...Planning for your funeral will give you and your loved one’s peace of mind. Also, choosing a funeral plan today helps you lock in the current prices. You get to choose one depending on your need and prevailing situation.

    A quick Pure Cremation review reveals that the company has two general funeral plans;

    An At Need Service

    Ideal for individuals who’d like to arrange a quick funeral for a loved one who has just passed on. This package is a simple cremation and doesn’t include a service. It comes with a one-off cost of £1,195 and includes the collection of the body from any coroner’s mortuary or hospital in England and Wales. The cremation cost also includes a pine eco-coffin, doctor’s fees and cremation fees if they apply and scattering the ashes.

    A Prepaid Plan

    This plan has two subcategories;

    Trust-Based Plan

    With this plan, you have two options; to pay a one-off £1,595 or spread the cost over 60 months and pay £31.90 a month. It is ideal for individuals over 18 years. But is the money safe? Yes, the money that you pay is put in an independently managed, and secure trust. When you pass on, the trust needs proof of death, an invoice and signatures from two trustees before they release funds for the services promised. It’s worth noting that the trust was set up in 2016 and complies with the regulations set by the Financial Services & Markets Act 2000.

    Over 50s Insurance Plan

    From its name, you can understand this is plan is for those over 50 years. The premiums start from £6.25 for anyone 50+ years, but they are dependent on the plan owners age. For instance at;

    • 60 – £9.74 per month
    • 70 – £17.07 per month
    • 75 – £19.13 per month

    With the prepaid plans, you will receive;

    After 14 days of buying any of the plans, you will receive a special package with the following contents;

    • A thank you letter for choosing your plan,
    • A summary of the plan detailing everything you’re covered for,
    • A record of wishes including your contacts for you and next of kin and any special requests you’ve made,
    • A certificate of your plan complete with your unique plan number, and
    • A ‘My Funeral Wishes’ card to be carried your wallet or purse so that contact is made in the event of your death.

    Extra Costs

    There are also extra costs to consider when taking out a plan;

    Since not everyone passes on while in hospital, there’s the option of a pick up from a nursing home or home or a care centre. You can call customer support at any time for a brief run-down of what happens. In such situations, you’ll need to provide additional information including whether they are upstairs or downstairs and if they weigh more than 15 stones. If they are heavier, the company will send extra staff for a more dignified experience and since there are additional legal requirements the team has to meet, the company charges an extra £250.

    The return of your loved one’s ashes is covered in this plan. However, it has a 21-day timeline after cremation. If you’d like the ashes delivered sooner for a service you have, you’ll incur an extra cost of £150. You can specify the time and day of delivery, including weekends.  But unfortunately, the service isn’t available across borders.

    Though there is generally no service, there is an option of spending 20 minutes in the crematorium saying a private goodbye as you listen to a playlist of your choice. This privilege comes with restrictions to ensure the costs remain low. Only 12 attendees are allowed, and you can have it at Charlton Park Crematorium at any time that’s convenient for you. If you wish to host your service and cremation at any one of the company’s chosen venues, this will be done at 9 am. This is an additional cost of £200.

    There’s an extra XXL coffin cost for individuals that weigh more than 17 stone. You see, Pure Cremation offers a simple and unique pine-eco design coffin for all their clients, but anyone heavier than 17 stones will require a larger coffin. Individuals taller than 6’6″ and heavier than 22 stone will require special order coffins. Generally, this service costs £300.

    Pros and Cons of Pure Cremation Funeral Plans


    • The plans cover picking up of one's body and delivery of ashes,
    • It has an elaborate network of crematoriums across England, Wales and Scotland,
    • All plans cover doctor's fees,
    • It has a trust for the premiums you pay,
    • Qualified and trained staff to guide you through the process, and
    • Even when price changes with time, the premiums don't increase during your plan.


    • The cremation happens in specific crematoriums affiliated with the company, and
    • The cremation cost increases with special requests funeral requests.

    How does Pure Cremation Funeral Plans Compare to Others?

    At the top of the list of things that make this company unique is its focus on direct cremation. Pure Cremation turns what can be an ordeal, into an experience that relieves the burden off your loved ones. Unlike most companies, they don't just offer funeral planning logistics, but also offer peace of mind and unique experience from the first call made to the delivery of ashes.

    Pure Cremation have invested in their services and has well thought out inclusive plans. To top it all off, it as a trust that ensures your premiums are safe until they are needed.


    From reading this Pure Cremation Review, one thing should be clear; the company takes its niche service seriously. The plans are suited to all cremation needs offering a direct cremation through to a small service.

    They have a fleet of liveried vehicles and a team of professionals that offer the service throughout Wales and England. Overall, the service is one of a kind and considers your family during their greviance period.

    Avalon - Best UK Funeral Plan

    Our Rating

    Avalon Funeral Plans
    • Cremation options available with and without funeral service
    • Coverage starts after one year of payments
    • No restrictions on date and time of service
    Avalon Funeral Plans


    Is there an age limit for the Over 50s Insurance Plan?

    Yes, there is. The plan is for persons aged between 50 and 75. No medical questions are asked. However, the premiums vary depending on your specific age.

    What happens when I change my mind about the plan?

    If within 30 days you change your mind about the purchase, you get a full refund of your payments. After the 30 days, there are no refunds.

    When does the guarantee kick in?

    For the Over 50s plan, you will pay premiums until you turn 90 years or until death. The guarantee kicks in after you pay premiums for 24 months. If you die before completing 24 premium payments, then the company will match what you've paid. If the money still doesn't cover the costs, your representative (your loved ones), will have to foot the difference.

    Will the family pay more when the time comes?

    If they stick to what each plan covers, they will not. However, if circumstances are without the scope of the plan, they will have to foot the bill.

    How safe is my money?

    Pure Cremation has a Trust Fund that is secure and operated independently of the company. When the money is needed comes from the Trust fund. Moreover, the company holds a license from the Funeral Planning Authority.

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