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Amazon Promo & Discount Codes 2020

Shop more, save more with Amazon Promo and Discount Code
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Last Updated: April 6, 2020

Do you buy items from Amazon? Well, the giant online retailer offers a range of products, including electronics, video streaming, and home automation services. Most of the retailers on this platform run promotions to boost sales. Amazon offers them coupon features called promo codes that you, as a buyer, can exploit to save on every online purchase you make on the platform.

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    Current Amazon Promo Codes:

    With Amazon Promo and Discount codes, you can shop and avail exciting offers from a wide range of home products. With retailers stocking products across the world, you are guaranteed to enjoy fantastic offers, discounts, and deals.

    Some examples of promocodes you can take advantage of include:

    • Half off the 4K firestick – 4KFIRETV
    • 50% off selected items – HJKR3XZ6
    • 50% off a heated vest (ideal for the winter) – AHZGZG86
    • 57% off a hair straightener flat iron – XQMYPV9Q

    What are Amazon promotional or discount codes?

    Amazon Promo & Discount...A promo or discount code is an alpha-numeric code that you’ll need to enter into a designated coupon box before submitting payment when buying an item at Amazon. They carry a reward, which may be a:

    1. Discount that reduces the price of the item you intend to purchase.
    2. Bonus item
    3. free delivery

    You can get either a percent cut or a set amount off the price, depending on how the seller has set up the coupon.

    To get these promo codes, you need to research for them frequently. You also need to learn to navigate Amazon.com, and once you identify them, use the codes to claim your discounts instantly, without the need to print or cut anything.

    How Coupon Promo and Discount Codes Work

    A running discount coupon code appears as a button directly below the list price. It appears as a green button for the prime shoppers and a white button, with green lettering, for the non-Prime shoppers.

    So, let’s say an item goes for $18.97 item discounted by one dollar, which means you’re paying $17.97 instead.

    Alternatively, you get the percent off offers, where the sell cut a percentage off the price as a discount.

    How to use promotional codes?

    Amazon Promo & Discount...For starters, you will need an account to make a purchase. You can sign up via the “Your Account” tab found at the top of the page. Once you have your account, browse through the available products to find the specific items you want to buy.

    Just like a supermarket, you have a basket in which you add every item you want to buy. To add the product, use the yellow button on the right-hand side of your screen.

    When done, click the ‘Basket’ button in the top-right corner of the screen and navigate to your basket. Afterward, proceed to checkout.

    Amazon will prompt you to specify where you want the items delivered, which also the billing address. You can choose an existing one or enter a new address. Proceed to the next page to decide your delivery option.

    The next step is the most important. You’ve arranged the delivery, now enter your preferred payment method. It is also here where you’ll find the promo code section. Under the box under “Gift Cards & Promotional Codes,” navigate to “Apply” and activate the Amazon Promo and Discount codes.

    You can then click “Continue,” which will summarise your final order. Ensure you’re your discount reflects on the order page before you pay. If it doesn’t show, then probably you may not have met the requirements for the promotion.

    You can then checkout.

    What is the best promo code option, dollar-off, or percentage-off?

    Well, most people like the dollar off coupon, and it is not rocket science. Percentage off involves a little mathematics to know the exact amount you’ll be saving.

    Take, for example, a retailer selling an item for $33.95, with 5% off, and another at $33.95, with $2 off.

    You, as the buyer, would have to calculate the amount you’d have to pay. You would have to figure out what’s 5% of $33.95 before you get what you should pay as the final price. Though the calculation is simple, most of us want straight things, after all, you are there to buy not to do some mathematics.

    For the second case, it is simple. All you’ve to do is subtract the discount from the original amount.

    $33.95 – $2 = $31.95

    The bottom line, though, you shouldn’t be scared to do the little calculations. Sometimes the best offer is hidden in the percentage. Always choose the promo code that gives the best value, not the one that is easy to calculate.

    The Best Amazon Coupon to Check Out in 2020

    Shopping Bonanza

    Amazon Prime Day

    Amazon has several shopping Bonanzas, including Amazon Prime Day, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday. Prime Day is relatively new, but it is slowly taking over from Black Friday, Introduced on 15 July 2015, Amazon Prime Shoppers get an opportunity to get firecracker deals in July. Some of the benefits that come with being a prime shopper include:

    • Unlimited one-day delivery for over 100 million items.
    • Unlimited instant streaming of music, movies and TV series
    • Unlimited reading on any device
    • Access to regular Amazon discount codes

    Amazon Prime Shoppers pay a subscription fee of $12.99 per month. You can enjoy a 30-day free trial Amazon Prime. Students receive a six-month trial with Free Two-Day Shipping on over 50 million items.

    Mother’s Day

    With Mother’s Day on 22 March, you can put a smile on your mum’s face with Amazon Promo coupons.

    Easter gifts

    Just like Christmas, Easter brings with it a shopping bonanza recognized by most retailers. At Amazon, there are fantastic discount coupons that you can exploit to find exciting gifts or home decorations for Easter.

    Amazon Fresh & Pantry

    If you are looking for fresh groceries, Amazon Fresh is your best bet. The retail giant partners with your favourite brands and local farmers to deliver fresh food and groceries delivered at the comfort of your home whenever you need them. You can also benefit from promo codes and spend less for more.

    How to Find Amazon Promo Coupons?

    Amazon lists all its available coupons on one page. On that page, you’ll find discount codes for various products or a group of items. It is easy to navigate through as you browse by category to filter the results. You can as well filter by most popular, discount percentage, or expiry dates.

    If you are looking for a high-value coupon, sorting your list by discount percentage is the most efficient. But these discounts are dynamic and change all the time, so it is difficult to list the best promo discounts.

    Pros and Cons of Using Amazon promo coupons


    • The offer instant value and savings.
    • Easy to find and use


    • They encourage impromptu buying
    • You can easily overspend
    As much as there are many genuine Amazon Promo and Discount Codes, the internet is also awash with fake ones. Some sites use such hoax to increase traffic to their sites merely for better search engine rankings.


    Amazon promo and discount codes are a form of advertisement by retailers at Amazon. These coupons will help you as the consumer to buy goods at a lower price than the price the retail asks. However, you must submit the code to the retailer for you to redeem and reflect its value on your purchase.

    One outstanding thing about discount codes is that they instantly offer you values. They are also easy to find, but which is also their greatest undoing. The underlying principle of providing discount coupons is to drive sales on the side of the seller. They can easily influence you to make unnecessary purchases. And remember they say, if you start buying things you don’t need, you’ll soon start selling things you need.

    Nonetheless, if you use the promo discounts well, you are bound to save a lot and benefit in the long run. Give it a try today and save more in your next online shopping at Amazon.


    What's the best way to get the lowest price on Amazon?

    Promo codes offer you the best way to get the lowest price. Remember, Amazon is a platform where different retailers sell their goods. One item can have different price offers, and while you might assume Amazon will show you the one with the lowest price, factors such as sales tax, seller rating, and prime status all have a role to play. It is best if you research it yourself.

    Why would a code fail to work?

    There are a few reasons, and one of them is expiry. Make sure your promo code has not expired. Also, you may have entered the code incorrectly, since it is case sensitive. And some discounts are region-specific. Before you claim them, be sure your location qualifies for the discount.

    Are Amazon Prime members entitled to free shipping?

    Rarely. Not all items qualify for free shipping under the prime membership. Unless the item has a blue Prime logo next to its name, shipping fees apply. Also, some products qualify for free next-day delivery. In most cases, Amazon Prime membership fulfilled items qualify for free two-day shipping.

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