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The world has seen a major change in 2020, as numerous different events that took place throughout the year had a strong impact on everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic was, of course, the biggest and worst game-changer of the year, and it is likely to continue changing everyone’s way of life for quite a while longer. 

While many might not expect it, coronavirus also had a major impact on the world of investments. Back in February and march, every investor out there decided to sell their investments and withdraw their money, or invest it into gold and cryptocurrency in order to preserve its value. 

Some specific stocks, and even trust funds managed to stay afloat, or only drop by a little bit, but the majority of the market saw a massive crash. 

Things are better these days, as the pandemic and the way of life during it became a bit more familiar to people. But even so, when it comes to investing, it is still extremely important to carefully choose what to go for. For example, trust funds are considered the safest, but even here, only a handful are actually good performers. Some that should be considered include: 

1) Aristo 

Aristo Finance Fund, or Aristo, is a quantum trust fund whose activities are very closely tied to trading in the global financial markets. The fund has been around for 16 years, and it spent half of that time applying quantitive investment methods, becoming extremely proficient in doing so. 

The fund’s main goal is to help its clients secure exceptional returns. It does this through the use of precise mathematical and statistical methods which allow it to get a realistic view of the market, and seek out the best opportunities, based on the clients’ desires. 

Its team consists of highly-qualified specialists in the areas of programming, development, analysis, and more. These experts work together to create individual investment portfolios for each client, and manage them individually, as well. That means that the team is not following the same model for every client. Instead, everyone is treated individually, and the team manages their portfolios in a way best suited to achieve the clients’ goals. 

2) Scottish Mortgage 

The Scottish Mortgage trust was launched in 1909, and these days, it is the flagship investment trust of Baillie Gifford. While it has nothing to do with mortgages these days, it kept the name under which it was originally founded. 

The fund is also Global, rather than Scottish, and it managed to keep its place in the top spot, despite the pandemic that damaged investing. This fund kept this position for years now, and the fact that it did not slip too much, even during the most challenging days of 2020, proves its stability and quality. 

3) Smithson 

Smithson is another popular choice in 2020, and it is actually quite new. It was launched in 2018 by Terry Smith’s fund management company. While it did lose a few places due to the impact of the pandemic, it is still a very popular choice, as it continues to sit on the top 10 list. 

This is something that has been a constant for the fund, as it remained among the top 10 for almost every month, ever since its launch. It managed to secure excellent performance throughout the year, which is quite an achievement in its own right. 

This is another fund that has a rather capable team behind it, which is another reason why investors find it interesting. 

4) Monks Investment Trust 

Next up, there is Monks Investment Trust, which is more interested in securing long-term capital growth than income alone. This trust aims to ensure long-term growth through patient approach to investments, active management of global equity portfolios containing different growth stocks, and more. 

The fund actively seeks out companies with above-average earnings growth, which the fund’s team expects to hold for an average duration of five years. Of course, the portfolio includes stocks that differ when it comes to the range of growth profiles, and the fund typically has more than 100 stocks from all over the world at any given time. 

5) Lindsell Train Investment Trust 

Lastly, there is the Lindsell Train Investment Trust, which aims to invest in a wide range of financial assets. These can be anything, from bonds, funds, unquoted equities, and even cash, among other financial instruments. 

There are no limitations on the markets and sectors in which investments can be made. However, there might be a bias towards Sterling assets.  


With that, we would end our list of some of the most desirable funds out there. Of course, investors are completely free to do their own research and go for any fund they find desirable. However, according to current performance information, these funds are among the top choices these days, so they may be worth considering. 

Alan Draper Lewis

Alan Draper Lewis

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