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The peer-to-peer lending space has grown rapidly over the past couple of years. In effect, it’s a win-win situation for both the lender and the borrower. Why? Well, on the one hand, those looking to borrow funds are able to do so in a burden-free environment, away from the status quo of high street banks and financial institutions. On the other hand, those looking to invest their money in return for higher-than-average gains can do so with ease.

With that being said, with the peer-to-peer marketplace now somewhat over crowded, attempting to assess which platforms are worth joining can be a complex task. Nevertheless, we’ve compiled the very top 50 P2P lending blogs to follow in 2019. In no particular order, we’ve presented a brief summary of what each blogger does, so that you can further explore what they have to offer.

1. Get Rich Together

Swedish blogger John of Get Rich Together aims to provide transparent reviews of online P2P platforms by not only opening accounts himself, but by investing his own money along the way. In doing so, he provides his readers with a comprehensive breakdown of how each platform works, and perhaps most importantly, whether an investment is worthwhile.

2. Financial Eskimo

Describing himself as the “Wealth Creating Eskimo”, the blogger behind the Financial Eskimo lives in the remote forests of Greenland. This hasn’t stopped the blogger publishing some really handy P2P Lending and real estate crowdfunding platform reviews.

3. Financially Free

Owned and operated by online blogger Jorgen Wolf, Financially Free is a really useful source if you’re looking for impartial advice on whether or not to join a new P2P platform.The blogger invests his own money into P2P websites before publishing his review, which is super useful in assessing what sort of returns you can make, and whether or not the platform is safe.

4. Jean Galea

Jean Galea is regarded as a legend in the online investment space. Much like in the case of Financially Free, Jean Galea never pubishes a P2P platform review without first injecting his own capital. However, what sets Jean Galea apart is that he invests significant amounts. For example, his comprehensive review on Mintos was based on a personal €150,000 investment with his own money!

5. Factor Nerd

Factor Nerd is an online blog platform that specializes in everything crowdfunding related. Whether its real estate crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, or good-old P2P lending, Factor Nerd has you covered. The author behind the online blog describes himself as a “34-year-old average guy living in the beautiful town of Cluj Napoca.” However, his P2P lending blogs are anything but “average”, as the author puts his money where his mouth is before publishing a review.

Top PP Lending Blogs...

6. Alternative Investments

As the name suggests, Alternative Investments is an online blog dedicated to all-things alternative investing. Not only does the blogger provide detailed explanations of the different types of alternative investments available in the online space, but he also publishes highly comprehensive platform reviews. When it comes to P2P lending platforms, Alternative Investments publishes both the pros and cons of the platform in question, subsequently allowing you to make an informed decision.

7. Explore P2P

Unlike many of the other online bloggers we have discussed thus far, Explore P2P is focused exclusively on P2P lending platforms. As such, if you’re looking for a go-to hub for all-things P2P, Explore P2P should be at the top of your list. As a side bonus, Explore P2P also offers a useful comparison section, which allows you to compare the main P2P lending sites with ease.

8. Millenial Money Talk

As it says on the tin, Millennial Money Talk is an online personal finance blog that caters for the ever-growing Millennial demographic. However, with lead blogger Maria publishing super useful guides on the main P2P lending sites, the content is beneficial for investors of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Most important, Maria personally invests her own money into online P2P platforms before publishing a review, which is great.

9. The Wealthy Finn

As you’ve probably guessed, the Wealthy Finn is an online blog owned and operated by a successful investor from Finland. What we really like about The Wealthy Finn is that he takes a super cautious approach to P2P lending platforms. As such, he seeks to unravel each and every aspect to the platform before publishing his independent viewpoints.

10. P2P Income

For those of you with a strong passion for P2P lending platforms, then Peter at P2P Income is the go-to guy. The independent blogger runs a small financial services company in Greece, and writes for the P2P Income platform in his spare time. Peter has a long-term investing goal that will allow him to retire comfortably at the age of 50, so be sure to keep an eye on his progress!

Top PP Lending Blogs...

11. The Penny Baron

The Penny Baron is a relatively new online P2P blog, however, the information available on the website offers great value nonetheless. The personal blogger has a specific focus on P2P lending sites, subsequently investing his own money along the way. The Penny Baron claims to have made 37.7% returns in three years of investing with online P2P sites, so be sure to check out his results.

12. The Wahman

Personal blogger Matt of the Wahman is a self-proclaimed full-time consultant , family man, and beach lover. In his spare time, Matt records his online investment endeavours with a clear breakdown of his results. With a strong focus on alternative investing, the Wahman is a great source for independent P2P lending platform reviews.

13. Value Nomad

The author behind the Value Nomad is a digital nomad that publishes in-depth reviews of online investing platforms, including that of P2P lending sites. On top of this, the Value Nomad also provides detailed financially-related product reviews, as well as a comparison tool to compare the best investing platforms in the online space.

14. P2P Millionaire

Run by best friends Sterling and Scrappy, the two authors behind online blog P2P Millionaire have a collective net worth of €3.4 million. Almost half of this net worth is currently invested in a P2P lending portfolio, so it’s well worth checking out the P2P Millionaire blog in an attempt to extract the platform’s ‘Secret Sauce’.

15. Investment Journey

For those of you that are looking to invest with P2P lending platforms with the long-term goal of achieving financial indepenance, we would suggest taking the time to explore the Investment Journey blog. The author is a digital nomad that publishes his P2P investment results while travelling the world.

Top PP Lending Blogs...

16. Ample Invest

Much like in the case of the Investment Journey, Ample Invest is a personal blog dedicated to financial freedom. On top of other investment classes such as real estate crowdfunding, the Ample Invest blog provides in-depth opinion pieces on the major P2P lending sites.

17. Not Your Average Investor

Not Your Average Investor is an online blog dedicated to both P2P lending and crowdfunding investments. The blogger does a really good job in breaking down his investment results, which includes some useful graphs and charts. If you’re just starting out in the P2P Investment space, then Not Your Average Investor explains his investment journey in a super friendly way

18. The Poor Investor

Don’t let the name fool you, as the author behind the Poor Investor certainly knows a thing or two about the alternative investment space. The author claims to be on a long-term journey to create passive income flows via P2P lending platforms.

19. P2P Blog

If you’re based in the UK and looking for UK-specific content, then it is well worth checking out the P2P Blog. As the name suggests, the entire platform is dedicated purely to P2P lending sites. This not only includes comprehensive reviews on the platforms themselves, but the P2P Blog author also offers in-depth analysis on his financial results.

20. P2P Banking

If you’ve already got a reasonable amount of knowledge in the P2P lending space, then we would suggest following the P2P Banking blog. In fact, the platform offers one of the most extensive lists of P2P reviews, opinion pieces and analysis that we have come across. Moreover, not only does the P2P Banking blog cater towards investors Worldwide, but we really like the ongoing P2P lending news updates that the platform publishes.

Top PP Lending Blogs...

21. P2P Invest Club

The P2P Invest Club is an online blog that aims to bring fellow P2P investors together. Through a number of regular P2P articles and reviews ,the platform hopes to create a platform for investoes to discuss and shares ideas.

22. P2P Financial News

As the name suggests, P2P Financial News is the go-to platform for important developments in the P2P industry. The blog is ultra-useful if you’re looking to obtain an impartial outlook on the wider industry before investing your own money.

23. Marco Schwartz

Marco Schwartz is a bit of an all-rounder in the online blogging space. The author offers a number of useful courses for those that are looking to achieve long-term financial independence, as well as a regular podcast. In terms of P2P lending, Marco Schwartz offers both reviews and analysis pieces on a significant number of online platforms, so be sure to extract Marco’s extensive knowledge of the industry!

24. My Crowdlending

The My Crowdlending platform is run by independent blogger Carlos – a Telecommunications Engineer based in Barcelona. The blogger has a personal goal of earning €1,000 in passive income per month, with most of this deriving from online P2P platforms. Check out the blog if you want to evaluate how the author has achieved these goals.

25. Money Brewer

If you’re after a comprehensive breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of online P2P lending websites, then the Money Brewer is the place to go. The freelance blogger provides a valuable hub that allows you to compare the merits of each P2P website, with a full explanation of the platform’s pros and cons.

Top PP Lending Blogs...

26. The Money Mow

The Money Mow is run by independent Danish blogger Carl. The overarching concept of the blog is to illustrate Carl’s journey towards financial independence. This includes a range of smart investments that allows Carl to earn passive income. Much of this centres on P2P lending websites, so be sure to check out his material.

27. Radical FIRE 

The blogger behind the Radical FIRE website is a 35 year old consultant from the Netherlands that has a passion for investment-related writing. The blogger explains that FIRE stands for ‘Financial Independent Retire Early’, which is pretty cool. On top of in-depth P2P reviews, you’ll find a breakdown of all of the blogger’s investment results.

28. One Million Journey 

One Million Journey is a really useful investment blog run by Spanish writer Tony. As the name suggests, Tony is on a super ambitious journey towards a one million Euro portfolio. Much of this portfolio centres on the high returns that P2P investing platforms can provide. On top of exploring Tony’s ongoing financial results, the One Million Journey also hosts a number of P2P lending platform reviews. 

29. The Coin Market  

The Coin Magnet is an online finance blog run by Miguel Llamazares. The platform is great for newbie investors, not least because Miguel provides step-by-step instructions on how you can get started in the P2P investment space.

30. Crowdlending Rocks 

Much like in the case of the Coin Market, the Crowdlending Rocks website is a really valuable online blog for P2P newbies. In fact, the author provides simple ‘101 guides’ on how to open accounts and invest with a number of leading P2P lending platforms.

Top PP Lending Blogs...

31. Talk Crowdlending

Talk Crowdlending is an independent blog run by keen investor Lasse. The platform aims to provide a social-feel to online P2P Investing, subsequently encouraging investors of all sizes to share their knowledge and experience of the industry.

32. Expat Fire 

The self proclaimed expat blogger behind Expat Fire covers everything from personal finance, budgeting, investments, and of course – P2P lending platforms. The bloggers hosts a number of comprehensive reviews of P2P platforms, subsequently expanding on his own personal investment results.

33. Wise Investments 

Run by independent blogger Shameed Chris Khan, Wise Investments is a Candian based online blog that aims to guide newbies through the weird and wonderful world of investment. Much of Khan’s focus in on P2P related investments, which in our opinion, are really well written.

34. Merchant Maverick

Although the Merchant Maverick is more of a finance-related comparison website, the platform offers a significant number of impartial P2P lending reviews. Each review breaks down the fine points in great detail, subsequently allowing you to make an informed decision as to whether or not the platform is right for you.

35. Good Financial Cents

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense personal finance blog with a strong focus on P2P lending, then look no further than the Good Financial Cents. The platform covers both reviews and in-depth guides, making it perfect for all experience levels. 

Top PP Lending Blogs...

36. Obvious Investor

The Obvious Investor is an online blog dedicated to the P2P lending space. This covers long-form guides, reviews, and cash back offers. 

37. Orca Money 

Launched as recently as 2017, the Orca Money website is an online blog that breaks the P2P investment industry down to the ‘t’. In fact, the platform is best suited for those that have virtually no experience of P2P lending, as its material is mainly aimed at newbies. 

38. Choose Wisely 

Choose Wisely is a comprehensive online personal finance blog that covers P2P lending, as well as bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and energy prices. If you’re the type of person that prefers a short and sweet overview of P2P lenders, as opposed to going through a long-form guide, then Choose Wisely is the online blog for you.

39. Yield Talk 

Yield Talk is an online blog that aims to provide readers with a ‘Layman’ explanation of all-things investing. This includes an investor education section, as well as a comparison between the best P2P lending sites. As an added bonus, the Yield Talk website posts regular news developments of the P2P lending space.

40. P2P Reviews

As you’ve probably guessed, the P2P Reviews website is focused exclusively on P2P lending platform reviews. Each review takes a somewhat unique approach, insofar that they are mainly based on key questions that all investors should ask before joining a new P2P platform.

Top PP Lending Blogs...

41. The Simple Dollar

The Simple Dollar is a US-based online blog that covers a number of personal finance products, including that of P2P lending. The P2P material on the website is mainly focused on in-depth reviews that allows readers to make an informed decision on the platform’s credentials.

42. SuperMoney

Similarly to the Simple Dollar, the SuperMoney website is an online blog that covers a plethora of personal finance products and services. The number of in-depth P2P lending platform reviews available at SuperMoney is highly comprehensive, so be sure to check the website out before joining a new P2P site.

43. LendGenius

LendGenius is effectively an online comparison site that covers loans and credit cards. However, it is well worth exploring the platform’s blog section, as it contains some hugely valuable resources on P2P related material. This covers both P2P platform reviews, as well as 101 explainers. 

44. Passive Cash Streams

Passive Cash Streams is an online blog dedicated to earning passive income from home. Much of this is based on investing in P2P lending platforms, so if passive income is your long-term goal, we would suggest taking a look at what the Passive Cash Streams website offers. 

45. Strong Money Australia

As the name suggests, the Strong Money Australia website is a personal finance blog targeted towards Australians. On top of offering a number of P2P investing guides, the Strong Money Australia blog has a strong member following, subsequently making it a great option if you’re looking to network with fellow P2P investors.

46. Lending Memo 

The author behind the Lending Memo describes their website as a ‘Premium P2P Lending’ blog. These claims are fully supported by the citations the blog has received from the likes of Marketwatch and CNBC, so it’s well worth checking Lending Memo out if you’re looking for credible information on all-things P2P lending.

47. Passive Income M.D.

Passive Income M.D. is yet another blog to make our list that is focused on achieving financial independence through passive income. We really like the long-term experiments that the author publishes on his P2P lending investment endeavours. This allows you to get a birds-eye view of how much money you stand to make (or lose) over a number of years.

48. Smart Finance USA

If you’re based in the US and looking for an all-round beginners guide to P2P investing, the Smart Finance USA blog is the go-to place. The platform hosts news, analysis, reviews, guides, and even a podcast.

49. P2P Lending At Its Best 

The P2P Lending At Its Best blog is run by keen personal finance writer Tobias. In his spare time, Tobias likes to write in-depth P2P lending platform reviews – all of which are based on his own experiences. As such, the author behind P2P Lending At Its Best only posts reviews once he has invested his own money, and had a chance to assess the long-term viability of the platform in question. 

50. Liquid P2P

And last – but certainly not least, is the Liquid P2P blog . The online blog platform is dedicated exclusively to those that have previously, or are thinking about, investing money with leading US P2P platform LendingClub. The Liquid P2P blog publishes frequent news updates on the LendingClub platform, subsequently allowing investors to discuss and share viewpoints with ease.

And that’s the end of our top 50 P2P lending blogs to follow in 2019 and beyond! Do you have a leading P2P blog that you follow that didn’t quite make the cut? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!

Kane Pepi

Kane Pepi

Kane holds academic qualifications in the finance and financial investigation fields. With a passion for all-things finance, he currently writes for a number of online publications.