Xbox One X Sales Will Cave To One S — Microsoft (MSFT)

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is as excited as its fans to get the Xbox One X out. However, the gaming community should not expect the new device to become the most popular Xbox. The Xbox One S will hold onto that title. According to team leader Phil Spencer, the reason behind this is a no-brainer.

While the incoming product is faster and more powerful, it plays all the games an Xbox One S does. Beyond that, not everyone is after a powerful console. Oh, and the One S goes for about half the price. All of this should render the existing generation console as the company’s best seller.

About three weeks stand between the Xbox division under Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) and the release of the One X. The console will be an enhanced variant of the original Xbox One. It officially rolls out on November 7th and will set buyers back $499 in the U.S.

There is very little doubt that the new gaming machine will sell in loads. In fact, the company claims that pre-orders numbers for the incoming console beat those of any Xbox ever sold.


Phil Spencer holds the head role at Xbox. This week, he made a rather surprising revelation. This was done while speaking to Gamespot in Brazil. Spencer reiterated that he has very little doubt about the Xbox One X being a hit. However, the average gamer will still prefer the slightly older variant. The Xbox boss is certain that the Xbox One S will stay as the company’s best-selling console.

The week saw the leader of the Xbox team at the Brazil Game Show. While he was there, he found the chance to share his thoughts about the new console with select news outlets.

Spencer assured the Xbox community that the One S is not going to fade into the background anytime soon.

“Xbox One S will be the market leader for us,” he explained. The boss went on to state that it plays every game playable on the incoming machine, and that it is more affordable than the incoming product too. He assured reporters that “it will be the console that sells.”

Spencer is more than confident in the new machine. According to him, there is no reason for anyone to hate the Xbox One X. Despite that, Spencer did however reiterate that his division is just laying out an option for gamers who seek the “the very best experience” from their machines.

Having said that, he also said that “it’s not for everybody.” The boss at Xbox is among many who recognize the gaming community as a varied crowd.

Spencer highlighted that there are people who casually interact with video games and those who obsess over gaming. Indeed, there are some who live for the experience and are always on the prowl for even better and more powerful machines. This is especially true with the adoption of 4K monitors in the gaming community. In recognition of this latter subset of gamers, Xbox would like to please as much of that crowd as it can.

“I’ve played games in true 4K with HDR, and they look fantastic,” he said. “But it doesn’t mean everybody has to do that”.

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) claims Xbox One X won’t sell that much

Buyers will not require a 4K TV to see the visual enhancements of the new Xbox. The new console is there to give the Xbox community a choice, but the overwhelming majority will still opt forthe One S. The company understands that the newer console simply will not be as attractive or necessary to some gamers as it is to others.

While is not quite as intense as the incoming console, the Xbox One S remains a more than capable and affordable purchase. Spencer is confident that it will stay as the company’s best-selling games console for foreseeable future.

Another concern among Xbox fans is that Microsoft could have pushed the innovation a tad too far with the One X. The effect would render many gamers out of the circle, so to speak, and that new machine will gain more attention from the company. Spencer put an end to those fears this week. He said that the Xbox One X is still very much a priority.

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Xbox One S will be the market leader for us.” Spencer explained to reporters. “It’s the more affordable console. It plays all the same games.

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