Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Model X Is Close: Here’s All You Need to Know

Tesla Motors Inc Model-X

Tesla Motors Inc will hit the Model X release date soon, and the firm’s future relies on the launch going well. As we get closer to the moment of release, the Model X specs have become clearer. More and more photos and Wall street reports on the car have been published, and it seems that the Model X release date will hit some time in the next six weeks.

Tesla Motors Inc Model-X

Here’s a look at what to expect from the Model X specs, and when we can expect the Model X release date to hit.

Tesla Motors delays the Model X release date

Tesla Motors  has been clear. The Model X will arrive for the first time before the end of the September quarter. The online design studio for the SUV has not yet opened up, however, and that means that it’s not likely the car will arrive in any kind of mass numbers in the next two months.

Elon Musk, in his letter to shareholders about the June quarter, made it clear that the third quarter Model X release date wasn’t going to be a hard deadline. The first run of SUVs will be something close to a test run. Engineers will pore over them looking for flaws and trying to figure out how to fix them in order to boost the rate at which the Fremont factory will build the Model X.

Elon Musk, in the same letter, said that he doesn’t expect the Model X to be build in mass numbers until late in the fourth quarter. That means that, at most, three weeks of December will be reserved for something like full scale Model X production.

The true Model X release date for those that have booked and SUV will be when they get to pick the colors and specs they want and finally have it brought to their door.

It seems that the Model X design studio will be open before the end of August, but deliveries to the more than 20,000 people who have put down a deposit for the car won’t begin until the end of the year and follow through the start of 2016.

For those that put $5,000 down on a Model X today, it’s likely to be the second half of 2016 before they get their hands on the car. Elon Musk says that his firm will make 1,600-1,800 cars per week during 2016. About half of those are going to be the Model X.

What we know about the Model X

The Model X is going to be about 10 percent heavier than the Model S. That means that it’s going to get about 10 percent less range, all else remaining equal. With that in mind, and assuming the Model X comes in the same power pack sizes as the Model S, we have a good idea about how far you’ll be be able to drive in the SUV.

The lowest priced Model X will be able to travel more than 200 miles, while the highest level option, which will come with a 90kWh power pack, will likely be able to move more than 250 miles on a single full charge.

The Model X will have all wheel drive as standard, and will be powered by two electric motors. The car will likely offer a performance model, that will allow the buyer to travel at Ludicrous Speed, as an option once it’s up for release. That means going from 0-60 in 3.2 or 3.3 seconds.

Tesla Motors Inc Model X towing

The Model X will be the first Tesla Motors car that will come with a tow bar option. It won’t be just for looks either. Jim Chen, Tesla’s VP of Regulator Affairs says that the car will be able to tow close to 10,000 pounds. You can see, from the image above, that the SUV will be able to move a fairly heavy load, much more than  most people will ever need from the car.

Elon Musk says that the size and towing ability of the Model X won’t slow it down by all that much. He reckons the normal Model X will be able to get form 0-60mph in about 4.4 seconds. The standard Model S can do the same in about 4.2 seconds.

The Model X will seat seven, but not like the minivan did. Tesla Motors says that the car will fit seven full-grown adults, and their luggage, with comfort. That’s a bold claim for a car with such a low profile, and it will be interesting to see how it works out once the car arrives on the road.

We’re not sure about the color palette that Tesla Motors will offer for the Model X or what the interior will look like. As with many other parts of the Model X we’re still in the shadows when it comes to the specs.

Tesla Motors Model X specs stay dark

We know a certain amount about the Model X specs and features, but, as is often the case when it comes to Tesla Motors, what we don’t know is much more appealing. Two things remain the most talked about, the falcon wing doors and the second row of seats.

Elon Musk has promised that both features will be great, but he won’t tell us why he thinks people will love them. When we first see the Model X, which Tesla Motors  will present on the first day of delivery, Mr. Musk says we’ll see a few new things that have been hidden from us so far.

The “sculptural” second row of seats, which nobody appears to have a solid idea of except for Musk himself, are going to be one of the major secrets, but the Model X may have other things going for it that Wall Street, and fans of the firm, have only dreamed of at this point.

For now, however, we’re still counting down the days until Elon Musk reveals that he has sent the first Model X to its first buyer and lets us see what the real specs of the world’s greatest EV SUV are. Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley is so excited that earlier today he boosted his price target on the firm to $465. That would almost double the value of the firm to around $60B.

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