Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Leaks Autopilot to Unlucky Model S Owner

Tesla Motors Inc NASDAQ:TSLA

Tesla Motors Inc  leaked update 7.0, the software that allows its cars to drive themselves in a limited way, to one unlucky Model S owner. The  Norwegian driver that saw the option appear on the screen of his Model S didn’t even have the hardware to make use of it, and he wasn’t able to put what Tesla gave him to much use.

Tesla Motors autopilot-7.0

The version of the software that was offered to the driver was the 7.0 beta. Specific Tesla Motors Model S drivers have been offered a place in the beta program for the Autopilot software. They are likely under strict NDAs, meaning they can’t post images of what they find. The above picture shows off a little of what the software will look like.

Not every Model S can drive itself

The update 7.0 leak offers us very little in the way of new information because the drive simply couldn’t use it. That’s a problem that a lot of early Tesla Motors  Model S are going to have going forward.

Only those that shelled out for the Autopilot hardware will be able to make any use of the software, and even those that have paid for the package will soon be left out in the cold.

Elon Musk reckons that he can make cars drive themselves wholly in a few short years, but it’s clear that the hardware inside the current Model S units, from the cheapest to the most expensive, will become obsolete very quickly as the software improves to that level.

The features that Elon Musk has promised will launch this year have already garnered a lot of healthy skepticism. many forum users have said that the hardware inside the Model S right now isn’t good enough to deal with the real world. It has also been pointed out that Tesla Motors has a spotty software record that will likely be reflected in the firm’s Autopilot update.

Here’s what Tesla Motors promises with Autopilot

We’re not sure exactly what form update 7.0 will arrive in, but we know what Elon Musk promised to Model S owners earlier on this year. The Tesla Motors CEO said directly that the self-driving software would have self-parking and lane-keeping features. He also said that the car would be able to rive itself completely on private property.

Other features will include Automatic lane change, though there has been some debate about what shape that will take in the final release of Update 7.0 from Tesla Motors. Elon Musk said in a recent Tweet that the Model S was having trouble keeping inside lanes when the lines on the road were faded.

That’s what Mr. Musk called the final “corner case” heading into the beta of the software. It’s not clear if Tesla Motors managed to solve that problem before the beta or if they’re hoping that more real world testing will help them to figure out why the Model S won’t drive itself the way they think it should.

That meant limited function like being able to call the Model S from the garage and get it to drive itself to the front door. In recent statements on the feature Mr. Musk has only mentioned lane-keeping and parking as goals. It’s not clear if that means home self-driving is off the table or if he just forgot to mention it.

Tesla Motors delays Autopilot yet again

Tesla Motors  boss Elon Musk said earlier this year that the Model S Autopilot update would come this Summer. With just hours left in August, it’s clear that isn’t going to happen. You can argue about the way that Mr. Musk defines Summer, but kids are back at school and Model S owners can’t take their hands off the wheel on the way there.

With the beta for update 7.0 only starting around August 15, there’s likely a lot of testing left to do before Tesla motors will allow the normal Model S driver to take a cruise aided by the advanced features it is trying to put together.

In recent weeks it emerged that one of the top people working on the Model S Autopilot software abandoned Tesla Motors in order to take a job at Apple Inc. . That may have slowed the progress of the project.

Without another update from Elon Musk, clarifying what he means by “almost ready” there’s no telling how long it will take before update 7.0 arrives. For now those with the Autopilot hardware on board will be hoping that Tesla motors makes another mistake and gifts them access to the beta so that they might give it a whirl.

Tesla Motors needs to make Autopilot work

Autopilot is going to be key to the future of Tesla Motors . The coming software update is the first step on a road that could make the firm a global car giant, at least according to Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley.

In a landmark report published on Monday August 17 Mr. Jonas said that he thought self-driving cars could be the future for Elon Musk’s firm. He reckoned that there was a $1 trillion mobility market out there, and that Tesla Motors could be one of the first to grab hold of it.

He put a $465 price target on Tesla Motors as a result of the firm’s feats in self-driving tech. In order to get there, Tesla is going to have to put out a compelling update 7.0 first. If the software gains a bad name from bugs, or lack of usage cases it’s not going to go very far.

Update 7.0 is the future of Tesla Motors, and it’s one of the most important things that the firm is doing right now. If the only problem with the update is that it’s slow, fans will forgive the firm. If the problems on release are worse than that, it may cause huge trouble for Elon Musk, and result in a different path for his firm’s future.

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