Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Issues Teeny-Tiny Model S Recall

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Tesla Motors Inc  is a very young car maker, and the firm’s future is far from safe. Elon Musk has yet to deal with the big risks that those who build cars have to face every day. The specter of a product recall, as was seen earlier this year with the massive Takata airbag issue, could kill the firm before it’s begun to really grow. It seems that the firm’s tech wizards have found a way around that.

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Reddit user critters reported on Wednesday that he received an email from Tesla Motors telling them to get their car back to the factory so that their power system might be upgraded. The Model S driver made no complaint about his car, and it seems that Tesla found out something was wrong using its own car-tracking systems.

Tesla Motors issues a tiny recall

The urge to bring the Model S in for inspection and part replacement was received through email. Here’s the full text:

This vehicle is identified as qualifying for a switch and power supply update free of charge. Tesla is committed to constantly improving our vehicles to enhance customer driving experience. Hardware updates, such as this switch replacement, keep your Model S current with the latest reliability improvements. Every time a vehicle comes into Service, we want to return it better than it was when it came in. This service visit upgrades any switch and power supply components that, upon inspection, would benefit from the latest generation part.

I would like to schedule this appointment for [DATE AND TIME]. Will this work?

critters said that his Model S had a small problem with his home charging kit, but had assumed that the issue was with the cable rather than a car.

Tesla Motors has not made a public announcement about any sort of recall, but it seems that the firm is able to bring in cars that aren’t functioning properly at any time it wants. The “free upgrade”, is the same kind of upgrade that those with Takata airbags were getting, and still are getting, this year.

It’s not clear if the Reddit user’s car was the only unit hit with the flaw. There may be many more Model S units, likely made at the same time, that Tesla Motors is trying to replace.

Recall risks shake Tesla Motors

Of all of the risks facing Tesla Motors, recall is likely the one that scares the firm’s shareholders the most. Large scale recalls cost millions, lead to lawsuits that cost further millions, and can damage a car maker’s brand to no end. It seems that Tesla Motors, using the high-tech monitoring software found on the Model S, has found a way to reduce that risk.

Each Model S reports various pieces of data about itself to Tesla Motors . If there’s a problem Elon Musk’s service team is able to fix it. The story above shows that the team can do that even before the car’s driver realizes there is a problem.

Jerome Guillen, Tesla Motors VP in charge of global service and deliveries, took an unexplained leave of absence on August 4, and will not return to his place at the firm until next year.

His absence will be felt sorely during the roll out of the Model X in the coming months, but it appears that the Tesla Motors automatic systems for pinpointing repair needs are working fine without him.

The tiny recall from Tesla Motors isn’t likely to combat the very big problems that could happen if a part used in the Model S is found to have real flaws. It does limit the size and extent of those recalls, allowing the firm to take an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” stance if such an event were to occur.

Tesla Motors is aware of your Model S, and of how all of the parts are working at any time. It can pick up on flaws and act on them before they cause damage to your car or its brand.

It’s another way in which the firm is acting to disrupt the entire auto world. Those with shares should look on it as a way to limit risks. It doesn’t mean the firm will be saved from a real problem, however.

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