Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Elon Musk “I Sure Hope It Was Worth It”

Tesla Motors Inc NASDAQ:TSLA

Tesla Motors Inc boss Elon Musk will finish one awesome part of his crusade to make the world a greener place on Tuesday. The Model X, a fully electric SUV, will ship for the first time at an event late on Tuesday. Mr. Musk, in an interview ahead of the event, said he “sure hopes it was worth it,” referencing the pain and suffering he’s gone through to get to make his firms’ goals a reality.

Elon Musk Tesla Motors Inc earnings

The interview, which was carried out by Danish TV station DR, shows of a Model X being built ahead of its release and involves some heavy emotional moments for Mr. Musk. He spoke of going into debt and borrowing from friends and family in order to keep the show on the road during the depths of the 2008 financial crisis, among other topics, during the course of the conversation.

Elon Musk questions Tesla Motors’ work

During the course of the DR piece Mr. Musk became emotional at many points. When dealing with the struggles that Tesla Motors and Space X have had over the last decade, there was more than one moment at which he appeared close to tears.

Tesla Motors Inc  boss Elon Musk has gone through great personal hardship in recent years in order to get his firm to the point where the Model X is possible.

It’s clear that Tesla Motors is just one part of Mr. Musk’s work. He’s trying to save the world and form part of the catalyst that moves the world toward better use of energy. Tesla Motors will make that possible by changing the fuel source in cars into something that may not produce noxious gases.

For the time being his cars, in the form of pollution created at the power plant and the lithium mine, are still major pollutants. Solar City and Tesla energy are all designed to help form a more direct attack on the way that the world’s supply of electricity is produced.

Tesla’s own dominance of the battery world, which will set in when the Gigafactory is up and running, may well be used to clean up the pollution caused by the mining of the materials needed to build a better battery.

Elon Musk tries to make the world a better place

It’s not clear if anyone driving a Tesla Motors  Model X or Model S is doing anything to save the world. They’re contributing a great deal to pollution, and they have other options, like riding a bike or taking public transport, that could, should they wish, have a much bigger change in the impact they have on the world.

The same cannot, however, be said about Elon Musk. He’s not making changes to his own lifestyle, he’s trying to make changes to the entire world. As can be seen in the peek behind the curtain offered by the interview at times that has taken immense personal toll.

When asked why he didn’t take the money from Paypal, buy and island and live out the rest of his days in peace Mr. Musk said, “At times I’ve wondered if it was really the right choice but there’s certain important things that we must do in order for the future to be good.

He added “We must have sustainable energy, if we don’t have that the future’s going to be terrible.” Mr. Musk is a very important part of the world’s efforts to wean off of carbon fuels toward something that won’t change the climate, and the coastline.

Tesla Motors after Elon Musk

One of Mr. Musk’s priorities in the years ahead is to strengthen Tesla Motors and Space X so that they can live on without him. Right now, in his view, both firms are entirely centred around his work.

It’s clear from the way he described the effect that has had on his personal life, that the organization isn’t the best for him. Shareholders and other business watchers know that it’s not a good set up for Tesla Motors and Space X either.

Mr. Musk said that his “priority right now is to try add some more management strength to Tesla in particular.” He quipped that his goal is to improve the firm’s organization so that he can “take a vacation.”

Mr. Musk said that he’s only taken a week off twice in the last twelve years. The first time he took a week off Richard Branson’s rocket, and the rocket from Orbital Sciences blew up. The second time he took a week off his own Space X rocket exploded. Mr. Musk says that he’s learned a simple lesson: “Don’t take a week off.”

The Model X Frunk is huge

If you’re not all that interested in how Mr. Musk feels and you’re more concerned with the Model X specs, the interview is still worth a watch. About 28 minutes into the show Elon Musk walks past a Model X being built on the Tesla Motors factory floor. There’s not much new to see in the short clip, but one thing is clear: the “frunk” in the EV SUV is huge.

Screen Tesla Motors Inc Model X storage

A couple of weeks back Tesla Motors  changed the specs on the Model X design studio to include a surprising stat. The front trunk, the web page bragged, will have enough storage to carry two golf bags.

The picture from the firm’s factory seems to confirm that there will indeed be room enough for two golf bags, and more, in the front storage area on the Model X. We’re just over 24 hours away from finding out what kind of other features Elon Musk and his team have put in the firm’s next release.

It seems certain, given the hype for the EV SUV and the reputation for quality and care that Tesla Motors has, that the Model X will, for those buying it at the very least, be very much worth it. For Elon Musk the answer to the question may lie in the very far future.

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