Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Live Blog New Model S 90D, 300 Mile Range [UPDATES]

Tesla Motors inc (TSLA) Model 3

Update 1:39 EDT: Tesla made three new announcements today here they are:

1-Ludicrous Mode brings the performance Tesla from 0-60 in just 2.8 seconds.

2-The price of the 70D is dropping to just $70,000

3-A new 90D model has been announced. It’ll cost $3,000 more than the 85D, around $90,000.

The big takeaway here is battery cost. The 70D costs less because Tesla can make it for less. That means battery costs have gotten lower. In our piece on Thursday we noted that costs were around $180 per kWh last year. It looks like Tesla Motors might be way ahead of that, and the Gigafactory isn’t even open.


Update 1:57 PM EST: Tesla’s Website list autopilot features for the Model S. It’s happening!

Update 2:00 PM EST: Conference is supposed to start now, but if you don’t want to wait for the details, we can be pretty sure from the Tesla Motors website that we’re getting the Autopilot features. [Update 2:18 PM EST: Oops, looks like we jumped the gun on that.]

Update 2:05 PM EST: The listing on the Tesla site here says Autopilot has automatic headlights, traffic aware cruise control, self parking and self-steering lane control.

Update 2:06 PM EST: The feature  “combines onboard sensors with real time traffic updates to automatically drive Model S on the open road and in rush hour traffic. Lane keeping and self-parking will be enabled with over the air software updates.”

Update 2:08 PM EST: Elon just jumped on the call.

Update 2:10 PM EST: 3 big announcements says Elon.

Update 2:11 PM EST: New 90 kWh battery pack for $3,000 extra. 70 Model D is now $70,000

Update 2:11 PM EST: Insane mode now gets you from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds!

Update 2:14 PM EST: No Autopilot yet, looks like Ludicrous mode is the big announcement. Stock is losing day’s gains.

Update 2:17 PM EST: Elon says the roadster upgrade is getting tested for safety. Roadster 3.0  be shipped in the next month

Update 2:18 PM EST: 90 kWh upgrade comes as a result of cell chemistry.

Update 2:21 PM EST: Sorry about the bad call on self-driving cars. It seemed so obvious. Still we’re getting a new Model S SKU, the 90kWh, Ludicrous Mode and a cheaper 70D, what more do you want from Mr. Musk?

Update 2:23 PM EST: The Model X will have the 90 kWh pack. That’ll make it’s high range much closer to the Tesla Motors 85D

Update 2:24 PM EST: Stock is spiking back up, and then down. Shares are now up to $272.02. They hit a high of $275.54 earlier on.

Update 2:25 PM EST: Tesla Motors is testing version 7 of its software. That’s the version that’s expected to have the Autopilot features we were looking for today.

Update 2:29PM EST: Shares are now back up to $273.47. People like Ludicrous mode!

Update 2:32 PM EST: On tweaks to the Model S body Elon says they’re focused on the Model X right now.

Update 2:36 PM EST: “No one was talking about ludicrious mode because it’s too ludicrous”

Update 2:38 EST: That’s the end of the conference. We’ll put a round up at the top so you can see the big three announcements in an easier format.

Autopilot Convenience Features

Autopilot combines onboard sensors with real time traffic updates to automatically drive Model S on the open road and in rush hour traffic. Lane keeping and self-parking will be enabled with over the air software updates.

Tesla Motors Inc will host a phone-in press conference at 2 PM EDT. The firm has invited a lot of players from the tech world to hear what it has to say. Elon Musk Tweeted this afternoon that the conference would concern the Model S. That likely means self-driving cars will soon hit the road, but Tesla has surprised in the past.

Tesla Motors inc

As soon as we get the info from the event we’ll put it right here. The event is set to start at 2 PM, but, as with all else, Elon Musk has a habit of coming a bit late to the party he organized. We’ll find out some time this afternoon what he has planned for the Model S.

Tesla Motors announcement guesses

Tesla Motors surprised everybody on Thursday when it revealed it would host an event today. Friday afternoon isn’t the best time to reveal good news, and firms have been using it for years in order to bury bad stories that might not make it through the weekend press.

That tactic doesn’t work as well in the age of the web, abut some firms still try it.  Most of the rumors leading into the event have concerned the Model X, but Elon Musk himself says that this will be a Model S event.

Some, before Mr. Musk sent out that Tweet, said that the event could concern Mr. Musk’s place at Tesla after recent problems at SpaceX. Mr. Musk, those stories said, might prefer to spend more of his time over at the private space firm and leave his post as CEO of Tesla Motors.

Self-driving cars, just like LearnBonds said early this morning, are likely to be the subject of today’s show. The cool factor could drive demand for the Model X ahead of launch and make its reveal one of the most important things Tesla has done since the release of the Model S itself back in 2012.

Making the Tesla Motors Model S drive itself

What the self-driving car update is likely to bring to the road won’t relive Total Recall, but it will bring the world one step closer to that film’s vision of an all-robot taxi service.

Back when Tesla said it was going to bring the feature to the Model S Elon Musk said that the car would be able to drive, but the user would have to get their hands on the wheel once in a while.

Mr. Musk did promise that the car would come when called and park itself away at night in the garage. We’ll be able to hear the exact features of the software once Tesla reveals them this afternoon, assuming that is what we’re going to see at 2 PM EDT.

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