Tesla Motors (TSLA) Model 3 Buyers Don’t Care About Delays

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Model 3

It’s no secret that Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has an extremely supportive consumer base. Nearly 400,000 people have lined up to get their hands on the upcoming Model 3. Already, the electric car giant is reported to be setting up locations for the affordable Tesla’s production. However, though reservation holders are excited to see themselves behind the wheel of their brand new Model 3, it turns out there is no real pressure for Tesla to speed things up.

Today, LearnBonds takes a look at the shared opinions of a few Model 3 reservation holders. Looking from the outside, it is easy to make assumptions about how it must feel to be in line for the upcoming Tesla. But the electric car maker has proven time and time again that it understands its own business and buyers better than most outside analysts. Here is how a select few feel about certain aspects of the Model 3’s arrival.

Supercharger Changes

This year, Tesla buyers will find themselves slightly less privileged than the rest of the Tesla community. New owners will only be allocated 400 kWh of free Supercharging per year. This equates to around 1,000 miles of free juice, according to Tesla. After that has been used up, Tesla’s new batch of drivers will be subjected to a light fee. According to the company, the cost will be reasonable and considerably less than filling up a gas-fueled car.

Elon Musk, the company’s lead visionary and CEO, has said before that public charging is not an effective way to juice up your Tesla. He tends to use his well-known cellphone analogy to drive the idea home. Where is the real convenience in owning a cellphone if users have to go out to the store every time they needed to charge it? Since your car is an item that is equally as personal, fueling it should be something that is more in the control of its owner.

In a bid to motivate the adoption of home charging stations and turn public Superchargers into a Tesla driver’s contingency, a change to the Supercharger Program had to be introduced. This effectively means that Model 3 buyers who regularly travels long distances will eventually have to pay to refuel their cars. Looking from the outside, this clearly seems like a sore point for anyone who had been relying on Tesla’s famous standard, free Supercharging.

Unfair for Tesla owners?

Buyers might consider this an unfair move, but existing members of the Tesla community have shared their excitement. Having seen far too many backed up charging stations, many of those who plan on getting a Tesla are also looking forward to this transition. Harvey Payne had this to say about the new program:

“As a Tesla Model 3 reservation holder, I’m quite happy to hear this plan. One of the big problems with cross country driving is some Supercharger stations are jammed full of local who should be charging at home, but are just to cheap and inconsiderate to do so. This would only get worse with half a million Model 3s hitting the streets every year.”

The incoming Supercharger program means that by the time the Model 3 rolls out, Payne he will be able to drive his car cross country no problem, with little worry about congestion.

Thomas Moore, another Tesla fanatic, sees no issue with the change either. “Folks who think this is a big deal are apparently unaware of how little it costs to charge a care at prevailing rates,” he stated.

Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA) Model S

“Most Tesla owners, myself included, welcome this change,” writes Craig Yarbrough. “This will allow Tesla to reinvest in more Superchargers which will help out all the Model 3 owners who will be needing to charge soon. Just in case anyone is wondering how much it costs to charge, I replaced all of the incandescent light bulbs in my 2,000 sq ft house with LEDs before I got my Model X. The reduction in my electric bill is more than the cost for me to charge every day for my 40 mile (rt) daily commute. Even with the Model X, my electric bill is still less than it was only paying to light my home.

Tesla owners are a patient sort.

Tesla owners seem to have a very patient approach to the company’s developments. It would appear as though they see no need in rushing things unnecessarily. Those who are wondering how it is that Model 3 reservation holders can pay and wait around 2 years for their car’s arrival, a quick glance at the LearnBonds comment section should offer some idea of the Tesla community’s attitude.

“Please take your time with the release of the new software,” was one reader’s comment. Commenting as Tesla-Fan, the reader’s sentiments came in response to a LearnBonds article covering the delayed release of the firm’s Enhanced Autopilot.

“We know that the gas guzzler industry and car dealer vultures are waiting for the slightest imperfection in your software so that they can fall upon you! My son’s new Audi has been in the shop for 3 weeks now, and they haven’t been able to figure our what’s wrong with the electronics! The same happened with neighbor Allen’s new high-end BMW. After one month of attempts to fix an electronic malfunction, the dealer finally gave him a brand new car.

Imagine this would happen to a Tesla? It would be a major media circus. Take your time, Elon, and give us the best technology– as you have done so many times before. And if takes a few weeks more than you envisioned earlier, no big deal.

The greatest evil in our times is instant gratification!”

The Model 3’s arrival

Tesla’s history features a trend of not meeting its own projections and over-promising on most of its developments. The delayed release of the Model S and Model X are only some of the most noted aspects the company’s frustrating behavior. While there is hope the company is learning from the mistakes which come from being too ambitious, there are many who believe Tesla will disappoint on its Model 3 delivery goals. Again, some people don’t mind the delay. A few Tesla fans have the same patient attitude toward the upcoming Model 3.

“Tesla is the only auto company dedicated to help save the planet and [most articles] frets about a month here or there. I am a reservation holder and Tesla can take all the time it wants to get it right,” writes a reader who goes by JimGord. Judging by these comments, it would seem that the support behind Tesla is much greater than outsiders might think.

Are you in line to get Tesla’s upcoming Model 3? We would like to hear your thoughts on the experience. Not a Tesla fan? Let us know what deterred you from the company and its promises. As usual, you can also keep the conversation going by sharing this page on social platforms.

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  1. I am perfectly fine with waiting for my Model 3. From my perspective, my Nissan Altima is almost paid off and I only have around 70,000 miles on it, so any delay will help me save that much more on a larger down payment on the model 3. Plus, I’m all for a well thought out, non rushed product. Any delay is OK with me, as long as I get my model 3 by, let’s say, 2019.
  2. I am leasing a different electric vehicle while I wait on my Tesla Model 3. And while I would love for it to be ready when the lease expires in June 2018, I made sure to include the ability to extend the lease in three month increments so that the lease will run me until my Model 3 is ready. So as long as Tesla remains within touching distance of the published schedule, I will be happy. I do hope they structure sales to ensure as many buyers as possible are able to take advantage of the federal tax credit.
  3. I reserved my Model 3 around 6 months ago and am happy to wait a bit longer if need be. After seeing how good the model S was and how Tesla beat all the other car makers at their own game, I am certain it will be well worth waiting for.
  4. As a pre-reveal reservation holder. Better to get it right, than rushed. A lot of great talent has come to Tesla since the reveal. It will be great to see their influence on the car!
  5. I’m an early reservation holder, and I will wait until they deliver – with joy, even if it would be delayed two years. Buying a Tesla is my finger to the ‘established brands’ and to the oil industry. I would buy a Tesla even if an ‘established car maker’ came out with a seemingly better electric car, since they really aren’t serious about the switch to renewable and customer friendly transportation.
  6. Absolutely please get the mainstream model right first before mass production. The X is amazing, arguably one of the best of all time and definitely the most advanced, but early issues tarnished the model and damaged Tesla reputation somewhat. Even though Tesla quickly resolved many issues the second half of 2016, the early X was criticized by CR and failed to grab some big awards it should have gotten. Tesla can’t afford to have any major reliability issue with the 3, we can wait!
  7. I don’t mind waiting but I’d like to see or hear progress. Options being released, better pricing for accuracy, or even progress of production with suppliers. Anything that lets me see the inner-workings of progress. I would be happy to even play with the configurator for a couple months.
  8. I stood in line for almost 3 hours to place my reservation on the day of the first reveal. I trust Tesla to get it right and deliver an awesome product. I, too, can be patient, as I’d rather they “get it right” than rush to get it out.
  9. I agree a little extra wait to get it right is the right thing to do, but as an in store reservation in CA prior to the reveal, I expect a sizable tax credit (at least 1/2), a delay could impact how many options I choose on the car, but not derail the purchase.
  10. I reserved my Model 3 the very second I could and have absolutely no problem with waiting for what I am sure will be an amazing car. The worst thing that can happen is rushing Model 3 so all the Tesla haters can say I told you so if even 1 in 100 have issues. Hope they take their time and I too would be just as excited if we got monthly updates and I configurator to play with while we waited.
  11. I’ve allocated part of my bonus and tax return towards the Model 3. I’m patient and not interested in other EV manufacturers. Just do it right the first time.
  12. I just reserved my Model 3 last night! I test drove a Model S last month and it blew me away. I knew right away that no other car would come close to a Tesla. I also don’t mind waiting a year or two, as I currently have a serviceable car and am not in a huge rush to get a new one. If I’m going to get a new car it might as well be near perfect so I’d rather they take their time and come out with a great product.
  13. My P3DL+ will come in whenever its ready. I will wait as long as it takes for a premium product to be delivered. Retirement set for 6/18. I’ll be waiting….
  14. I have a reservation from April 1st 2016 and my current lease is up April 2018. Ideally my TM3 will be delivered early 2018. If I have to wait longer, that’s fine too. I’d rather they get the bugs out and deliver a finished product rather than deliver a car on time the has recalls.
  15. Also reserved my Model 3 on the night of the 1st Reveal. I would not under any circumstances get an EV from a mainstream manufacturer as they are not honest in their efforts to switch to EV. They want to make a show of endorsing EV technology, but are doing it in such small doses that they are really just off-setting the carbon penalties that the rest of their fleet incur. Elon has committed everything to switching away from gasoline completely and has NO plan B. Elon, take your time to get it right. Of course we’re all impatient to get our Model 3 but are completely sympathetic to the normal type of unexpected delays that shift deadlines out into the future. It’s better to do it right than do it rushed! You have our admiration and support
  16. My wife asked what I was buying on my iPad on the evening of the Model 3 reveal. I said a new Tesla. She asked when is the delivery. I said about 1-2 years. She said ok. Six months later she asked the same question? I said a used Tesla. Delivery she asked? I said 1-2 weeks. She said ok. Returned our leased Chevy Volt a few days later and couldn’t be happier. Now hopefully the Model 3 will arrived late 2017 early 2018 to replace her well used Lexus IS350. Looking forward to not having to smog check every year.
  17. Please note that I have been following Elon Musk’s progress (Space X, Tesla, Solar Energy [w panels, shingles, Powerwalls], Hyperloop, AI, and more recently Tunnel Boring for underground travelways) over the recent years and have been amazed and have become so proud that we have such a “world class citizen” that really cares and is so concerned about our world in a very real sense. I do not know him personally but he has continued to enthrall me in his great and successful efforts at changing our world before our eyes. History making great strides in the very early 21st century, as it should. I can tell that this man is working (every waking hour) so hard for all of us to accomplish something that no one person likely ever will, “a one of a kind”. And having to push so hard to try to get others “to make it happen” and b/c of their sluggishness in making the 21st century evolution of technologies (such as sustainable “green” energy and ridding of the predominant petroleum based CO2 production) he fears that too much time will elapse without us (the world) making that progress happen. Hopefully others will soon follow to move us out of the petroleum era and into the future that will allow our earth to survive the period of human environmental malfeasance. I am patiently awaiting my Tesla Model 3 (likely late 2018) and as mentioned above to which I agree, I have no problem with any minor delays (even weeks to months) since I know the product I will get will be the best that can be found and best for the world and earth environment we live in.

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