Tesla, Inc. Powers Up On Truck Teasers And Industry Support

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Semi Truck

Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) shares spiked 3 percent higher this Thursday. Details about an upcoming semi truck reveal had investors pretty excited. Although, it is not just the company’s shareholders who vouch the idea. We learn from this week’s news that the American Trucking Association (ATA) gained Navistar’s support. Both parties have an interest in paving the road to self-driving trucks as cleanly as possible.

The end-week spike builds on an earlier surge sparked when Tesla announced its new urban Superchargers. Now, the company’s stock seems to have received a supercharge of its own. It closed an additional $2 higher in Friday’s trading.

The week started off well for Tesla, Inc. Shares were propped at $351.33 at the start of Monday’s trading. The day featured a reveal of the company’s new, urban Superchargers. Tesla is pushing out a new generation of its widespread network of recharging stations. Investors loved it, and shares closed above $363.

It is not a simple task for city-bound Tesla owners to get themselves to a recharging station. Never fear, though. Tesla is here with new recharging solutions made especially for its city slickers. The company recognizes that owners often lack access to garages. This means they tend to leave their cars out on the street overnight, or resort to paid, undercover parking. Neither options ideally allows for a personal home charger. The result is that city-bound owners mostly rely on public Supercharging.

The stock price of Tesla on Monday went “boom”. Investors couldn’t resist the share hype that followed the reveal of a new generation of Superchargers. The event increased NASDAQ:TSLA up nearly 6 percent during trading. The Elon Musk business landed just above 5 percent by market-close.

Tesla, Inc. shares were also high on news about the company helping out disaster victims. The company’ unlocked the full battery capacity of its cars to help owners escape hurricane Irma. The revelation of new, smaller Supercharger stations for city dwellers came after. Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA)put customers ahead this week. Appreciation is reflected in its shares.

Tweets reconfirm the company’s ambition to break into the trucking industry. The industry itself welcomes the change in a gesture that suggests “it was about damn time.” Market giant Navistar pushed for clarity on self-driving vehicle standards on Tuesday. The truck manufacturing major teamed up with ATA, which is just as keen on innovating the world of heavy duty transportation. The conveniences of electric and self-guiding trucks in the market is long overdue.

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Navistar and ATA pave the road for Tesla, Inc. trucks

Navistar would really appreciation the Senate considering trucks while implementing self-driving vehicle standards. The heavy duty truck component giant linked up with the ATA to win the Senate’s attention on the matter.

Troye Clarke is the CEO at Navistar. Commenting on the bid, he said that current regulation standards are unclear and limit manufacturers working on solutions for future customers. Clarke confirmed that Navistar has a keen interest in producing self-driving trucks.

The CEO is after more consideration from the Senate and is rallying with the ATA on the matter. Clarke explains that “the future needs” of the trucking industry are barred from being worked on. This is especially due to unclear guidelines on what they are allowed to do.

There needs to be more clarity on the legal and regulatory standards that enable truck makers to build automated vehicles, too. The trucking industry welcomes the designs and services proposed by Tesla, Inc., Cummins, Daimler and Toyota among several others. More corporations are unveiling plans to break into the market of electric trucks.

Congress is warming up to the idea of automated vehicles, too. It now seeks to rid the barriers withholding people from developing the technology.

Semi Truck from Tesla, Inc. has investors exited.

CEO Elon Musk teased the arrival of Tesla’s newest and most exciting venture. The chief executive chose to reignite growing interest in his company on the penultimate day of trading. Investors grabbed a hold of the stock and fanned it all the way through Friday. The trading week ends with Tesla, Inc. above $379.

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