Tesla Inc’s Success: People WILL Be Driving Electric Cars In The Future

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It is not easy being an electric car. They get picked on by other vehicles in parking lots all the time, just for being different. It is not the name calling either. That, they can handle. It is the perception and stereotypes that weigh the heaviest. Electric cars have to prove their worth to a world drunk on fossil fuels, and their managing that, too. This does not mean that electric road vehicles and their producers are poised for success, not just yet. They are currently in a place of mass-skepticism despite their mass adoption. People should not be fooled by the collective 600,000 electric car sales pulled in by large market players Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA), Renault and General Motors.

Although they are on the rise, fully electric cars account for less than one percent of the world’s yearly car sales. That means they need all the help they can get in order to win people’s attention. If you ask some analysts, you would learn that electric cars do not stand a chance on their own.

Electric car makers rely heavily on government regulations and incentives to, as with China, strong-arm entire populations into buying them. The Western world is more relaxed. However, E.U. states house their fair share of nations, too, which punish automakers for not producing electric cars and offer considerable tax discounts for EV buyers.

If widespread and trusted car brands like Ford or Toyota had governments backing them with large tax discounts, electric cars would have a hard time getting any attention. The likes of Tesla Inc also need  to ensure that their vehicles offer a host of benefits over their traditional rivals. Otherwise, what is the point? Saving the planet? People are a lot more interested in saving their bank accounts.

Tesla Inc stock moves on not so secret weapon

Just take a look at Tesla Inc and its current vehicle offerings. A glance at the company website reveals free Supercharging for life if buyers get a referral from an existing Tesla owner. If not, buyers still get around 1,000 miles of free juice for their cars every year. The convenience of never having to worry about paying to refuel your car is hard to overlook. If Ford or BMW rolled out free gas for life to their buyers, well, people would be a lot more inclined to buy from them.

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) does not play around when it comes to winning people over. Their cars continuously prove that they can stand up to combustion engine rivals and even outdo them in other aspects. Take the Model S and Model X, which can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under 3 seconds. Tesla likes to add sportiness to the stylish and luxurious persona of its cars. In their collective form, all of these qualities become very hard not to appreciate.

There is also no other car company as renowned as Tesla for self-driving technology. The company is leaps ahead of anyone taking the technology seriously right now. Vehicle automation stands to be a massive part of the auto industry’s future. However, Elon Musk’s car corporation offers the future’s technology to its buyers today. Musk also promises that users will be able to hop into their cars, fall asleep at the wheel, and still safely awake at their destinations in the near future.

Has Tesla Inc already won with its electric cars?

By the time the world is sold on the electric car concept, whether it is truly for it or not, Tesla Inc will the brand on everyone’s lips, or least among the most recognized EV producers around. By the time self-driving cars become common place, the world will lift its head and discover Tesla has been making headway in with technology all along.

It is true. Very few other car makers jump through as many hoops to gain people’s attention. Very few auto companies have entire governments pushing for their success, too. Tesla Inc and its EV com padres are understandably pulling all the stops to gain recognition. They kind of have to in the beginning, just to stand out.

But Wall Street is warming up to the likes of Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) and their ambitions to revolutionize road transportation. Analysts are increasingly bullish about the company’s rise to the top, too. That is because the company is not just mining the most out of a niche market. In truth, Tesla is already making headway in the inevitable future of road transportation.

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