Newest Clip Shows Tesla Inc Model 3 Drive Itself on Road

Tesla Inc stock moves on not so secret weapon

The  Tesla Inc Model 3 is only 2 weeks old and the excitement over the affordable EV is yet to die down. This next video is not going to help calm things much either. At stock standard value, the car goes for about $35,000 dollars. However, that price does not include Autopilot. Seeing a Model 3 drive itself is somewhat of a rarity right now. Luckily for us, a video has just emerged depicting the car in Autopilot.

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) AutopilotTesla released its most inclusive car ever last month. It was met with a lot of fan fare, followed by rave reviews by those who took it out for a spin. Weeks later, the media is still obsessed. At launch, Autopilot was not yet available on the far. Now it is though, and we finally get to see the Model 3 cruise about and guide itself.

Bill Lee is a long-time Tesla investor and fanatic. He recently got to ride a Model 3 with Autopilot engaged. Luckily for everyone, he shared a video of the car’s user interface as it guides itself. His footage comes as the first public glimpse of the newest Tesla’s self-driving capabilities.

We had to wait a while to see the car in action. Tesla’s more established and higher-end cars are not any different. Like the Model S and Model X, the Model 3 has to get a good feel of the road before Autopilot capabilities are activated. More specifically, Autopilot cameras need a little calibration over a certain travel distance before self-driving can be engaged.

The Model 3 also came alongside the launch of more sophisticated self-driving hardware. Its Autopilot systems are more refined than that of its Model S and X siblings. The Autopilot 2.5 suite allows for more powerful computing while the vehicles navigates and guides itself along the road.

This does not mean the flagship sedan and luxury SUX are being excluded though. The older cars will get their own new Autopilot suites soon enough. Still, the Model 3 will arguably be the car with the better hardware. The distinct features on the affordable sedan include a camera facing the driver. Interesting to note, too, is that Model 3 owners can engage Autopilot with a new selector on the gear lever.

Tesla Inc Model 3 drives itself

There is also a notable difference on the Model 3’s Autopilot UI. Unlike the Model S and Model X, the Model 3 only has one central monitor projected out the dash. The higher-ends have a similar, more fitted monitor with a secondary instrument panel. The self-guiding UI on the newest car shares a monitor with all the other important gauges and readings.

Admittedly, Lee’s teaser footage is brief and leaves us wanting more. It’s not a good indicator of how well the Model 3 moves in Autopilot. We can, however safely assume its glides seamlessly as well as any Tesla.

Every Tesla built from the Christmas quarter last year will soon we able to use full self-driving capabilities. With that, drivers can basically take a nap at the wheel and safely awake at their destinations. Although, that is all pending on regulatory approvals and laws.

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