Protect your Investment with Public Records Search

If you’ve ever done a large household renovation, you know that a contractor is often the first person you hire. The person you hire is going to be in and out of your house with an entire crew of workers and work won’t even begin until you make a significant down payment on the project. We have all heard the stories about contractors who run off with a customer’s money. They can also bring dishonest workers into your home. Your home is your biggest investment. There are risks when you bring strangers into your home but you can lessen that risk by doing some simple research before you begin.

Before the Initial Consultation

When you are thinking about hiring a contractor, they usually visit your home to meet you and get familiar with the project requirements. This is when you can ask questions and get an estimate for the project. Before you invite the contractor into your home you should find out what type of person they are. Check their business website for their credentials, education, and full name. you can run their information through a public records search to make sure they don’t have a criminal history.   

Before you Hire a Contractor 

If the records don’t turn up any problems, you may want to proceed with a consultation, and maybe sign a contract. You may however, be concerned about a team of strangers in your home. You can ask about the team of workers that are going to be in your home and maybe even do a check on them as well. Your home is where you keep most of your valuable items. It is important to find out if you are unintentionally inviting criminals into your home.  Many companies do checks before they hire, and so should you. Any cost that you may incur on a check is far less costly than dealing with a crime in your home.

What can you Find out?

There are many things you can find out from a people search. The criminal record check is one of the most popular items, as it gives you a clear understanding of someone’s character. You can also discover something as simple as someone’s address and phone number. Some people use people search to find old friends. These searches also show other people living at the same address, you can see relative’s names, as well. Marriage and divorce records can come in handy if you need to know someone’s relationship status. You can often pick and choose the documents you want, so you are only spending money on what you need.

People searches are a great way to get a better understanding of people you are getting to know. In the case of a contractor for your home, a search can help you determine if someone is a risk to let into your home. Your home is where family and belongings are. Most of us are not willing to put our most important assets in danger. Do a search before the contractor comes to survey your home, and another on the team of workers before construction begins. This should give you peace of mind during your renovation.

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