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Why NVIDIA Corporation Shares (NASDAQ:NVDA) Will Surge Higher

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Today, NASDAQ:NVDA stands 1,500 percent higher than it did five years ago. Investors do not need to worry about buying NVIDIA Corporation shares at their current value. Even though they go for a premium price, Wall Street is confident about the company’s capacity to hold an edge over the semiconductor market.

Several equity firms have vouched for NVIDIA Corporation shares, claiming the tech firm’s value surge will continue, too. People who are keeping an eye on the stock might like to know that a prime buying opportunity is in session. That is the assertion of Needham, an investment firm which just reiterated its “buy” rating of the stock.

Needham also highlights the semiconductor giant’s headway in emerging markets. According to this investment giant, an increased foothold in self-driving vehicles and AI processors will keep NVIDIA Corporation shares climbing. Proving its confidence in NVIDIA, Needham set is price target among the highest of all 34 equity research giants currently rating the stock.

NVIDIA Corporation
Also, NVIDIA Corporation shares new GTX

NVIDIA Corporation shares can also “capitalize on the explosion of ‘intelligence machines’”

It is a great time to be producing high-end graphics processing units and FPGAs. Those are the sentiments of Rajvindra Gill. The analyst’s daily occupation involves analytics work at Needham. In a research piece pushed out on Friday, Gill highlighted NVIDIA’s pleasing position in rapidly emerging markets.

The investment firm had much to say in favor of NVIDIA Corporation. There is an “explosion of ‘intelligence machines’” on its way. Needham is confident that NASDAQ:NVDA secures powerful expertise from parallel processing and the innovation of its greatly positioned CUDA platform.

The Needham analyst says the imminent future has self-driving cars ranking in the “hundreds of millions.” The world ought to brace itself for trillions of devices build around IoT applications, too. All of this will rely on “significant network complexity and network consumption.” No other player in the semiconductor space is more capable or better set to mine the most out of these emerging technologies.

Needham’s Rajvindra Gill is not far from the truth, though. There is already “tangible evidence”, according to him, which proves the obsessive and innovative uses of GPUs among AI cloud vendors. In fact, virtually every company that is dedicated to level 5 autonomy uses NVIDIA Corporation’s AI platform.

More gains ahead for NVIDIA Corporation shares

Gill backed his claim by raising the price target set on NVIDIA Corporation shares up by $50. Needham held the stock at $200 ahead of last week’s rating. It is now expected to reach highs of $250. The rating leaves NVIDIA Corporation shares expecting a 29 percent upside over their current standing.

The start of October 2012 had this particular stock creeping up on $66. The last five years have been nothing short of profitable for the company’s long-term investors, though. Since then, the stock has climbed to $188.93 at today’s opening.

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