Microsoft Windows 10, Not The Surface, Will Dominate the Stage Tomorrow

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Microsoft Corporation  is set to hold its Windows 10 press event tomorrow and the rumor mills cranking out speculation on what to expect. Of course, it’s unlikely that we’ll get any official word on what the firm has planned for the event. Yet, we can busy ourselves with piecing together the many clues being fed to us to paint a picture of what Microsoft might be planning tomorrow.

The most prominent Windows bloggers have maintained that the firm would unveil new Surface devices tomorrow. Others have hinted at cool upgrades in Windows 10 for PC and Windows 10 for mobile. A number of people also expect the event to be geared towards Office as a productivity hub. This article provides a sneak peek into the wide range of possibilities on the products or services that the firm might unveil tomorrow.

Is Windows 10 update ready for the limelight?

Without much ado, Microsoft has officially billed the event as a Windows 10 event. The invites that the firm sent out bears a big window with the words “imagine what you can do”. Hence, you should not be surprised if Windows 10 takes all the spotlight tomorrow. The Redmond giant has hinted that it will release two major updates to Windows 10 next year. Interestingly, the first update is due in March 2017 and the second update is due sometime later in the year.

Windows 10 is shaping up to be the firm’s ticket to get back its groove to revive the dying PC segment. More so, Windows 10 is the power behind the success of the Surface Pro line of tablets. Experts also expect Windows 10 mobile to provide the rumored Surface phone with a quantum leap to catch up with Apple’s iPhone and other devices running on Google’s Android OS.

F.lux like feature

One of the major updates you can expect on Windows 10 is a feature that looks very similar to F.lux. F.lux is a smart application that reduces blue light on your screen in relation to the lighting of the room in order to reduce glare. It would be interesting to see how the feature works on PC, Surface Pro, and Windows mobile devices.

An Amazon Echo rival

You should also expect to see a new “HomeHub” update in Windows 10. HomeHub will probably be built on Cortana as a rival to Amazon’s Echo device. “HomeHub” will provide a centralized hub for controlling smart devices in your home. It is no longer news that Microsoft’s Cortana is the leading digital assistant in the market right now because of its ability to understand contextual human speech. Microsoft is investing heavily in AI and it would be interesting to see how smart HomeHub is when it makes its debut.

Hololens and 3D

If Microsoft s serious about providing Windows 10 with a quantum boost, you can also expect the updates to deliver a Holographic Shell to Windows 10 PC. The Holographic Shell update can provide a framework for the interaction between an augmented/virtual reality headset and Windows 10 devices.

The firm is also reportedly working on new 3D and creativity products such as a revamped Paint. The Holographic shell will provide a fuller experience on the 3D and creativity products. Of course, the firm will need to invest seriously into user education for the Holographic Shell for Windows 10 PC to take off.

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