iPhone 8 Release Date, Specs and Price Puzzle Solved. Now You Can Decide.

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 design

Apple Inc. is going to show off iPhone 8 on September 13th and it’s going to cost $999. That’s the latest information we have on the iPhone 8 release date and price as the premium smartphone inches closer to release. The iPhone 8 price information comes from one of the best sources out there. The release date rumors, however, are a little bit more up in the air.

These are the last pieces of the puzzle for those who are thinking about buying the iPhone 8 on release date. We already know a huge amount about the iPhone 8 specs because of the numerous leaks that have emerged from inside Cupertino. This year has resulted in the emergence of more details than is usual.

Right now we’re about 18 days from the launch. Despite that we appear to have good info on when to expect the iPhone 8 release date, what the iPhone 8 price will be, and most importantly what the specs to expect are.

iPhone 8 price may put customers off

It won’t be just $999 of course. Depending on what state you live in the iPhone 8 price is going to rise well above $1,000 after taxes are included. After that any other options, such as higher storage, are going to push the price of the next generation smart phone even higher. We’ll have to wait and see how high the actual price goes next month.

Apple iPhone 8 Mockup 1

That’s about $350 higher than the price of the current entry level smartphone from Apple, Inc. . So will the iPhone 8 price be met with acceptance or derision? It’s really not clear. Only a small minority of smartphone buyers pay anything over $900 for their device currently.

For Tim Cook and his marketing team to move millions of people into that category is going to be a hard sell. That’s not saying that it’s going to fail. What will really matter is the iPhone 8 specs, and how the firm structures the pricing.

Bumping the headline number to $999 may make it tough to sell up front, but most premium phones are sold on installments through carriers. That may be the road that the team seeks to follow.

The iPhone 8 price rumor comes from Brian X. Chen over at the New York Times. He credits sources briefed on the product’s launched with the info. According to that person we’re looking at a base price of $999 as detailed above. Whether or not that’s going to be low enough to attract enough customers is a titanic question.

iPhone 8 specs could make up the difference

There’s no point in talking about price, of course, if we don’t know what’s on offer. This year we seem to know almost everything that’s coming in the iPhone 8 specs list. Here’s a look at what we think the device features will look like. Most of the basic information here is taken from a report by Ming Chi Kuo. That’s the KGI Securities analyst who almost always has the most accurate info about the next big release from Cupertino.

Here are the basic specs

Storage: 64GB and 256GB

Screen: 5.8 inch OLED

Colors: 3 Colors on offer Black, White and a new color. This will be called Copper, Blush Gold, or something else..


Camera: 3D camera with dual lenses

Why would I buy that phone?

Looking at the numbers above, there’s nothing to justify spending $999 on a phone. Luckily, apple Inc. has some other tricks up its sleeve.

Augmented Reality.

We don’t know what exact kind of wonder Augmented Reality is going to bring to our lives just yet. What we do know, however, is that the iPhone 8 is the perfect device to deliver it. It’s going to be mounted with all sorts of sophisticated sensors to ensure that app makers have every tool they need to create unique experiences.


This is really going to light up some faces. Apple is changing the design of its smartphone for the first time in three years. The design change is something you have to see to believe. The screen is going to cover the whole front side of the device. That’s except the rather painful notch cut in the top of the screen for the camera and other sensors.

Wireless charging.

Ever lose an iPhone to a wonky charging port? Worry no longer! The new smartphone is going to house a wireless charging receiver that will allow it to gain battery by simply being left on a plate. That could change the way you interact with your phone and turn one of the most tediously repetitive parts of your day into an easier task.

Face ID.

This is likely to be front and center of the iPhone 8 ad campaigns. According to rumors Touch ID, the fingerprint security system, isn’t going to be included in the phone. Instead we’re getting Face ID. Not only will the tech be able to scan your face to unlock the device, it’s also going to be able to change the behavior of the device depending on whether you’re looking at it. That may sound a bit scary to some, but it’s going to give app makers an interesting toolbox to play around with.

iPhone 8 release date is getting closer and closer

The iPhone 8 release date is getting closer and closer, but we’re not quite sure when its going to land just yet. The best guesses, however, are those that rely on what the firm has done in previous years. The company ordinarily likes to deliver its device before the end of the September quarter.


In its most recent earnings report, Apple Inc. appears to confirm that pattern will repeat this year. To that end it looks like the iPhone release date will be on Friday September 22nd. If that’s right, it’s likely that the iPhone 8 launch will come up on either September 12 or September 13.

That’s just weeks away, but you might end up a lot longer to get the device into your pocket.

How do I buy an iPhone 8?

If you’ve read all this and you’re still interested, you’re going to have to wait a while to get your hands on the device. Even though we have an idea about the iPhone 8 release date, we don’t know how many units of the phone will be available right away. There’s a good chance you’ll be waiting even if you’re rich enough to afford it.

There are rumors that the device is going to be in high demand with low supply right through the end of the year. If that’s the case, buying one of these smartphones may not be as easy as just walking into a store or ordering online. At the same time, supply may be more limited depending on color. The new shade, whether it’s called Copper, or Blush Gold, is likely to be harder to get your hands on.

Now you’ve got the information to make your decision. In the next couple of weeks, you will have to weigh up the specs against the $999 iPhone 8 price tag. A lot of people might just be tempted enough to make Tim Cook an even richer man than he already is today.

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