Investors Play Russian Roulette With High-Yield Bonds and Today’s Other Top Stories

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Experts have cautioned that bond managers are playing a dangerous game with high-yield investments given stretched valuations and the “intense lack of liquidity” facing the asset class.

Tom Becket, chief investment officer at Psigma Investment Management, told the Financial Times the “intense lack of liquidity in corporate bond markets” is one of the main problems managers face.

This lack of liquidity makes it difficult for managers to exit quickly once investors start to rush for the exit. Those who do not get out in time could face significant problems.

Becket went on to say a reversal in sentiment could send such a shock through markets that it could even affect equities. Added that the “huge appetite” still present for bonds will continue to support markets for now, but he said “you want to get out before the party ends”.

Morningstar OBSR investment strategist Andy Brunner also said managers who try to squeeze every last drop of performance from high-yield debt may find it difficult to sell out amid a correction.

Mr Brunner said investors need to question whether they are being compensated for the “substantial liquidity risk” in holding corporate bonds.

He explained that, without a stock exchange for bonds, trades are facilitated over the counter, but he pointed out that liquidity is drying up and “turnover in American high-yield bond markets is less than half what it was in 2007”.

Mr Brunner concluded that most market participants are now “hugely overweight an asset where the potential for excess returns has declined significantly and where liquidity is a major issue”.


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