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Google Inc Just Launched “Project Fi” In The US [Breaking]

Google inc goog wireless carrier

Google Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG) just decided to wow the market with the launch of its very own wireless network that will be available inside the United States. The Mountain View, California company has been widely rumored to be working on such a project, but there was no clear indication from the company about when it would be launched or what exact form the network would take.

Google inc goog wireless carrier

According to today’s release, Google’s network will allow subscribers to pay only for data that they actually use, rather than having to pay massive charges for a large cap that they’ll never reach. The network will also differentiate itself by using WiFi where available, keeping both calls and messages off of the network.

Google ties wireless together

With Google Fiber already under its belt, it seems that Larry Page and Sergey Brin have begun to view the company they control as closer to a utilities company than a tech company. The technology that the Google Wireless network runs on will apparently allow the company to rely less on the infrastructure provided by T-Mobile and Sprint, its partners in providing service to customers.

The Google network will apparently only work on the Nexus 6 phones that are branded and sold by Google itself. Being a part of the network will apparently cost around $20 per month.There will be ab additional cost of $10 per gigabyte of data used by customers.

Google wireless experiment

The network will be called Project Fi, and is apparently, judging by the inability to get the service on anything but the Google Nexus 6, only going to be an experiment from the company. In that vein, it may be an attempt by Google to get wireless networks to use technologies it thinks are beneficial to the growth of the internet.

Project Fi may be about moving more and more smart phone carriers onto a model where calls are natively handled by Wi-Fi networks, decreasing the cost of building and maintaining such networks ass well as the eventual cost borne by the consumer.

Project Fi is also invite only for the time being, meaning that Google is going to heavily control the growth of the network for the time being at the very least.

Project Fi is unlikely to have any material effect on Google’s bottom line for quite a while. The company’s Fiber experiment is currently a major theme in the news, but doesn’t feature prominently at all on the company’s earnings reports. These projects are not a major part of the company’s revenue scheme nor do they cost all that much in the grand scheme that is the company’s plan for world domination.


This article will update as more information about the Google Wireless network appears.

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